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Avatar f tn His father (my son) was diagnosed with Jacksonian Epilepsy when he was 18 months old. He has since grown out of these seizures (he did at 14). Could the staring seizure be hereditary? How is it diagnosed since the individual who informed my daughter in law of this was a social worker?
Avatar n tn From what you have described, I believe she may have a jacksonian progression- type of seizure where the jerking or spasm will start locally and progresses to become more generalized. These may really not show much on the EEG or other tests for seizures but what is important is that these can be controlled with medications directed for seizures.
Avatar f tn If it were a tic you had, I'd also suggest you look into Tourette's syndrome.
Avatar f tn There are myoclonic seizures that are progressive and Jacksonian seizures start in a limb. Sounds like seizure activity, but make a log of the symptoms, activities, food, etc. This can help, MD figure things out. Sleeping alot after a seizure is normal. I have known people who sleep alot during the day to have sleep apnea and develop seizures from lack of oxygen during the night... Important to get a work up in addition to your thyroid workup.
1015480 tn?1251132505 there is alteration of consciousness during the event. Patients may have some symptoms similar to those in simple partial seizures but have some change in their ability to interact with the environment. Generalized seizures involve larger areas of the brain from the onset. They are further divided into many subtypes. The more common include: Tonic-clonic (grand mal): This subtype is mostly associated with seizures.
Avatar f tn He has difficulty swallowing, muscle intention tremors with exertion both in his upper and lower extremities. He gets better with rest. He also has a learning disability and seizure like activity when exhausted. His chromosone abnormality is chromosone 5 31-33.1. He had syringomyelia but had a subarachnoid shunt installed in 2004. The doctors seem to think there is a psychological cause. He chokes on his food at times and his saliva.
1573792 tn?1295912873 the actual measurments vary between 5mm depending upon who reads it. I am told this is common?? I completed a three day Video EEG of which no seizure activity was captured. However, the day of discharge upon my arrival home I had two back to back seizures, no control of my left leg, resulted in falls. My seizure activity has increased, to include urinary and bowel incontinence. ( well,..
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, we have tried anti-seizure medication and they have increased the number of fainting/seizure spells. Paxil has slowed them down because the doctors seem to agree that they are more anxiety related so this is the last medicine they have decided to try for it. Thanks for the information.
Avatar f tn these are classic symptoms of an outbreak. i have it and i know and they can be very similar to an initial outbreak. you can take Acyclovir to control outbreaks.
Avatar f tn my 16 yr old son who suffers from autism cerebral palsey ocd servere to profound hearing loss and epilepsy has suffered 3 seizures in 2 weeks, 1 tonic seizure may 2, 1 grand mal may 7 and 1 grand mal may 17. he is now taking 1000mg depakote. his depakote level is 105 (he weighs 98 lbs) since his last seizure on may 17 he now cries for hours before he falls asleep, and wakes during the night crying. i think his meds r affecting him. can u please give me an idea to help him?
Avatar f tn I had a seizure at the gym last Thursday! Never had one before. My potassium level was "really low" according to the ER nurse. Can a low level of potassium cause a seizure?
Avatar n tn My 2 1/2 yr old beagle experienced a grand mal seizure the other night. This was his first and it scared me beyond belief. The next day the vet ran numerous blood tests on him. Everything came back normal except the lyme test. He tested positive for this, despite his lyme vaccine. Could the lyme disease cause this seizure?
Avatar n tn Here's a little background first. When I was 13 I started having seizures (I'm now 26). I had an AVM (arterior venous malformation) in the left frontal lobe. I have your typical seizures. However, those seizures are controlled by Tegretol and I haven't had one in a very long time. The problem is this.
Avatar n tn I had some test done the other day a ct scan of the brain and also an EEG my test result showed that i did in fact have a seizure in the brain, what kind of damage did I do having a low blood sugar seizure?
Avatar f tn Im taapering off xanax and klonopin the xanax since april 23 adn i am soa fraid i have had a seizure i have a terribke head face pain for 3 days now and my eye,,,,can u have a seizure and not now it,,,,i also have chronic sinusitis,How common is it to have a seizure whike tapering off benzos been on them 18 years
Avatar n tn There can be a lot of factors regarding the control of seizures. Some seizures can be out-grown, meaning they would usually disappear upon puberty, or as the child gets into adulthood, while some seizures are chronic and long lasting. Withdrawing the drug can cause the seizures to become active and might lead to increased frequency of attacks. I suggest that you continue the medications until advised otherwise by his doctors.
Avatar f tn my 6 year old lab had a seizure today. his second. he had an episode in nov. i raced him to the vet on that occasion. they charged me 230, and told me he had a tummy ache. he has some lesions on his forelegs, he won't leave them alone, with the licking! they are much better now, but they seem to be holding some fluid. yes, the vet saw those too. seemed to be not concerned. he is a hunting dog, and being a lab, he will go straight through brush and thorns.
Avatar f tn Hello. You have done a good job by bringing this to the forum. There is a possibility of a partial seizure. But you should also consider something called as eye tics. These are not so uncommon in infants. You may need to get an EEG done. A video EEG is preferred. It has the advantage of letting us see the brain waves during such an episode or up rolling of eyes. Did he have any significant birth complications?
Avatar f tn I had a ct mylegram a few days ago ade a nerve was pinch in my spinal cord and resulted me to go into a seizure. After being released from the hospital a few days later I landed agin with a blood clot to my left arm/chest area. I have injuries to my neck and severe. Can this prevent me from having surgery.