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Avatar n tn i had a seizure for the first time in 28 yrs , ive been off my meds Phenobarbitaol since january 2008 , the people i was with when it happen in the morning of camping out of state,, said it lasted 15 mins, is this possible? they said i was stiff and arms out layin on side , eyes in head, but eyelids closed.
Avatar n tn ago. Everything was fine. Yesterday woke up in the morning, got out of bed,she went down as she reahed the bedroom door,and while she was on the floor,half sitting up started to shake and her eyes shook. Then got up and went back to the bed and sat there just seamed tired. Now ok! There has been large stress on her in the last week or so. Boy friend problems----Graduation------- Parents (me,mom)dad works a lot. I have noticed she is eating a lot of candy. Not normal.
Avatar m tn he has diabetes from birth. every morning he attacked by seizure. neurologist give him carbamazipine CR 200mg. but his seizure remains uncontrol. how can we control this? if any drug helpful for him please inform us..........................................
Avatar f tn Going to the vet for a blood draw this afternoon. *Our 4 year old Aussie just had a first seizure this morning. I have dealt with seizures before in another dog, but the aftermath of this is very different and hard. The jerking and then the stiffness lasted about 5 minutes or so, but when he started to come out of it and relax, he jumped up and started barking fiercely at us like he didn't know us. We got the other dogs out of the room in case of agitation or attack.
Avatar m tn Anxiety as well as depression can also be managed with medications prescribed by your doctor and also with medical therapy. Do keep us posted with the results of the diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause. Discuss these also with your attending physician for proper evalaution. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn Hi a Pitbull pup 9 months old we saved last weekend, who was covered in ticks, possibly with tick fever, was put on Doxydog, yesterday he started getting seizures, no matter what medication, no matter what the vet did, it got worse and worse, this morning 4 times in half an hour, we just put him out of his misery.
Avatar m tn Every hospital in the United States will treat a patient regardless of the ability to pay. So this is a nonsense story about "not having insurance". If you go to the ER you will get a bill. If you have no money you request the bill to be charged under the Hill-Burton Act. Clinics in New York see patients without the ability to pay for a flat ten dollars. And by the way, under Obamacare it is mandated that he purchase insurance. I am concerned he might have a tumor or brain bleed.
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old and have passed out in the shower one time before, but i could still hear things, my vision just got very blurry. This time i was in the shower in the morning and i began to become very dizzy, and normally when this happens i just put my hands on the walls and close my eyes. Once i did this next thing i knew i woke up sitting on my shower floor with my hair tangled on my shower knob, holding my head up.
Avatar n tn When my dog was about the same age, he did the same thing, but that was the only known seizure he ever had. Make a note of the day and time it happened, and note any other seizures that may occur. If he has seizures more often, you'll need to get him on phenobarbital. Please don't be afraid of medicating your dog for seizures. A gorgeous Lab lives next door to us who began having seizures at about 3 years of age.
401370 tn?1233328282 In status epilepticus, the most serious seizure disorder and a medical emergency, the seizure does not stop. Electrical discharges occur throughout the brain. The discharges produce a generalized seizure lasting more than 15 minutes or recurring seizures between which the person does not completely regain consciousness. The person has convulsions with intense muscle contractions and cannot breathe adequately.
Avatar m tn 30 am and she stands the whole time but her body is shaking. I know it was a seizure but she doesnt fall to the ground. Would it hurt for me to wait and see if she has a third one before starting her on the PBB? The seizures lasted a minute each.
Avatar n tn "Sleeping, excruciating pain, feel like my entire body is in a paint shaker, screaming in pain screaming very loudly, feels like it lasts 30,40 seconds. Open my eyes and it is over. Did it happen? Was it a dream. She asked me what happened. Why did she ask me? Was I screaming did I say something in my sleep? What was that?" This is something I wrote this morning after I woke up for the second time after returning to sleep after this event.
Avatar f tn Though, it's still early in pregnancy (7 weeks) and I hear that's pretty normal due to the changes in hormones.
Avatar n tn I would recommend an EEG to be done to see if there is a any seizure activity still going on in the brain. The dizziness is mostly due to eptoin. It will go away once a steady blood level is reached.
Avatar f tn Last night I was 45 minutes late to giving my dog the phenbarbatol ( sp), and his thyroid medication. This morning he had a mild seizure, first one that I am awear of since 3 months. Could being late have caused it this morning? I added a quarter more medication today to each of his dose ( twice a day). I called the vet and they want to recheck his blood levels, which I will do next week.
