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694697 tn?1332839334 I've been having a lot of problems the past few years. This began with a seizure-like disorder where I would wake up exhausted, twitch, and fall asleep everywhere... I never got a diagnosis, my neurologist is useless. Never did any tests. Was supposed to have a sleep study but Kaiser kept refusing and telling me I needed more and more referrals. Now, the only time I still twitch is when I sleep, or while falling asleep.
Avatar m tn Now all of a sudden she has uncontrollable seizure like shaking that wont go away. The doctors at Kaiser say its her "subconcious mind" forcing her to shake. I personally dont believe it. If any one has any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!!
Avatar f tn What a hard ride. Stopped on sept 2 had plan for detox my kaiser said cancel plan will help you here then after gave up my bed in another detox facility entered kaiser and on my second day said ok you can go home. The bad withdrawals hadn't even started I am covered for inpatient detox. They messed up the plan I had set up. Bee in hospital on medical ward since the 2nd they are waiting for a bed to open in a convelesent home .
Avatar f tn Your appeal will automatically be sent to the State dept of Managed Healthcare for review. In my case the State called kaiser the next day and a kaiser senior exec.called me immediately to offer their support in many ways. I had to do this when my GI dr took months and delayed decide which tx to put me on because in Feb they WERE NOT YET prescribing S&O. I asked kaiser for a second opinion referral to see a hepatologist at ucsf and Dr.
593589 tn?1219104361 I'm wondering why my 23 y/o daughter, on Keppra 1500mg per day, was told by her neurologist that even on medication she has an 80% chance of a seizure if she doesn't follow a healthy diet, if she doesn't get adequate rest and hydration, and especially if she has stress. The doctor told her stress is a huge trigger of seizures. These days I don't see how stress can be alleviated - I thought if she dutifully took her meds as prescribed - this would prevent any breakthrough seizures.
Avatar f tn I had a seizure almost a year ago and had my first mri. It showed 2 lesions and one enhanced. I had a spinal tap which was positive for ms. I had an mri 6mos later and 3 new lesions, another mri 3mos later and 2 new lesions, just had another mri and one previous lesion grew 3x the size and another new lesion. Still no symptoms. A top NYC MS specialist confirms ris and feels it is ms. Has anyone had numerous lesions in such a short amount of time?
Avatar n tn My BF and 20 yr old daughter went to see NS (Kaiser - Fontana CA) Dr. Goldenberg and he is suggesting surgery based on my symptoms. I've had clinical depression for 15 years (dx anyway) treated with meds for the last 8 years without interuption, RLS, tinitus, my vision has gotten worse, sleep apnea, I'm lucky if I sleep a full 4hours a night solidly, trouble swallowing, coughing with the most intense.
Avatar f tn I have seen 2 Neuro's, a Cardo, my GP, had 2 MRI's, talked to a seizure specialist, had an EEG and everything comes up normal with the exception of a couple of small bulging discs in my neck. Just had another MRI over the weekend and again "unremarkable". I feel like I'm loosing my mind and these doctors just don't believe me. I have been told countless times that it could be anxiety or stress.
Avatar f tn There may not be much they will give you to help with the Vicoden withdrawal but the Ativan is another story. That needs to be tapered for risk of seizure. Hopefully your doctor is fully aware of that. If you have an active prescription that has been recently filled for a narcotic and you receive another one from another doctor during that time period, it is considered doctor shopping.
1742220 tn?1331360327 im fine. so anyway um ... dr oz would have a seizure at the amount of carbs I ingested just today. yes. omg so gooooood! dr oz!!! eat your heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! since we all know that carbs translate to: yes sugar. oh sugar. come on over here, sugar. um, I think rr has a contact seizure too from just knowing I ate so much carbs and sugar in turn so ... sorry rr you know what I really hate most about cooking? its not the actual cooking, like chopping, preparing, etc.
315996 tn?1429057829 I have Kaiser dental insurance. For a checkup I phone and make an appointment. The next person I talk to is where I check in for the appointment. The next person is the dental hygenist (teeth cleaning). The last person is the dentist. Where along this path do I let it be known about having HCV? Worried about being shunned.
Avatar n tn He then suggested SAM-e, I took it on Oct. 1 lowest dose and ended up at Kaiser with severe abdominal cramping which I just found out is a side effect.I lasted for 5 days. Over the last two weeks I have began having severe depression, anxiety during the day and feel desperate for help. I called the Med. Spclist. I have been seeing since July and was sobbing on the phone asking for help and she told me she was on her lunch break and I would have to call her back a couple of hours later.
420841 tn?1233765091 just called my doctor, and he said that taking the stivan will help with the shakes, and since I have only been taking 6 a day for about 3 months, there isn't really a worry about a seizure, and the ativan will help with that. He said within a few days, these symptoms should go away. He wasn't the doc the prescribed me the med, and also said he never prescribes it because of how bad it is for our bodies. I think I will be ok....yet, this crying could stop...
232264 tn?1191252080 It does not change the fact that insomnia hits, and you need immodium for the stomach, but I have Kaiser and my Dr. has been real helpful. I have gone since last Friday with no sleep and finally yesterday he gave me ambien (Only 7 pills) and last night I was knocked the @#$% out. Slept the whole night. Still have flu symptons but I can handle that better then the restless leg, and sweats and crawlin out of my skin. catapres patch TTS 1 research it but 4 for 4 so far it really works.
