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Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
1882215 tn?1322792927 i've got to be honest, with you being epileptic I'm surprised that they didn't already suggest that from the beginning....this is someone who specifically specializes in medication during pregnancy and the risks involved, and he/she will monitor you and baby using special tests and diagnostics to make sure that your meds and your epilepsy are not affecting baby...he/she will also know the safest course of action as far as using the meds or switching.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the dosage requirements for seizure medications changes during pregnancy, and most doctors are usually walking the tight rope of trying to keep the dosage as low as possible while also keeping the seizure activity to a minimum. Neither seizures nor seizure medications are "good" for the baby, but most women with seizure disorders have good outcomes.
Avatar n tn Hi My niece has developed a sleeping disorder of laughing seizure like she laughs while i sleep for 3-4 seconds and then stare and then sleep and this pattern at times is also during day time when she is awake. We did EEG and MRI and nothing came out from them.Follwoing is the report of both. EEG It is a wake reord.patient was fairly cooperative. Artifacts are minimal. Photic stimulation from 3 hz to 21 hrtz was given for 45 seconds.At an interval of 5 secs inclose eye state.
363110 tn?1340924019 pregnancy clinic that checks for all of these things and at my last appt last week the drs told me that Im at the same risk as any other pregnant women (3-5%) and after speaking with my neuroligist he did make it very clear that it would be worse for both myself and my unborn daughter for me to stop taking the medications at all during the pregnancy so my suggestion to you is find a good neuroligist who will put you on an affordable (which mine is) and has little to no side effects good luck o
Avatar n tn these include low birth weight, lower Apgar scores, preeclampsia, bleeding, placental abruption, and prematurity. Regarding medication, as with all medications taken during pregnancy one must consider the risks versus the benefits. The four major antiepileptic drugs: phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid, and phenobarbital have been associated with an increased risk of both major and minor malformations in fetuses.
Avatar n tn My question is about Fibro medications and wanting to hear from others' experiences during pregnancy w/fibromyalgia (or chronic pain issues). I also NEED encouragement how to taper off of valium (I am down to from 20 mg to 10 mg a day for anxiety & muscle pain, but feel stuck here) I am probably about 3weeks along and happy about it!!
Avatar n tn I'm a 60 year old men, in excellent health, except for experiencing tremors during sleep that wake me up and have difficulty going back to sleep. As I start to fall sleep again, I feel these "rumbleling" (tremors) around my upper body. I immediately wake up again. These tremors last for about 10-15 seconds after I wake up. The first time I experienced this condition was exactly two years ago. It lasted for about four days and it simply went away.
7770892 tn?1397844002 Has anyone here been on Topamax and gone through a pregnancy with no difficulties? I found out that I am pregnant I am unsure of how far along I am at this time but I am on 200 mg a day currently and I think I am 5 weeks right now. I have not been diagnosed with seizures but have severe headaches even on the 200 mg :( even after being decompressed.
Avatar n tn I'm 38 years old and have had this since I was in my early 20's. I had a seizure during my tilt test. I did have a few episodes during the first few months of pregnancy. I teach elementary school so, sitting was not an option for me. My cardiologist put me on a high salt diet and gatorade. I also continued to take a low dose of pristiq because it kept my blood pressure rate up. The pregnancy went well until this week.
Avatar n tn I understand that chronic pain pts do have to take their medications during pregnancy I just wanted to make sure it is known how very important it is to have a high risk doctor that can observe and forsee any problems for the baby and make it as safe as posssible for the baby and mom. I do believe that your a great mom and have a beautiful baby who is thriving and I am so very glad for you.
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with epilepsy when i was 12. I have been taking carbamazapine (400mg)per day. On the advice of my neurologist i have tried reducing the dosage several times, each time i have had a grand mal seizure. He has now told me to stay on the medication permanently. Whilst taking the 400mg dosage i am completely free of seizures.
Avatar n tn It is extremely doubtful that it has anything to do with any medications you took during your pregnancy. The only thing Klonopin has even been associated with is facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate. However, newer evidence actually does not even suggest a connection between Klonopin and these conditions. To feel that your 16 yr old's sinus problems were caused by Klonopin...well, I can just say that it is exceptionally unlikely.
Avatar n tn My doctor recently put me on vicodin for kidney stones and i was SOOOOO nervous because i am 29 wks pregnant and they say never to take aspirin during pregnancy. Aspirin is the main ingredient in vicodin, so anyway...moderation is the key huh? good thing cuz man i hate taking pills, even if they do help the pain.
