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8488481 tn?1410329809 is it at all possible the baby can have a seizure in the womb... should I tell my doctor at my next appointment ??? Super freaked out ! HELP ?
Avatar f tn Mind you, I was half asleep, lol! But I thought to myself, oh no, is is possible to have a seizure in the womb!?! I was so worried something could be wrong, because I have never felt that feeling before w/ my first PG, and this was a first w/ this one! What is going on, could something be wrong in there? What would cause a baby to shake in the womb? I've never felt it before, and I have never heard anyone talk about baby's moving that rapidly in the womb.
Avatar f tn She was exposed to drug use in the womb from her birth mother An EEG and MRI of her brain (without contrast) were both normal except they noted in her MRI that she had some old brain damage that might have been from a prenatal stroke. . The pediatric neurologist says she only has migraines and that seizures can definitively ruled out from the EEG. He said an MRI will always show any other abnormality in her brain and that she doesn't need any other tests.
1535595 tn?1317993633 Hello all, I havent been on here much and I feel horrible because every time I log on I see old emails from women who needed me. So, at the end of this journal I will write down my regular email address, that way if someone needs to talk, I will see your email faster. Just put in the subject line that you are on Medhelp and Ill know ;) First, let me say that I have a beautiful baby girl that is extremely healthy and had no side effects or withdrawals from the pain meds I was on while pregnant.
Avatar n tn I'm looking for the name of the drug that was prescribed for anti-nausea in pregnancy in the 70's and 80's that was subsequently banned because of problems it would cause female children. Also any information about the effects to the child (22)attempting pregnancy.
365571 tn?1219601346 just wanted to let you know that my son did that while in the womb too. I told my doc about it and he didnt seem too concerned. He told me that if the baby was having "fits and seemed to be in distress" to come to the ER and they will check stuff out. He did this from about week 28 or so right up until birth. It always felt like he was shaking really bad...he does this outside the womb also...
384896 tn?1335297931 When I was pregnant with Ivy I think I only felt her have the hiccups one time and even then I'm still iffy about it. Is it normal for a baby in the womb to get hiccups as much as 1, 2, 3, or sometimes even 4 times a day? It's like everytime I turn around that boy's got the hiccups! It happens mostly on the pm side of the day. It becomes aggervating because it wakes me up sometimes. Any suggestions?
10299247 tn?1409212476 My baby does this same thing too a few times a week (feels like shes vibrating in my uterus for a moment the totally stops) I figured it was hiccups!
640548 tn?1340556955 feels I got the motrin into her and cool clothes on her in time to minimize her temp rise and seizure reaction. It's so stressful always being on constant alert, just waiting for something to happen. She has had complex febrile seizures, where she has had more than one within 24 hours caused by the same fever, so there's no guarantee even keeping her temp down will make a difference.
Avatar f tn They don't suffer from seizures in the womb, but they do have hiccups. My best advice would be to get it checked by your doctor with an ultrasound.
Avatar f tn I'm 33 weeks and I get that all the time, did with my first pregnancy too... in the last 2 weeks it's become more like rolling movements. As your baby gets bigger you womb becomes more confined and movements get more and more uncomfortable, nerves start getting pinched, sciactica may become another discomfort etc. My kiddo wakes me up every morning and keeps me up every night by jolting around in there!
1124350 tn?1291947428 It happened a couple of wks ago and someone had told me that the baby could get cold in the womb, but it just worries me that something could be wrong, plus as far as the US shows it is only one baby but I can feel a hit about the same time on both of my sides, that didnt happen with my 1st. any ideas of what all this could be..
Avatar f tn Has anyone noticed their baby shaking or trembling in the womb? I noticed it tonight. It kinda took me off guard. Almost like he was having a seizure or something. Im 25 weeks.
Avatar f tn Have any of you been experincing-for lack of a better term-womb quivering? It almost feels like baby is having a seizure. I did a little research & verified it with my OB today & discovered this weird shivering sensation I've been having is quite normal. Baby's neurological system is still developing & s/he gets the "shakes".
