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Avatar m tn She just had another seizure about a month ago when she was in the hospital due to a migrane. The neurologist said that he thought that was due to all of her medications that she is on. He put her on Depacot for seizures, we go back to the doctor in a week. He is only going to put her on the medication short term. I would suggest that she go to a neurologist and see what they say. I hope she feels better soon. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Hi! Epilepsy and pregnancy are a difficult combination! Your wife is lucky to have a supportive spouse to help her through. I'm glad to know that you notified her doctors right away--that is definitely the right thing to do! Sometimes the dosage requirements for seizure medications changes during pregnancy, and most doctors are usually walking the tight rope of trying to keep the dosage as low as possible while also keeping the seizure activity to a minimum.
Avatar n tn -How old is she now? -is there any history of seizure disorders or congenital anomalies in the family? -are there any remarkable circumstances surrounding her birth i.e. premature rupture of membrane -any recent infections,head injuries ? -how is your niece's level of development? Are her motor and social skills at par with others of her age? -any muscular spasms or loss of consciousness associated with the episodes?
363110 tn?1340924019 I'm pretty knowledgable in alot of areas regarding pregnancy but this is a new one to me. I've done research but just want to hear from real moms, know what I mean? thanks for sharing with me. Keppra was one of the meds that showed up in my research as one of the safer ones. I'm sending you a personal message so please check your inbox.
161427 tn?1229914882 I had my one in only seizure in 96' school parking lot in my new car. hit two other cars, and ended up in the newspaper. can we say embaressing. to say the least.
Avatar f tn Hi! As with all medications in pregnancy, they are best avoided unless the benefits outweigh the risks. There is not much data available on Seroquel, but what is available suggests that if you can find a safer alternative you would be better off. If you need your medication to be healthy and there aren't any available alternatives, then ( just like people who have seizure disorders) it may be necessary to take the risk. I know this sounds like a wishy washy answer, and it is!
Avatar n tn I am concerned about the effects on the fetus while taking anti-seizure medications...I am currently on 3000mg daily of Keppra, and 150mg daily of Lamictal...I am told that these medications fall in the "Class C" drug classification...I was curious if you could offer advise, offhand, regarding the risk of these medications w/ pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Her baby would just stop breathing and her eyes would roll back in her head and she would start shaking but it wasn't a seizure. Scary stuff!! Last I talked to her the baby was still doing it at 6 months. When it gets hard and you wanna reach for a pain pill just remember this is such a short period of time to be in pain compared to the years of pain it could cause your child.
Avatar n tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that there is no medical reason to terminate the pregnancy. Anti-seizure medications, in some cases, have been linked to birth defects, but that is when the mothers took the medication in high doses throughout the pregnancy. Be sure to speak with your own doctor, but because the baby won't actually be exposed to the medication, there should be no reason for it to cause birth defects. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Did the photoresponse continue after the stimulator was shut off- if so this is indicative of a potentially epileptogenic nature. Some studies have indicated that this can also rarely in non-epileptic patients. We consider focal photoparoxysmal responses that are focal is considered abnormal, usually due to cortical dysfunction. If either the focal or generalized response that continues after the stimulus is turned off, then it is considered photosensitive generalized epilepsy.
1882215 tn?1322792927 i've got to be honest, with you being epileptic I'm surprised that they didn't already suggest that from the beginning....this is someone who specifically specializes in medication during pregnancy and the risks involved, and he/she will monitor you and baby using special tests and diagnostics to make sure that your meds and your epilepsy are not affecting baby...he/she will also know the safest course of action as far as using the meds or switching.
Avatar f tn Husband's family is kind of uninformed about medication and they don't believe in Epilepsy, so I never told them I was epileptic and they certainly don't know about the pain medication or Xanax. I'm terrified my ob at my first appointment today will say something about the medications in front of my husband and his bad temper will erupt or he'll even say something worse. Help on how to broach this topic!?
Avatar f tn Husband's family is kind of uninformed about medication and they don't believe in Epilepsy, so I never told them I was epileptic and they certainly don't know about the pain medication or Xanax. I'm terrified my ob at my first appointment today will say something about the medications in front of my husband and his bad temper will erupt or he'll even say something worse. Help on how to broach this topic!?
7770892 tn?1397844002 Has anyone here been on Topamax and gone through a pregnancy with no difficulties? I found out that I am pregnant I am unsure of how far along I am at this time but I am on 200 mg a day currently and I think I am 5 weeks right now. I have not been diagnosed with seizures but have severe headaches even on the 200 mg :( even after being decompressed.