Avatar n tn There is still a very small amount left in a very delicut area. Our Kaiser insurance wants us to do Radiation and Chemo. She didn't fair as well after this last sugery, we are afaid of more brain damage with the Radiation. I have been told that the Gamma knife has the same amount of radiation given in one treatment compared to 6 weeks of radiation. I also heared their isn't the brain damage compared to standard radiation.
178590 tn?1294180367 Shoulder, neck, and other upper body pain (this pain also originates in the liver). Fatigue. Nausea and vomiting. Seizure. HELLP syndrome can be life-threatening for both the mother and her fetus. (Most fetal deaths that follow HELLP syndrome are actually caused by complications of premature birth before 28 weeks of pregnancy.3) A woman with symptoms of HELLP syndrome requires emergency medical treatment.
Avatar n tn Write me if you have any questions or can't find the Ashton info (it's all over the web). I'm at ***@**** The risk of seizure from acute benzo withdrawal, especially from Xanax or Ativan, BTW is generally higher if one goes cold turkey off of a very high dosage. Your Xanax dosage is not that high and you're not going cold turkey. It's just that you've been on it for so long. Be careful.
Avatar n tn , not the immediate withdrawal and wanting that comes with lack of Vicodin. Since I have read that clonazepam is also an anti-seizure medication--and since avoiding a seizure is my main concern--that is why I have considered taking it when I am getting off the vicodin. But now your comments have made me think twice.
Avatar m tn I too have a VP Shunt prior to my Germinoma Brain Tumor diagnosis (02',03'). Due to my bad shunt pains my Kaiser Oncologist will put in a referralappointment for me to see the Kaiser Redwood City Neurosurgeon Dr. Sheridan who put the emergency shunt in the right backside of my head and tube in my right abdominal back in early 02'. It's been bothering me for the past 81/2 yrs that it feels like sharp poking pains that lasts for a few minutes to even a couple days!
Avatar n tn I also go to a work shop that kaiser offers its a group setting and can some times be comical. Keep exercising daily, this helps with anxiety. Not to mention better health. Stay away from junk food, and sweets especially. No soda. It does help so much.
Avatar n tn Can't take Keppra, do to a serious side effect. I was told by the Kaiser Head Of Neurology for Northern CA, that these were the prefered drugs, but doesn't want to try me on other benzodiazines (like Valium) because of the potential for cross-allergy. I refused to take Dilantin and Depakote - both serious anti-seizure medications. Apparently I twitch alot at night at times (my husband has borne the brunt of them!), have had a normal EEG and Brain MRI.
Avatar n tn That can be as determining a factor as dosage in withdrwawal severity. If he has insurance with a detox clause, or kaiser, he can perhaps get on an outpatient taper, picking up doled out amounts daily. They will almost certainly want to get him on a longer acting benzo like klonopin for the taper: the problem with xanax is that it's a very short acting benzo, and needs to be taken frequently to stave off withdrawals. This is a great website for information. Check it out...
Avatar n tn Seem to cough a lot sometimes chocking sound effect she also is able to say alot more words than her brother, and as far as I know has no seizure activity. She also interlocks her fingers a lot but can pick up books turn pages, plays with toys. They were delivered week 37 Drs choice not mine since I had no labor pains. But they said I had gestial diabetes although when I did the finger pokes my levels were always normal range.
Avatar n tn I am a bit confused. I go to A.A. for the booze. It worked last night. I have a permanent seizure disorder thanks to the Docs letting me shakedown so much over the past year. I had a seizure last night and almost drank. Seizures are a trigger, because my mind associates it with withdrawal still I guess even though it is partial complex epilepsy from brain damage to my temporal lobe.
975514 tn?1325001538 I also have sciatica and scoliosis as well as arthritis and diverticulitis, chronic bronchial-asthma, carpal tunnel, tmj, spurs in both of my feet, a torn rotator cuff probably caused by helping my son through a seizure or two. I have gotten to the point where I can't walk without help when I first wake up and try to get out of bed. I am only 31 years old and have been using a cane occasionally for about 3 years now.
1349329 tn?1276988802 Thanks. I took another dose of the Vicodin at 8:30 this morning along with the Dramanine and I don't feel too bad right now. My plan is to take 3, 4 times a day for 2 days, 2 4 times a day for 2 days, 1 1/2 4 times a day for 2 days, 1, 4 times a day for 2 days, then 1/2, etc., along with the Dramaine. That gives me a 10-11 day taper, and then I'll stop. In the meantime I will be exercising and taking my supplements to help boost my system for when I stop. I'm just so amazed that the Dr.
Avatar n tn My husband had to give me 2 shots a day for 5 days and they gave me a drug called topamax (anti-seizure med.). I do feel it shocked my system and the headaches are only there maybe once a week. It did allow me to pin point more of where my pain was. The headaches used to keep me in my bedroom with the curtains closed. Now I can at least feel human again. I did take myself off of the topamax because it causes your hands and feet to feel like they are sleep all the time. Very irritating.