Avatar n tn BeccaElizabeth, I'm 37 and went through hell during my third pregnancy, was diagnosed with peripartum cardiomyopathy and finally coronary vasospasms a year after delivery. Fortunately, my heart's no longer dilated but I'm on medications indefinitely for the chest pain. The pregnancy impacted my aortic valve, causing regurgitation which then damaged the valve, so I may need OHS sometime in the future.
Avatar n tn and the baby is born and test's positive for drugs that were not disclosed during pregnancy then the proper authorities can take the baby until you are clean... It is not that I want to scare you but, also I kind of do, I don't want you to loose a second of your babies life because of a stupid rotten pill!!! Stay clean sweetheart and enjoy your pregnancy and be PROUD of yourself for getting off that **** and never go back!!!!
Avatar f tn But there are plenty of reasons why babies can be born addicted to RX drugs and still be sent home with mom. Medications for seizure disorders, chronic pain etc can all cause problems in the newborn. In my experience communication is the key. Most social workers want children to stay with their parents and they'll work with you to find a way to make it happen.
Avatar n tn would you please let me know with this dose of medicine daily and with considering of my age 37 ,can i be pregnant? what will be the risks for me and baby? if during pregnancy szr comes ,what will happen? i would be appreciated of your detailed description and reply to my questions as i do need your recommendation.tnx in advance.
Avatar n tn I am 25 married only for a year and not really mentally prepared for a pregnancy, but my period is a week late and I just did a pregnancy test which can out negative.I have no other symptoms like nausea ets. but dono what to expect!! Its the holiday season and all labs are closed and I dont kwno how to handle this curosity!! Thanks for the usefull comments as they make me feel there are more people out there in my situation.
Avatar n tn I am 34 years old and would like to try and conceive again. I already have a healthy 10 year old daughter. I was diagnosed with petit-maul seizures about 12 years ago. I only have them in my sleep and have never been diagnosed as an "epileptic". I am currently on 600 ml of the drug "tegretol" per day.
Avatar n tn A friend on mine got pregnant when she had the copper IUD, but it ended up being a tubal pregnancy. When I had mine I did research and there are quite a few people that have gotten pregnant while it was still in. Have you checked the string to see if it's still in place? You said that your last AF was the beging of Oct? How many days late are you? In most cases you can take the test the first day of missed Af. But the longer you wait the more chances of getting a correct answer.
Avatar f tn I started out as 265 pounds in 2006 when I was first diagnosed with bipolar and due to the medications I had been on I gained 105 pounds. At one point I was also on Topamax which acted as a mood stabilizer for me (anti-seizure drug). I was finally diagnosed with neuropathy november last year and was put on gabapentin for it (which I had already been on in much lower doses for anxiety prescribed off-label). The increased dosage since that time has helped tremendously with the neuropathy pain.
941305 tn?1245289419 I have read other women write that they think their seizures were caused by their increased hormone load during pregnancy. Has your family member's doctor ruled out ALL anti-seizure medications? I know, for example, that Keppra is class C, but it is sometimes used during pregnancy if they feel the benefits outweigh the risks.
Avatar n tn and folic acid is very important to take before/during pregnancy. however, i would definitely ask your doctor about the other ones. good luck!
Avatar f tn I have a question when I am pregnant I have like one seizure then they stop the doctors say I have a brain wave out of line but could it be hormonal seizures if that is what they are called I am supposed to take lamictal and some other kind of medicine but I quit during pregnancy and I have no problem its kinda confusing
Avatar f tn During her first two pregnancies she stopped the medication and was fine during the pregnancies.. Then went back on the medications right after her deliveries. She is now 29, and pregnant with her 3d child and has had 6 seizures while pregnant. She is currently taking medication, while pregnant but it just dosent seem to work...What can she do? Why are they occuring now especially while pregnant? What questions specifically can she ask her doctor to help her and her child?
1098760 tn?1266451497 The patient is unaware of what is occurring during the seizure, but quickly returns to full awareness afterwards. This may result in learning difficulties if not recognized and treated. o Myoclonic seizures: sudden brief, massive muscle jerks that may involve the whole body or parts of the body. o Atonic seizures: (also called "Drop Attacks") patient suddenly collapses and falls, recovering after 10 seconds to a minute. B.
1247161 tn?1291267011 I had my daughter about a month ago and she was born with d-transposition along with ASD, VSD, and pulmonary stenosis. I have a seizure disorder and started taking Trileptal later on in my pregnancy. Could it have still caused the problem?
1535595 tn?1317993633 Oxycodone 30mg every 4 hours for the first 6 months, then 15mg every 4 hours until i was about 7 1/2 months pregnant, then went down to percocet 10/325 for about a month then started cutting them in half. The last 3 weeks of my pregnancy my doctor put me on Norcos 10/325 which i would cut in half. I would take them about 4-5 times daily.