Avatar n tn I understand that chronic pain pts do have to take their medications during pregnancy I just wanted to make sure it is known how very important it is to have a high risk doctor that can observe and forsee any problems for the baby and make it as safe as posssible for the baby and mom. I do believe that your a great mom and have a beautiful baby who is thriving and I am so very glad for you.
Avatar n tn Is your baby ok? I also wanted to know did anyone else went through a full pregnancy with klonopin in first two months?How did it turn out? Is the baby ok?
Avatar n tn First thing they will did is label me a high risk pregnancy and i delivered in Maternal Fetal Medicine in University of Colorado Hosp. in Denver. They were a great team. They really suggested that I get an epideral to keep me calm and to control the pain from exacerbating my condition. My heart rate and blood pressure had some problems but both of us were able to pull through.
Avatar n tn I have been on many different meds while pregnant most related to a herniated disk in my back. I can tell you from experience that in moderation it is safe. Trust in your doctor as long as they are aware of the pregnancy, they will reference "Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation" which gives the category for all meds and possible effect.
Avatar f tn But keep in mind i have been on xanax since 2002. My dosage was increased in Jan 07 from 3mgs a day to 6mgs a day. Any advice untill i can see my OB on monday would be greatly apreciated.
Avatar n tn the birth of the baby should have eliminated any physical strains on my body.By the time I was taken seriously, I was in full-blown CHF and had a seizure on a mag drip BP was 198/125 and untreated.A cardiologist was called in and diagnosed the CHF as well as peri-partum cardiomyopathy.He told my family that I would most likely not make it.After leaving the hospital after almost 3 wks.,I was followed for severe MVP/regurge and medicated for appr. 2 yrs. I have since then cntd.
Avatar n tn I am too embarrased to talk to my OBGYN for the reason I'll be looked at as an unfit mother or just something that I don't want! As I said I was prescribed these medications from a doctor not buying illegally but I took them everyday! At 8 weeks along can there be defects? Any answers or comments would be greatly appreciated it! I looked everything up possible online BUT theres no timeline of when could defects be possible or what not! Is it from day one to week 40? Someone please help!!!
Avatar f tn But there are plenty of reasons why babies can be born addicted to RX drugs and still be sent home with mom. Medications for seizure disorders, chronic pain etc can all cause problems in the newborn. In my experience communication is the key. Most social workers want children to stay with their parents and they'll work with you to find a way to make it happen.
Avatar n tn Hi, Pregnancy entails changes in the body such as change in hormone levels, change in blood pressure, changes in posture. Have you experienced headaches prior to your pregnancy? Most women who had migraines prior to their pregnancy may observe a decrease in its frequency in their pregnant states.However, this is not always the case.If you have an existing sinus problem, then this may contribute to you headaches.Have you sought consult with your ENT about this?
1535595 tn?1317993633 Oxycodone 30mg every 4 hours for the first 6 months, then 15mg every 4 hours until i was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, then went down to percocet 10/325 for about a month then started cutting them in half. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my doctor put me on Norcos 10/325 which i would cut in half. I would take them about 4-5 times daily.
Avatar n tn Most doctors advise staying on medications as having a seizure when pregnant can decrease oxygen to the baby. There is a small increased rate of seizure in pregnancy, likely related to hormonal and metabolic changes. Again, I am not a medical doctor - I am only a neuropsychologist (and I mainly work with children) and this is information I have learned from neurologists I work with. You really need to consult with your neurologist and gynecologist. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi, I would push for an eeg my son developed epilepsy at the age of 19 and we have no history of epilepsy in our family. There are many different types of seizure from pseudo seizures ( I think these are classified as anxiety based but don't quote me on that I,m not an expert, to abscence seizures ( you may loose a few minutes at a time ( these are a bit like your daydreaming to someone else ) to grandmal ( full blown) My son has both abscence seizures and grand mal seizures.
Avatar n tn Finally this-morning I did a pregnancy test and it was negative. I really don't think I'm pregant but where in the world has my period gone???
Avatar n tn And that type of seizure does not cause a change in consciousness according to this one website. A seizure is a charge of sudden electrical activity in the brain that affects a way a person feels or acts for a short time. This makes sense in light of what I had learned about the neural-misfiring from my EEG. Another clue is the Tachycardia. Tachycardia often precedes a seizure and frequently persists throughout a seizure.
Avatar f tn From 2009, i don't get seizures, but my epilepsy's symptoms have completely changed, now the seizures are in form of a kind of hallucination. I am sitting in my vroad daylight, but in front of my eyes...i am in some other evening time,...with some different family/ doing something completely different (it keeps changing)..if its a family also...i am so much there that i feel i have always been a part of it...