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207091 tn?1337713093 Just got back from the vet. She thinks Mama is passing out, not a seizure or stroke. She heard a heart murmur (which is new), and thinks she has high blood pressure, maybe kidney and thyroid issues. She's slightly dehydrated, which could mean something with her kidneys, as she gets lots of water and canned food. She also noticed that her retinas are degenerating, and that her pupils aren't dilating nearly as much as they should (also new).
Avatar n tn my mom passed 65years old on 8-2-06. she had blockage in her neck a seizure followed hemorrhagic ischemic stroke- right cerebral infraction, occlusion of right internal carotid artery, ruptured atherosclerotic plaque & thrombosis damaging 70% of her brain. she had a history of high blood pressure which she was on meds for and was diagnosed with diabetes within the last year.
Avatar m tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. From your post it seems that your mother had a stroke. Stroke patients often suffer from seizures due to brain injury. The prognosis is generally not good for stroke patients who suffer from seizures because the occurrence of seizures usually indicates extensive brain injury. It is a good sign that she is breathing on her own.
Avatar n tn Seizures can be caused by alot of things - allergies, heat stroke, lack of sleep, malnutrition, skipping medication, other medical conditions, etc. sounds like you should get a full physical and a battery of tests. Between now and then keeping a journal for your doctors helps.
401370 tn?1233328282 Someone in charge of other people should be versed in general medical care, say CPR, s/s of stroke (CVA), s/s heart attack (MI), seizure protocol, etc. Any idiot should know that causing harm to someone isn't helping them. While loss of short-term memory after a seizure is normal, it should not be lasting, especially after just one. You should be evaluated to make sure nothing else is happening and that you're not experiencing "absence seizures" or something like that.
Avatar n tn Someone in my family had what seems to be a seizure, once the episode was over the right arm was in immense pain and hand was numb. What is this?
Avatar n tn put on kepra, and since starting that med has no movement what so ever in the right arm. did seizure do more damage?
Avatar n tn A CT scan done in the early period following a stroke typically is only helpful if there is a bleed in the brain and not a loss of blood flow. On going electrolyte problems can also cause numbness in the hand or fingers.
Avatar n tn My neurolgist diagnosed me with a stroke-related seizure (since the symptoms were coming from the same area of the brain as where I had my stroke) and gave me Depakote which stopped the symptoms almost immediately. I didn't tolerate the Depakote (many side effects) and eventually switched to Neurontin which I have happily taken for 6 months, three times a day. I have no side effects and the Neurontin keeps the symptoms completely in check unless I accidently skip doses.
Avatar n tn She should have had a proper workup at the time of the stroke, but perhaps a CT scan to make sure everything is ok now would be in order or an EEG. You definitely need to talk to your neurologist ASAP so that they can help determine whether or not these are really seizures and the next step to adjusting her medications. Once the seizure issue has been taken care of, then deal with the pain.
Avatar m tn Is it normal that patient can take up to 24 hours to begin to feel better after a post-stroke seizure? This patient is in Africa and is unable to get to a hospital to do further testing. He seemed to be getting better and we thought we would be able to move him, but he had a seizure 24 hours ago and until now is delirious and seems to be in pain.
Avatar n tn The neurosurgeon described that this in turn put pressure on the left side of her brain as well. Post stroke deficits are limited function of left arm and leg, swelling of left limbs as well as cold to the touch, moderate short term memory loss, lack of physical and mental endurance. Taking Depakote ER, Paxil and Amitryptiline. She will also take Motrin when she gets a headache or her knee starts swelling from standing or walking too much.
Avatar m tn Generally we link these episodes to vasovagal syncopal attacks or hypogylcemic attacks, but we generally observe a fall in the blood pressure.However in this scenario, you are telling that her B.P is shooting up.So we won't be able to categorize it here.However stress related attacks are also seen,where the B.P shoots up also. SO we really need to judge these factors before arriving at the proper diagnosis. So i would suggest you have a confirmation with the doctors.
Avatar m tn So I'm just not sure if she had a mini-stroke or another seizure. So that's my question - Did she have a mini-stroke or a seizure (today)? Any relevant info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn She just turned 64 2 weeks ago. She had a stroke about 6 weeks ago, and they found she has 4 blood clots in the brain of unknown origin. She is in a care facility and has been sent to the hospital twice for "seizures", where they say she is unresponsive and convulses. The hospital has found no cause, but is doing further tests. She is on a number of meds-zoloft, wellbutrin, coumadin, zyprexa, aricept and namenda.
