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Avatar n tn On the contrary, the migraine that was diagnosed, was actually a headache due to the lesion in the brain. It depends on the type of the lesion. Stress can trigger a seizure. I hope your daughter recovers soon. She has to follow the treatment regime strictly.
Avatar n tn Lyme disease can cross the blood brain barrier and cause disease in the brain. This is documented in humans but not yet in dogs, but I believe it can occur in dogs also. That may or may not be the cause of seizures in your dog. Seizures in dogs can occur secondary to trauma, metabolic disease, lesions or tumors in the brain, from a variety of infectious causes, toxins, and, ideopathic causes. Ideopathic means of unknown cause.
Avatar m tn She could only respond with the word, Auh. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and and started having seizures in the ER. Her blood glucose ranged from 459- 600. It was 459 in the beginning and later 640 at the hospital. The cat scan was negative. The spinal tap was done and it was negative. She continue to have seizures continuously for at least 5 hours. She was on depravan drip and oral intubated prior to drip to support her airway.
Avatar f tn Namaste, A seizure is the uncontrolled electrical activity in the brain, which may produce a physical convulsion, minor physical signs, thought disturbances, or a combination of symptoms. The type of symptoms and seizures depend on where the abnormal electrical activity takes place in the brain, what its cause is, and such factors as the patient's age and general state of health.
Avatar f tn Hi, relax, let the report of MRI suggest something. Some kind of lesions in brain can not be clearly defined with CT hence MRI is done to get to the diagnosis. As far as cause of seizure is concerned, there can be some space occupying lesion in brain pressing upon brain structures, cyst, granuloma, tumor etc. Most of these problems are treatable without surgery. Any history of fever, headache, vomiting?
Avatar n tn A search for possible congenital cause can be sought, through scans of the brain such as an MRI, but a lot of patients end up with no identifiable cause, and hence are treated as a seizure disorder. An EEG would help localize the source of the seizure as well as narrow down the choice of treament. Other causes would include AV malformation, brain tumors, aneurysms, and these may be evaluated by the MRI. Regards.
Avatar m tn She fell down the stairs few months later and then in June 2005 she had the seizure. She don't like the medicine because it makes her dizzy and a little memory disorder. Any ideas to this problem? Help!
Avatar m tn Hi, I think there would have been lightheadedness due to some Cardiac cause like arterial supply compromise, some clot in artery supplying brain or any other lesion like vertigo causing such a symptom. After the event the patient would have fallen down. For want of oxygen he would have suffered seizure and simultaneously went into cardio-pulmonary arrest. Later on within minutes he would have succumbed to death. What was the cause of death on post-mortem analysis? Bye.
Avatar f tn It is caused by a temporary abnormal electrical activity of a group of brain cells. The medical syndrome of recurrent, unprovoked seizures is termed epilepsy, but some seizures may occur in people who do not have epilepsy”. Taken from What are the symptoms? Have any of you seen the seizures while it is happening?
583587 tn?1221443683 he doesnt remember anything other then waking up and feeling very sore. they did the cat scan and then the eeg. then the eeg while sleep deprived. the doctor then concluded that he had activity on his brain waves and diagnosed him with Epilepsy. He has been taking his medication and slowed down his routine, and has been geting more sleep. There have been no more seizures, (thank god). but could the issue have just been he was stressed from finals and no sleep from studing?
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for the reply. We are in the process now of getting an appointment with the Childrens Hospital. There were no birth complications. He has been sick a lot. Just had tubes put in both ears 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn It is over in a split second but happens several times in a row and many times in a day. I almost could call it a hiccup in consciousness or just a severe distraction--feels almost like a falling back out of consciousness or falling asleep for a second. When I'm walking and it happens I find myself surprised I'm still walking after it passes--almost out of body type experience for a split second. It seems to happen more when I'm extremely stressed and tired.
Avatar f tn As for your MRI scan being abnormal to be honest it will be, your brain has suffered a big shock. As for the result ask your doctor, or even type it in to the internet search box, not only does it explain it but also puts it in normal terms (for us people that aren't doctors). Hope this helps slightly .
Avatar f tn It is important to accurately describe the seizure, timing of the day the seizure occurred and also in what setting. Then the question arises if the seizure should be treated – this is answered by looking at the risk and benefits of having a recurrent seizure and the side effects of the antiepileptics. Ultimately, the workup will need to identify the cause of the seizure. Is it from an intracranial lesion, an epileptic syndrome, stress, etc? You will need to have neuroimaging performed (i.e,.
Avatar n tn My sister in law who is 25 had a seizure last night. She is in reasonably good health but I suspect that she doesn't always take care of herself. She is some what of a workahaulic. Anyways, I have noticed that sinus infections seem to be one common reason. Is there other types of infections or viruses that can cause this? All her "tests" came back normal. What is it that they test for exactly? I am worried because they just sent her home.
