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Avatar m tn complications of diabetes, kidney failure and uremia, liver failure, nuritional deficiencies, or use of cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, or certain other recreational drugs. Other differential that should be ruled out are: infectious in nature, or tumor. It is important that her medication is regularly taken to avoid future occurrences. Further testing may need to be done to determine the underlying cause. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn So is Lamotrigine processed through the liver or kidney? Which anti-seizure meds are not processed through the kidney and therefore safer for me?
661200 tn?1225486613 Even worse, there isn't a darn thing to do for kidney failure other than treat the symptoms as best you can. Once kidney cells are destroyed, they cannot regenerate like other organs such as the liver can. When kidney failure reaches the last stages, you will notice a marked increase in nausea and vomiting and probably urinary accidents as well. The nausea is from the toxins remaining in the bloodstream that the kidneys can no longer filter out.
Avatar f tn Please join our user group which is for owners of dogs with chronic kidney failure. I call in there daily and I and others are always happy to offer guidance, information and support. Feel free to ask any questions. http://www.medhelp.
20825130 tn?1524808290 A month ago Chloe was in Stage 4 kidney failure and I started all this immediately. Two weeks ago her kidney numbers were within normal range, then today they were even better. I know not every dog will have the same results, I am just sharing what has worked for me. Chloe is like my child.
Avatar f tn This is one of the most difficult things I've ever had to deal with. My beloved Gypsy is dying of kidney failure. Gypsy is a Jack Russell Terrier and she turned 18...yes 18...on Christmas Day. It's just so hard to know when it is "time." I prayed and prayed that she would give us one final parting gift and die on her own in her sleep...but she is SUCH a fighter and refused to surrender to this thing.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I just found this blog and it looks like a great group with some incredible knowledge and experience. My Chow/ACD mix has kidney failure. He was diagnosed back in Oct. but has never really had any symptoms until he started vomiting this week. He mostly vomits his dinner at 4am, we thought he was keeping his breakfast down but threw up again this afternoon. He is on Royal Canine renal food, he wouldnt eat the other brands.
1963554 tn?1325451090 I also had my beloved cocker of 16 years get kidney failure. From the time she was diagnosed I could not bear to think of having her put to sleep. She had helped me raise my three daughters who were 2, 5 and 6 when she came to live with us. She was like my other child and with me, often, when no one else was. I knew at the end of October the year she was diagnosed that she was very sick, but did not seem to be suffering, although her quality of life was so diminished.
2095142 tn?1333236800 after week and half sick and due to not having money we took her to the vet and was then diagnosed with kidney failure; vet says kidneys are shot down. I am still waiting on some more money do what is right but wonder what is that? i am desperated watching her like this. Cant stop crying out of plain guilt since I have not being as best as i should have and now in front of her inminent lose, i cant even bear thinking of it !
82861 tn?1333457511 Our old rescue Dalmatian, Doc Holliday, is dying of kidney failure. Just as our Chica did several years ago. Doc had bladder stone surgery in February 2015 so it wasn't a huge surprise when his labs in May looked bad. We got going with the prescription food and phosphorous binders, but he went down fast. 3 weeks later his lab results were end stage. Phenergan is working extremely well for the nausea, and he wants to eat.
Avatar m tn Diseases also can be a factor in seizures, they include advanced liver disease, epilepsy, or a disease of the nervous system, hereditary diseases, infections involving the brain, including encephalitis, brain abscess, and bacterial meningitis, kidney failure, such as chronic renal failure.
Avatar m tn Good Day Everyone , I am writing in with regards to my 12 year old JRT diagnosis of stage 4 kidney failure just yesterday . The ultrasound scans of his kidneys are truly horrify , it has shrunken to a size that is not even recognisable . For now , he is pretty much sleeping more then usual , he does enjoy his walks but problem is his appetite. He can be eating nothing but just drinking milk for 2 days straight .
1916673 tn?1420236870 If anyone wishes to join the Group (your input and participation will be appreciated) or anyone that has a dog with Chronic Kidney Failure and wants information, advice or support ... please click the following link: http://www.medhelp.
2361255 tn?1339611918 As far as Meds for kidney disease goes,Dogs with kidney failure will end up getting ulcers, throughout their digestive tract, and because of the ulcers, the vet will prescribe anti ulcer medications, as well as anti nausea meds. Dogs with kidney disease will also experience a rise in their phosphorus levels, so typically a phosphate binder is given. And when the dog is not drinking, and not staying hydrated enough, then it is time to start administering Sub-Q fluids.