207091 tn?1337713093 The only things of concern are the things I mentioned before - all of the thyroids are right in the middle of the range. The CBC should have been one of the first ones back, but it isn't. I have a friend who works at the lab and found out on the sly that the reason it isn't back is because the tube they used was wrong. I called the vet this morning, and my vet doesn't WORK on Thursdays. Nice. Did she return my call yesterday? NO.
Avatar n tn At this age, we would think of a condition called juvenile myoclonic epilepsy which is a syndrome composed of grand mal, absence (brief sparing spells), and myoclonic (jerks especially in the morning on waking) seizures. Usually presents at about 16 years old (+/- a few years) as kids start to stay up more and experiment with alcohol, both of which provoke seizures. Can be brought out with flashing light stimulation during an EEG. Not difficult to manage but requires lifelong treatment.
Avatar n tn This morning I awoke with nauesa, which went away after an hour or so and it was replaced with a headache and blurred vision. These were the same symptoms that I had in the hospital shortly after the seizure. All symptoms are gone, other than the blurry vision, which seems worse in my left eye. Should I be concerned about these symptoms? Is it possible that I had another seizure in my sleep and awoke with the normal symptoms?
Avatar m tn She just had another seizure about a month ago when she was in the hospital due to a migrane. The neurologist said that he thought that was due to all of her medications that she is on. He put her on Depacot for seizures, we go back to the doctor in a week. He is only going to put her on the medication short term. I would suggest that she go to a neurologist and see what they say. I hope she feels better soon. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I'm not a medical professional but my father has juvenile diabetes and I have been dealing with it my whole life, so hopefully I can provide some insight. it sounds to me like your husband was in the stages before the actual seizure or "insulin shock". Usually what will happen is the person will behave very strangely before the actual seizure occurs, while their glucose level is dropping. There are many different things that can happen...
Avatar n tn First, is seizure disorder and epilepsy the same thing? My neurologist is in the process of raising the dose of Topamax to 200 mg, and gave me the precautions to take for seizure disorders, and said see ya in 3 months. And here's the Impression paragraph: This is an abnormal EEG monitoring.
Avatar f tn The next morning she was given 150 mg of dilantin and walked like a drunken sailor for the rest of the day (she weighs 20kg). We are waiting for an EEG and, in the meantime she has been prescribed phenobarbitol. This worries me. I had a few seizures as a child and grew out of them (I think I had benign rolandic epilepsy). She is presently very very drowsy and napping for long stretches. Could she be taking too much phenobarb?
220917 tn?1309788081 form the topomax. I have never had a seizure in my life. Got off the toptomax and never had it happen again. How long have you been on it? My story is probably irrelevant since you do seem to have a seizure disorder and I do not, but I thought it bore mentioning.
Avatar m tn I was thinking the same thing about injuring himself when he was in the seizure, because he was so good yesterday, but after sleeping all night, he might have gotten stiff again. My wife has him at the vet this morning, Im hoping he can tell us something. Stitch is our little buddy,and a big part of our family. Im really hoping this is something that can be treated. Thanks for your help...
Avatar n tn My 9yr old son had a seizure Halloween evening in the middle of the evening. (he'll usually climbs in our bed each evening) I woke to use the bathroom, about 10 min. later I heard our son let out a growl and felt him moving around. I thought he was dreaming and turned on my lamp. His eyes were rolled back and his entire body was stiff an shaking for about 40 seconds. My Husband called 911. At one point my son started to slow with his shaking but started again.
393986 tn?1303829575 I wanted to update you. Neuro #2 seen me this morning, he witnessed the seizures and I thought he said they were myoclonic-tonic seizures. But they never seem to end, I don't lose consciousness with them even though the pain of them make me wish I did! I just don't understand why does my hip take the brunt of it? I have these "seizures" so much my muscle mass is grossly deformed.
Avatar n tn This morning in the shower I think I had some type of seizure... I am 24 years old (female) and have never had a seizure before and neither has anyone in my family. It started with me feeling like I was blacking out (like you sometimes do if you stand up too quickly) and then I lost control of my body and could not stand up. After that I started shaking involuntarily, which lasted for less than a minute.
Avatar f tn Although she may not complain about heartburn or have issues during the day, nighttime and early morning can be when the symptoms manifest. Overnight it might not wake her up, but in the morning she may be vomiting because of the stomach acid....On another note, it is possible she is having something neurological going on. Sometimes seizure dosorders can manifest in nausea and vomiting in children, etc., but you would likely see this in the daytime too.
Avatar m tn I take 1 pill in the morning and half in the evening. All these years I am experiencing “aura” which as you know is the warning for the seizures. All these years I had a lot of brain scanning but they all came up normal. Because of the side effects of KEPRRA or any other epilepsy medicine, and the fact that I don’t have seizures very often, I wish to stop them forever and I want your advice.