Avatar n tn Many people experience a once off seizure (I think it's something like 1% of the population) Were you doing anything at the time that could have triggered it? The only thing you can do at the moment is wait for the EEG results and that will determine where you will go from here.
401370 tn?1233328282 Seizures can cause temporary lack of oxygen to the brain, which is why anyone watching a seizure is supposed to note onset, whether or not the person lost consciousness, breathing (did it stop), and more. Someone in charge of other people should be versed in general medical care, say CPR, s/s of stroke (CVA), s/s heart attack (MI), seizure protocol, etc. Any idiot should know that causing harm to someone isn't helping them.
Avatar n tn I remember about 2 years ago he had this same type of seizure but it only lasted 30 seconds and he remained standing. he is normal in all other areas and is not drinking large amounts of water.
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old and have passed out in the shower one time before, but i could still hear things, my vision just got very blurry. This time i was in the shower in the morning and i began to become very dizzy, and normally when this happens i just put my hands on the walls and close my eyes. Once i did this next thing i knew i woke up sitting on my shower floor with my hair tangled on my shower knob, holding my head up.
Avatar n tn Why would he want to after this? It sounds like a seizure; he should probably see his doc. Whether the mj interfered with his meds or not, people on meds and with serious illnesses affecting the brain shouldn't fool around with psychotropic drugs. Just the way it is. Includes alcohol.
Avatar f tn i was put on keppra and now am having a lot of confusion and am very tired and extremely moody. is this related to the seizure and or the medication?
Avatar m tn Every hospital in the United States will treat a patient regardless of the ability to pay. So this is a nonsense story about "not having insurance". If you go to the ER you will get a bill. If you have no money you request the bill to be charged under the Hill-Burton Act. Clinics in New York see patients without the ability to pay for a flat ten dollars. And by the way, under Obamacare it is mandated that he purchase insurance. I am concerned he might have a tumor or brain bleed.
Avatar f tn its like he is crying in pain but went for physical last week and his pediatrician said after the exam it night be his medication or perhaps something happened to his brain during his last seizure. i was tempted to bring him to the er several times. do you suggest he go for an eeg or mri or cat scan? his last mri was in september 2007 after a grand mal. thank you for any information u may be able to give.
963651 tn?1247532514 Rarely, non-epileptic seizures can occur in relation to syncope due to severe oxygen deprivation to the brain. It is possible that this might be what you are experiencing. This describes a few cases of anoxic seizures, though it doesn't specifically get into cases of people who have chronic neurocardiogenic syncope rather than syncope that is, for example, triggered purely by aversive stimuli like the sight of blood: http://www.john-libbey-eurotext.
Avatar f tn 12th 2001) untill she had her son in dec.5th,2005,but she didnt have the seizure untill he was 6 months old.she is on the depo shot so she doesnt have a period,cause they said that her having babys could be the reason she was having them and loosing something out of her blood.can she have them cause of her hormones off balance or maybe her reds cells r low and not enough oxygens is getting to her brain.
Avatar m tn You need not feel guilty about your efforts to improve Jack's quality of life and reduce any pain. Twitching may be related to seizure activity in the brain or perhaps a muscle or nerve disorder. It is unlikely to be related to simple arthritis of joints or vertebrae, but may be due to muscle weakness. Meloxydyl contains the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug "meloxicam" and is similar to "Metacam" which is how it is marketed in the US.
1563022 tn?1296336199 Went to listen to live music at 7. Thought it would b nice to remember a weekend nite. Sat down and WHAM like I got smacked in the back of the head with a hammer. Was texting, started shaking REAL bad. Dropped phone. Lost it for 1-2 minutes. Acutuley aware of what was going on but was paralyzed. Is this a seizure? Spoke to a friend who has an epileptic friend and he said spots in front of your eyes is a good indicator one is coming. Had that at 5:30 or so. Worst in my life.
Avatar f tn Mainly genetic Other could be called something like basel migraine(forgot the name), has to do with blood vessels in back/base of brain?
Avatar n tn Any kind of abcess or lesion can irritate the surrounding brain and cause a seizure. Usually once the lesion is taken away the seizures do not recur adn anti-seizure medicaiton can be stopped within a few weeks. This is a relatively common phenomenom I cannot comment on her case specifically but usually small abcesses once treated do not cause permanent injury.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the infection in the brain was the result of dental abscess. A blood culture will help in detecting the type of infection and consequent antibiotic therapy. Please discuss this with your father’s treating doctor as earlier the treatment begins the better will be chances of recovery. Take care!