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Avatar n tn Yes, David, I think it is very likely that you are having seizures. From what you describe they are called "Focal Motor seizures with Jacksonian March" . This means that you start to have a very localized seizure in your hand, but then it "marches" to involve the whole side of your body and sometimes the entire body. The other episode you are having sound like brief Partial (complex - maybe) Seizures. You need an evaluation of this immediately.
Avatar f tn There are myoclonic seizures that are progressive and Jacksonian seizures start in a limb. Sounds like seizure activity, but make a log of the symptoms, activities, food, etc. This can help, MD figure things out. Sleeping alot after a seizure is normal. I have known people who sleep alot during the day to have sleep apnea and develop seizures from lack of oxygen during the night... Important to get a work up in addition to your thyroid workup.
Avatar n tn Could it be some sort of interaction, or have I finally parted with what's left of my sanity? ___________________ ___________________ Dear Giselle, No, you are not crazy. What you describe may be what is called a Jacksonian seizure in that it 'marches' up your arm. Your neurologist needs to know about this, especially since it is a change in your normal seizure frequency and a change in the seizure characteristics. He may choose to follow with further studies such as an EEG and an MRI.
Avatar n tn What you describe may be what is called a Jacksonian seizure in that it 'marches' up your arm. Your neurologist needs to know about this, especially since it is a change in your normal seizure frequency and a change in the seizure characteristics. He may choose to follow with further studies such as an EEG and an MRI. It may be simply that your Tegretol level is low. Best to let him know. Thank you very much for the kind response and assurance regarding my sanity quotient.
Avatar f tn His father (my son) was diagnosed with Jacksonian Epilepsy when he was 18 months old. He has since grown out of these seizures (he did at 14). Could the staring seizure be hereditary? How is it diagnosed since the individual who informed my daughter in law of this was a social worker?
Avatar f tn it could be that you have some kind of neuropathy or this could be a jacksonian seizure where you get one sided weakness.
Avatar n tn The jerking in your face that progresses down one side sounds almost like a focal motor seizure with Jacksonian march. I gather pseudoseizures are being suggested at this time. The best way to determine these is admission to an EEG-video-telemetry unit and to be monitored continuously until the episodes - preferably more than one - are caught both on video and on EEG. It is so hard to be told the things that are disrupting/destroying your life are psychogenic.
Avatar n tn From what you have described, I believe she may have a jacksonian progression- type of seizure where the jerking or spasm will start locally and progresses to become more generalized. These may really not show much on the EEG or other tests for seizures but what is important is that these can be controlled with medications directed for seizures.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I'm so sorry for what your sister is going through this must be so scary for the two of you. You've happened upon the MS forum, and I'm so sorry I have no expertise in the area of seizures. My intial thoughts are that your sister should continue to keep going back to her treating neuro and look him dead in the eye and ask for an explanation.
Avatar f tn He has difficulty swallowing, muscle intention tremors with exertion both in his upper and lower extremities. He gets better with rest. He also has a learning disability and seizure like activity when exhausted. His chromosone abnormality is chromosone 5 31-33.1. He had syringomyelia but had a subarachnoid shunt installed in 2004. The doctors seem to think there is a psychological cause. He chokes on his food at times and his saliva.
1015480 tn?1251136105 there is alteration of consciousness during the event. Patients may have some symptoms similar to those in simple partial seizures but have some change in their ability to interact with the environment. Generalized seizures involve larger areas of the brain from the onset. They are further divided into many subtypes. The more common include: Tonic-clonic (grand mal): This subtype is mostly associated with seizures.
Avatar n tn Please can you give me some information and/or guidance?
1573792 tn?1295916473 the actual measurments vary between 5mm depending upon who reads it. I am told this is common?? I completed a three day Video EEG of which no seizure activity was captured. However, the day of discharge upon my arrival home I had two back to back seizures, no control of my left leg, resulted in falls. My seizure activity has increased, to include urinary and bowel incontinence. ( well,..
Avatar n tn that turned out to be seizure activity (this type of progression is often seen in a Jacksonian seizure). The EEG came back with seizure activity - a left temporal lobe seizure. I went back to the hospital for a previously ordered MRI/MRA the next week. Lo and behold, I had also had a stroke. Most of the stroke was in the parietal lobe just next to where the seizure activity was. Since then, I have learned that many times stroke results in seizure activity. Something I didn't know before.
Avatar n tn Some doctors have thought it was Jacksonian seizures. After doing some research, I keep coming up with Vasovagal Syndrome. He is currently on Paxil but the spells increased in November and most of December to 2 to 3 times a day. Last weekend he went down 3 times in 20 minutes and was very tired after the spells were over. When he comes out of the spell, he is cognitive of everything around him and has not forgotten or is not incoherent. He is very tired and sleeps for a few hours after a spell.
Avatar n tn I have run out of funds to try this doctor and that doctor and all I ever seem to get is well we know he has a seizure disorder, but we cannot explain the autisim type symptoms..His movements are spastic and jerky. He stares past you when you speak to him.He responds in brief words, yet with good detail and cannot follow commands very well.
Avatar f tn Although I have smelled cigarette smoke which is my signal that a seizure is on the way, I have not gotten the other following feelings that complete the sequence leading up to my partial complex usual type seizures. I generally appear to not be paying attention to what is going on in the room and on ly if you know me well can you tell something is different with me. I can function IE talk or move during a seizure if I must but itwill bring on a angry response more often than not.
Avatar n tn when I had the first stroke and started having the seizure disorder, I had a Jacksonian seizure of my right hand, arm, neck, chest, face, tongue, etc. Since that time, in spite of being on appropriate Dilantin levels, I get spasms of my right hand, especially when holding things or with pressure, lifting my hand up, etc. Enough to slosh liquids all over. I drop things often. The problem is that it also shows up in a milder form in my left hand. That doesn't make sense to me.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am hoping that someone can provide me with some insight as to wether or not I have a nervous tick or if its related to my epilepsy. I had a seizure when I was a kid about 10 yrs old where i was awake spastic but couldn't move. This happened when I was in bed at night a couple of times. I didn't report it to my parents as i had no idea what happened. I didn't take any medication for this and was seizure free for a few yrs. when I was 18 I had 3 more.