Avatar f tn Could it have been the low blood sugar that caused the seizure? Is the phenobarbital causing all this thirst and urination or is he in early kidney failure. I love my little fellow and want the best for him. I don't want to go against the vet and discontinue the medicine if he truly needs it, but I don't want to give him something that could hurt him if the only problem was the blood sugar. What do y'all think?
Avatar f tn If your vet continues to insist on phenobarbital, they should at the very least try and protect the liver with potassium bromide and Milk Thistle supplementation. Kidney failure in a young dog is not unusual. This may be Acute kidney failure. Have you and your vet discussed the possibility of poisoning? Have you examined things used at home and in the garden for toxic effects (contact or ingestion)? Have you looked into the diet of your dog prior to the diagnosis?
369472 tn?1198749292 I know that Jaybay has given chica meds and special diet and iv for fluids for kidney failure...however, if it is severe, I am not sure if anything can be done. My dog had kidney failure and heart condition so it was a double edge sword. She totally stopped eating. All this came about after a dog attack...her wounds were healing but the stress of the attack made a toll on her little body...She also lost 2 pounds in one week. I put her to sleep because I had to measure her quality of life....
3187528 tn?1344809110 Hello Applepie.....First, Seizures may be common, but they shouldn't be......My first thought after reading your question is that it's something you do monthly that may be causing the seizure activity....Your going to need to play detective! Have you thought about chemicals that you may give regularly that could be the cause? The reason I ask is I have a friend that's little Chi (About the same age) started having seizures.....
Avatar n tn In severe liver disease, this mechanism can be disrupted, leading to hypoglycemia. Kidney failure also can lead to hypoglycemia, especially when the person is deprived of food. We hope you'll visit the Forum again and provide insight to the various questions posted here . . . after all, with 10 years of diabetes management under your belt, you probably have much to offer our visitors. Keep us posted on how things progress for you and best wishes!
Avatar f tn Hello Sam...How's Jasper? Here's a list of things that I want you to think about...... First, Seizures may be common, but they shouldn't be......My first thought after reading your question is that it's something you do monthly that may be causing the seizure activity....Your going to need to play detective! Have you thought about chemicals that you may give regularly that could be the cause? The reason I ask is I have a friend that's little Chi (About the same age) started having seizures.....
Avatar f tn We have Many, many threads about kidney disease/failure...We have so many, it would be impossible to read them all.....I'm sorry you and your Izzy are faced with this difficult disease.....Let me go dig up some threads...I believe you will feel better after you read what others have to say.....My heart goes out to you.....Let me go find some threads.....
Avatar f tn She was 10 1/2 years old when we finally after 1 week of unbearable misery I put her down. She was diagnoised with renial kidney failure in September, 2008. She ate the Science Diet K/D wet dog food. At first she would eat 1/2 can at each feeding, plus a little bit of dry K/D 2x per day. She remained pretty stable for a year. She did go through boughts of no eating many times.
Avatar n tn I saw it in my dog who died of kidney failure. Very sad because there is really nothing to be done when kidney failure is advanced, which it usually is by the time symptoms become noticeable.
5574394 tn?1370188164 Just lost my 18 year old Maltipoo to Kidney failure. He stopped eating and lost a lot of weight within 1-2 weeks. Also his back legs where very weak. I tried to feed him by hand but he wouldn't eat. I took him to the vet and the blood work was bad. His BUN levels where extremely high and he had Kidney failure. I had him at the vet on IV for 2 separate days. I could tell he was dying but was hoping I could save him. I fed him with a oral syringe but it wasn't enough.
Avatar m tn The results are as below and its a confirmed of a stage 4 kidney failure . This is the results as as follow 3 days ago before any form of treatment has been carried out Results 10/10/15 ALT : 105 GLU : 132 BUN : NOT MEASURABLE* CRE : 7.9* NA+ :149 K- : 3.7 CL- :116 TC02: 9 Phosphate level is 16.1 in short , the results were beyond shocking and has to be put in an iv immediately on this date 10/10/15 .
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, Back in November our beagle Lucy was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure when she was having her blood tested to see if she was ok to be put under and have her teeth cleaned. When the results came back the Vet said she was currently at a Level 2. At this point we couldn't even tell she was sick. We were prescribed a special diet for kidney failure and up until a couple of weeks ago she was eating fine and acting completely normal.
1916673 tn?1420236870 Samantha is a nearly 18 year’s old bichon frise and was diagnosed with kidney failure on Oct 2. She has good days and bad days. Sam has been on daily IV fluids since Oct. She takes zantac, vitamins, cranberry, denamarin and anti-phosphorous medicine twice daily. She has lost considerable weight and lately has become disinterested in food. I am supplementing her little intake of food with nutrical. That's the bad news.