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Avatar m tn I wonder if any problem taking the two together, or take apart, opening hours in 8 in 8 hours.
Avatar m tn My child is 7 years old. Last February, she had a rash on her neck with bumps. When it cleared up, the bumps remained and I took her to the doctor. He told me that she had warts and they wold go away in about 6 months. He precribed a daily application of Retin-Amicro. The bumps kept on growing (about 10 of them) and looking worse. I took her yesterday to the dermatogist to see if they can be removed. The dermatoligist stated that removing would cause scaring and she would not remove them.
Avatar f tn I am 3/4 portuguese. My grandma came here from Portugal and her name is Adelaide. My sister named her little girl after her, and I love it. I was so mad she stole it
Avatar m tn Hi - Three years ago, I was takend to emergency at our local hospital due to high blood pressure. Emergency stated that it was due to anxiety. Three days later, my primary doctor prescribed Toprol. Three years later, I am still taking Toprol. My blood pressure is normal (sometimes high in the evening / but rarely). I would like to stop taking Toprol. Has anyone stopped taking Toprol before? Is there any risks of stopping? How do I tell my doctor that I want to stop taking this medication?
Avatar f tn They can be managed by identifying the food that causes the issue in the brain (such as the seizure). In your case, she is only 11 weeks and milk/formula/ breast milk is the only food that she is taking, unless her doctor already took her off the milk based food. This is very easy to replace with a non-milk food type. Good luck and God bless your baby. I know what you are going through.
278469 tn?1219245951 mid morning in her sleep/mild
101028 tn?1419603004 this contains herpes info in several different languages - chinese, spanish, french,japenese and portuguese.
547117 tn?1264765067 45am in van on way to school
Avatar f tn My baby soumili when 10 months has suffered three times by convulsion first in Oct 2012 admitted to hospital after discharge she takes gardenal 5ml*2 times eptoin 3.5ml*2times but again convulsion in 2and jan2014 and doctor advised to take valparin200 Syria 2.5ml*2times and now again in last Saturday 31 convulsion and now she admitted in hospital and takes valparin200syr 5ml*2times and frisium5mg*2 times is again risk for convulsion?
587894 tn?1218577643 Had aiden in my arms laying in the bed and had a seizure
Avatar f tn felt weird all day, then jerks in the evening, seizure at maybe 9 or 10 pm, in front of all of Paulo's family...anyway...too bad...
Avatar f tn Hi, i had receptive oral sex 25 days ago. Now i have a infection in my penis. Like candida, balanites. They say i have no risk for hiv. Do u agree? What could it be? Please help..
1684341 tn?1335440750 My ****** pointless life continues. I went on a couple of dates with a guy this week and it turned out he is only interested in one thing, despite trying to convince me of the opposite. I even thought , is there something wrong with me? Am I supposed to be having sex with this guy ? But of course there's nothing wrong with me. And now I feel really pissed off with that guy. And sad too. He has just missed out on the opportunity to have a relationship , what an idiot.
Avatar n tn She speaks Portuguese. My Portuguese in sparse, but my Latin and Spanish are excellent. Here is some help for her and you. I do not know what she is asking you. She gives only diagnoses. This might be rough. post contusion phthsis in left eye iritis Farsighted Ruptured ML (?
Avatar f tn Watched Super-Bowl Half Time Show. Blurred Vision in left eye. Speech effected.
Avatar f tn Watched Super Bowl Half-Time Show. Blurred vision in left eye.
503960 tn?1399929252 Hey everyone just want to let you all know yesturday I went in and found out I am having a girl!! Yeah I am so happy, now I cant wait to go get my 3D ultrasound its all so exciting.
Avatar f tn think I missed some pills again. totally lame--feel like crap. what a day. happened in front of violetta...
Avatar f tn getting letters from the midwife and hospital. Have the midwife apt in a week and half and scan mid may. Going away the week before to Portugal and hope that i'll be well and things will be fine. I guess its becoming real now.
1052851 tn?1307741160 I had a mild seizure - bit through my check, woke up with my face in a puddle of blood, blood running out of my mouth.
Avatar f tn Had a seizure last night luckily while sitting down talking to P.... Now I guess this means I have to call the doc and get on some sort of medication--haven't been taking my Depakote for ~a month and a half. Felt strange all day yesterday, but not ultra strange as I have in the past, and certainly no jolts. Happened while I was in the middle of talking!
Avatar n tn he had surgery and no chimio, and got better. but now, he says he feels numbness in arms and legs, and also has pain. he made an eletromiography that said: "sensory polyneuropathy, intense predominance (sensory potential of the upper limbs all absent), with axonal and demyelinating component. The hypothesis is to investigate sensory polyneuropathy of paraneoplastic denny-brown. Repetitive stimulation without decrease.
Avatar f tn Big fatty seizure on the train, locked in the bathroom. Totally out of it afterwards. Didn't even connect the dots that I had a seizure. Weird too that I told Mario to call an ambulance. What the hell. Since when do I need an ambulance for a semi-normal thing? In my defense I had no idea what was going on.
Avatar f tn I’ll wake up about 30 minutes I after I fall asleep to my head shaking up and down in quick short movements. I’m aware of what’s going on. My eyes don’t open but I get his pressure feeling in my ears before it happens. I know it’s happening I am just to tired and can’t pull myself out of it. I have documented it and it only seems to happen on the day of or after a significant event.
10389360 tn?1410823968 I need to find a french English Portuguese name! You've got time, I'm due in 17 days! I hate picking names..
Avatar f tn felt weird all day, then jerks in the evening, seizure at maybe 9 or 10 pm, in front of all of Paulo's family...anyway...too bad... later edit: slept quite a bit afterwards, was confused, don't remember much, Paulo says he had to tell me a couple times what happened--I remember getting up to go pee after a pretty big jerk, and then coming back to sit at the table and that's it.
Avatar f tn Had seizure in the evening, Paulo was around, had been feeling off for a couple days, but hadn't had any jolts or extreme fuzziness, but definitely off. Haven't been taking my Depakote for at least a month and a half. Guess I need to go get on Lamictal...SIGH.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to get my anxiety and stress under control by not focusing much on it and settling each in parts, but lately it's been getting too much, especially when it comes to my mother, who does nothing but stress me out about her problems, her moodiness, and nags over the most small things, college, and finances. I really don't know what to do.