Avatar f tn I know that untreated or uncontroled hypertension and heart conditions as arytmia can be factors of danger of stroke. The seizure is also an alarm you should pay attention too if you aren´t epileptic. If you have a family historu of stroke it is another factor of danger. Do yourself a great favor and visit a neurologist right away...and see a cardiologist and do something about your arrymtia and artereal hypertension.
Avatar m tn Like if an area of the brain is affected, it causes certain results peripherally. In the absence of this, it is difficult to say that the symptoms are due to TIA or stroke. Many times with TIAs the imaging studies do not pick up any positive findings. If your symptoms persist or recur consult your doctor. Regards.
Avatar f tn Based on a 2001 mri I was told that I had a stroke when my mother was about 3 months pregnant with me. I was born with congenital nystagmys and astigmatism. I just completed an eeg with abnormal results. The report states that " This EEG recorded during wakefulness and drowsiness is abnormal due to the presence of several clear-cut sharp wave discharges emanationg from the left mid to anterior temporal head region. There was no asymmetry.
Avatar n tn Many owners confuse the symptoms of a stroke in humans to a stroke in dogs. In fact, they are quite different.
Avatar n tn ago) and I am being treated for that with beta blocker and salt tabs, but the fainting is still occurring and in a seated position and one had the appearance of a seizure. They have found evidence of a stroke on 2 MRI's (the 1st being 2 yrs.ago) and an eeg showed mild left sided cerebral dysfunction, so I will be having a video/eeg for a possible seizure disorder.
Avatar n tn oh the poor little tyke....yes indeed she could well have suffered a stroke or seizure or both. I would take her into a Vet asap... I don't know what she was on for meds? it could be a side effect of some meds... can also be due to losing so much of her body weight so quickly causing whats called Hepatic Lipidosis ♥ Please don't just call a Vet, if she were my cat I'd rush her to a clinic....
Avatar f tn I am feeling embarrassed like these aren't valid symptoms and I am being a baby about it, but my boyfriend's grandma just passed away from colon cancer and was having these weird seizures in her left arm and it turned out to be a mass in her brain, so when I told him this morning what happened he was naturally very concerned. thank you so much for taking the time to read.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. There is a link between stroke and sleep apnea. The incidence of stroke is more in people with sleep apnea. It is now considered an independent risk factor for stroke. Does you father have a history of sleep apnea? From your post it does seem very likely that your father suffered disordered breathing and therefore blanked out and responded to oxygen therapy. Since his EEG is normal and brain scans were clear as of now it looks like sleep apnea.
1627178 tn?1299461528 I am female and will be 20 in two weeks. Two months ago I was in a car with a friend at night and as we got out of the car I got dizzy and had to rest on the car. My vision went black and white, my hearing started to go away, and my skin started to feel like it was on fire. Then I totally lost my vision, everything was black. I felt like my eyes were tightly closed but my friend said they were wide-open staring with huge pupils. Eventually I couldn't even hear my friend talking or anything.
5466288 tn?1410488785 I was taken by ambulance to the ER.Every test done to check blood sugar,the heart,and for possible stroke,turned out normal.So I was diagnosed with vertigo,given a prescription for Antivert and rehydrated by IV since I was a little dehydrated.I forgot to mention that my blood pressure was VERY HIGH,although just two weeks prior it was very good.My question is could I have had some sort of seizure while sleeping,that left me with the vertigo and HBP? FYI,I have grand mal epilepsy.
Avatar n tn What causes someone to have a weak leg after having an epileptic seizure (grand mal) for the first time?
1636831 tn?1300628653 In the absence of any seizure activity, assuming the condition is stable, there is no reason you cannot drive immediately. If there was a seizure, the general rule is to prohibit driving until at least a year has passed without seizure activity.
Avatar f tn His eyes were open but they were tilted in the back of his head. He had a look on his face that indicated to me that he was in pain of some sort, but he couldn't respond to my questions. I was scared to death so I called 911. Over time he somehow emerged from his trance but was very groggy and didn't remember how he got into the ambulance or why. He declined to be transported to the hospital that night and I am steadfast in getting him to his general practioner.