Avatar n tn It feels like my son is having a seizure inside my womb. What does it mean? Has anyone else felt it? Should I be worried?
Avatar m tn They just sent me home saying that they would arrange weekly 'reassurance' scans to put my mind at rest about the lack of movement. It is Friday in the morning and I probably I won't be able to get hold of anyone about this until Monday. My PI of 1.20 at 28 weeks is double what it was (0.6) at 24 weeks. My baby only moves about once a day when he has what I can only describe as a 'seizure' - a shaking violently and rhythmically for about 8 seconds.
Avatar f tn I've never had these before now, i am currently 26 weeks pregnant and i have been having tremors all day, along with body aches that are indescribable. Last night during dinner i started having a seizure and felt as though i was a ball of tension that was going to explode. I went on to have 3 seizures last night, and afterward i got extremely upset and my body seemed to be falling apart. These symptoms make me feel terrible, i went for an E.E.
Avatar f tn For me it was like seeing a person have an epileptic seizure but instead I felt the baby move like that in the womb - so definitely some kind of seizure. No one can move that fast and shaky by its own will. It was scary and I google it and that just made my worries worse. It didn't last too long, I have no conception of how long though, maybe a few minutes, 10 I don't know. Since she acted normal later that day and I haven't felt it since I've forgotten to mention it to my OB.
Avatar n tn another thing, my baby tends to remble as if he;s having a seizure. is it possible for a baby in the womb to have a seizure? sorry for sucha long post.
Avatar n tn Gastro thinks possibly intestines rolled backward in womb. She has low-grade fever almost daily, fluctuating blood pressure (usually highs - not lows) and heart rate (between 50 and 115). She stays hungry, but has terrible gag reflex. She's supposed to be on 200 mg B-2 vitamins for Dysautonomia + macrodantin for kidneys. She usually vomits immediately after taking them. Some morn. she can't even swallow liquid.
Avatar f tn I just came home from the hospital yesterday because I have been having seizures. I was there for almost a week. I came in on Saturday because I had a seizure and fell to the ground. The er docs ended up telling me I was just dehydrated. They sent me up to labor and delivery to be monitored and I started contracting. They gave me steroids for the baby's lungs and I continued to contract for a total of 10 hours. They finally stopped.
131073 tn?1252454452 I am going to speak with my dr the next time I talk to her. I just want to make sure it is nothing that is going to affect the baby in the womb. Good to hear that non of you have inherited it!
Avatar f tn My father had a seizure in the hospital while his dr was in the room after a surgery. The dr gave him a shot of valium. He already takes valium for back problems anyway. I asked the dr why he needed a shot, why his regular pills wouldn't work, and the dr said that they wouldn't get in his system fast enough, so I would say that the pills from your friend wouldn't work fast enough to make a difference. I guess that's why the dr didn't prescribe her regular pills.
Avatar f tn They basically suction the baby out. 2). Saline injection- an injection of saline is given into the womb. It causes baby to seizure and die. They must then be birthed. This is often done after 10-12 weeks, perhaps even later. 3). Partial birth abortion- this is very graphic (DON'T READ if you can't handle it). Baby is partially birthed, breech. While their head is still in the vagina, the doctor will shove a sharp instrument (usually scissors) into the base of their skull and open it.
Avatar m tn if you take it for so long your baby could be born addicted to it and have withdrawls from it, being out of the womb.. How far along are u?
Avatar n tn My son, who is now 21, had a shunt put in at age 6 months and I have heard they can even put then in while still in the mothers womb. Sorry I have never heard of Parencephalic Cysts. Our son had porencephly, archnoid cysts, and parcial corpus colosum. He did suffer brain damage but if you met him you would never know it. I hope the very best for your grandsons future.
Avatar f tn I can see your dilemma but like the other lady said ^ you need to do what's best for you n the baby in your womb. Some women carry all the way to 42 weeks. I wouldn't do it if it was not medically necessary.