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1563022 tn?1296336199 i don't know either if that was a seizure but i remember a journal about depersonalization related to anxiety, it could also be something like that. In any case, the best is to check it with a doctor. Maybe someone who knows how to find this journal could leave a link here....
401370 tn?1233328282 However, you are still here, and thank GOD! Go to a physician and get his opinion on the matter- when someone is having a seizure, you are to NOT try and shake them or anything else that could promote injury.. instead, you are to turn them to their side, place something soft by their teeth so they don't break their teeth nor bite their tongue, etc etc etc.. What are those guards, retards or what?? Don't get ME started!
Avatar n tn one of my best friends had a seizure last night. she's 18 yrs old, recently become a more frequent smoker, has been drinking for a while, but never to any point of being drunk. so last night, we met up to go to this bar. she had previously been drinking beer with another friend, about 2 liters, she also had a bit of weed right before we met up. she's not a frequent consumer of weed, she's done it like 5 times at the most.
Avatar f tn Does she have a seizure disorder? I can't imagine her having seizures from coming off of heroin unless maybe there is some alcohol or benzos involved also? If that's the case then they are not doing enough for her. The depakote won't touch that! Depakote would only need to be used for a seizure problem unrelated to withdrawals. I know that's not what you're asking, but I'm trying to help figure out what's going on and from there find out how you should go about it from here.
1570846 tn?1295833227 When he's having a seizure one side of his mouth rises abnormally. and then he goes into full Tonic Clonic seizure. But as I said.. your DD's could be a once off seizure. I know of so many people that have a seizure and never have another one. You are going through such a tough time and I know exactly how you feel. Last year was like the year from hell for our family. My son's illness and my dear Mother's illness. And I know the feelings of guilt. But you do have to let them go.
Avatar m tn I do wake up in withdraw every morning, I have cold hands and feet when I wake. How di I detox at home and will it be hard. I Its not the amount but the regularity, and I didnt think that endocet for one month was bad. Maybe my mixture I described is adding up. What do I do to get through? Do I ween or stop all? The alcohol? 9 shots per day, never drunk but am steady. Again Endocet is only one month, vicodin which I stopped was long years, alcohol is ten and xanax is ten years.
Avatar f tn She is now 13 months old, EEG is very close to being normal (except a temporal lobe spike showing) and has been seizure free for 6 months now. She will be weaned of Vigabitrin soon. The neuro treated her for Infantile Spasms, but said they didn't look like the "classic" seizures seen with IS. All testing has been normal. She has had 2 MRI's, blood work, lumbar puncture, genetics, metabolics, ect.....
Avatar f tn I am really nervous. Anyone else have a child with a seizure disorder or have a child who's had a seizure? Any advise?
Avatar n tn If you are looking for something to do to try and tame the seizure as it is happening, several scientific studies have proven that applying an ice pack to the back during a seizure can lower the duration and severity of the seizure. Try that next time :)
2150896 tn?1337516798 Husband woke up one night because I was trembling all over like a seizure but I never woke up or knew this happened. Some auditory hallucinations while listening to radio (music would slur than speed up again), ringing in my ears (due to swimmers ear?), Walk dog around neighborhood and thinking of daily life when all of sudden I look at something (like a house) and say to myself when did this house get painted?
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1519983 tn?1401050028 Baby's hb was 150 then quickly jumped to 900. What? Had an emergency u/s and saw baby was having a seizure. Then baby's hb stopped completely and then started again at a regular pace. I really need to relax today and try not to worry so much. I also have been having these sharp pains in my right lower side that lasts about 1-2 secs. that freaks me out a bit.
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Avatar f tn Took to vet/neurologist MRI and Spinal Tap. All came back clear. He told me it sounded like some seizure activity but not anything typical and put on small dose of Zonisimade. Have not seen Simon(dog) do the same thing again. Anyone else experience this,. He is my baby.
Avatar m tn I was on no seizure meds at that time! • Walking home from the ER that felt like a 4 hour seizure! • I was on Tegretol at that point in time! • A trip to Walgreen’s that was extremely high in glare and sound and oddness of environment! • The hyperaccusic pulse the night before my first real falling down and jerking around seizure (2-3-09)!! • Dozens of incidents of lesser importance where I felt the surroundings were severely amplified - I usually ignore these or email you about them.
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303406 tn?1204909129 He is going to keep a daily journal and send it home weekly so I can see what he sees in class. Then I can take that to the dr. as well.
Avatar m tn An exponential pulse in late December! I was on no seizure meds at that time! Walking home from the ER that felt like a 4 hour seizure! · I was on Tegretol at that point in time! · A trip to Walgreen’s that was extremely high in glare and sound and oddness of environment! · The hyperaccusic pulse the night before my first real falling down and jerking around seizure (2-3-09)!!
Avatar f tn The EEG has clearly demonstrated that there is seizure activity. There is a risk of the seizure spreading to other parts of the cortex. In my opinion, it is more beneficial than risky to start medication.
Avatar f tn A week prior to my diagnosis, I was on an outing with friends and had a seizure and or passed out. I had all the test done, EEG, EKG, CAT, MRI, blood... the works... and other than a slight bump in the readin on the EEG (which was later dismissed), and my potassium level being low, nothing was ever worked out as to why I had a seizure or passed out. 4 and a half years later, I have not had another, but have had plenty of anxiety and panic attacks to fill its place.
419158 tn?1316575204 I would make an appointment for a neurologist to see if he does have a seizure disorder. He may be really really tired after a seizure too.
Avatar f tn 39 pm and arrived back at home at 5:07pm. However, I don't remember writing this down. This means that about thirty minutes passed and I don't remember any of it. I'm not even sure if I actually did or didn't visit my clients home. This is the second time I've had this type of experience. The last time I had this sort of blackout/loss of memory was a couple of months ago. Fortunately, I wasn't driving at the time.
Avatar m tn 3. Feinstein, D. (2008a). Energy psychology: a review of the preliminary evidence. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training. 45(2), 199-213. Feinstein, D. (2008b) Energy psychology in disaster relief. Traumatology 141:1, 124-137. McCarty, W. A., (2008). Clinical Story of a 6-Year-Old Boy’s Eating Phobia: An Integrated Approach Utilizing Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology with Energy Psychology’s Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) in a Surrogate Nonlocal Application.
Avatar f tn I was told that Kratom would help, does anyone know about this? I do have Clonidine at home, I can take that, too. Please someone reply, I am down and depressed!!
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525545 tn?1293184794 So I am walking around our little home with a cane for my foot and unbalanced while standing and walking due to the Fibro. I have been in such Chronic Pain from the Osteoarthritis in my neck and lower back and right knee which very swollen. If we go out I use my powered Scooter. And tonight I feel a Migraine coming on. I will have to go take my Migraine meds. It is all I can do to get out of bed and my recliner. I do get up and stretch, just to move around even it hurts.
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