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Avatar m tn Hello, I got a Pomeranian about a year ago. He was 3 yrs old when I got him. He's had about 5 seizures since I've had him. Once he had 2 in one month. He usually recovers with energy and seems to be normal afterwards. The last seizure was 2 weeks ago, since then he has been walking off balance with his head tilted to the left side. He still eats, barks, and uses the bathroom but he has no balance. I'm very concerned.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had anything like this happen to them or can anyone tell me where to turn. We need some answers. My husband has never had a seizure in his life until this and there is no family history. Also, his potassium and sodium levels were fine three weeks before this incident because he had just had labs done. So, his levels dropped quickly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Could it have been the low blood sugar that caused the seizure? Is the phenobarbital causing all this thirst and urination or is he in early kidney failure. I love my little fellow and want the best for him. I don't want to go against the vet and discontinue the medicine if he truly needs it, but I don't want to give him something that could hurt him if the only problem was the blood sugar. What do y'all think?
Avatar f tn Hi, 10 days ago, in the morning my Pomeranian (Jose) had his first seizure/stroke, it took almost 40 = 50 seconds, and 5=8 minutes after that one he had another one, this time he was on my lap so I observed everything perfectly I'll never forget that, I was so scared!
Avatar n tn I have a 13 year old female Pomeranian. She experience small 10 second seizures at times after she drinks water. She drinks alot of water and I have raised her water bowl so that she doesn’t have to reach down so far. Our Vet took a blood sample and stated her liver enzymes were high. She has had boiled Chicken for her dinner for several years. The Vet says she does not need protein in her diet due to her age and her liver condition.
Avatar m tn My golden who turns 14 in two days had a grand mal seizure at the beginning of November, then was seizure-free until the beginning of February. She had three seizures over a 72-hour period so the vet put her on phenobarbital, 75mg twice a day. She was ambulatory when she returned from the vet's the evening of the third seizure (disoriented to be sure), and the following day until that evening when she walked into the room in which she usually spent most of her time, laid down and won't get up.
1916673 tn?1420236870 I found this forum while researching chronic kidney disease. My 14-year old Pomeranian Zeus was diagnosed with kidney disease back in July 2015 after he stopped eating. Since then, it's been a roller coaster and keeping him eating has been a real challenge. He's been on IV fluids twice a week and his BUN and creatine levels have actually improved. While his BUN levels were still in the 60's, but had dropped from the 70's; his creatine level was 1.4 which was within normal range.
Avatar m tn Our pomeranian had a 45 minute seizure. He has had them before, usually several months apart - lasting up to 5 minutes. We took him in for another blood test, normal - maybe a slight bit low in Potassium , but not critical. We were refereed to a dog neurologist. He put The Shmoo on Potassium Bromide. He recommends a CT scan. I am afraid to put the Shmoo under. He is fixed...But...My mother has lost small dogs from routine teeth cleanings.
2186126 tn?1384961026 I went from feeding her once in the morning and once in the evening to 3 smaller meals throughout the day. Another thing is the thirst, it's insatiable. She would drink constantly. They shed, she would get lil white mole looking things everywhere. Then she started getting really weak. She would go out to potty, but I'd have to help her down the steps (I'm not going to let her stumble and risk falling) and I'd help her back up.
Avatar f tn Reglan (metoclopromadine) is a very cheap medication, unfortunately, it is also metabolized in the kidneys, so a too high dose results in toxic levels in the blood. My husband and I discovered that completely bypassing the GI tract by using reglan injections worked much better in the end. Chica didn't get the extra pyramidal side effects (extreme restlessness, shaking and trembling) from the reglan injections that she got from the oral meds.
369472 tn?1198749292 My dog, Chica, was diagnosed almost 3 months ago and was already in severe failure. We finally had to help her in the end last Friday. It was a blessing that her misery was finally over. Now, as to what you can do to keep your dog comfy for as long as possible, I want you to print out the following link and really read through the 40 pages. Your dog will need to be on low phosphorus foods, if she'll eat them.
Avatar f tn I have no idea whether that is true or not - but I would definitely call around and find out. Our 'little girl' began having seizure after seizure, foaming at the mouth and wandering into walls! I took her to a nearby pet ER and they placed her in an oxygen container. She was left alone by the idiots that worked there at night. When one of them returned, she had passed away. There is nothing worse than losing someone (you love) and you don't know why.
Avatar f tn She is approximately 14 years old. I know what you're going to say-that's old. Yes, but she was in perfect health 3 days ago. She was running and jumping and just very happy and playing with our 2 year old rottweiler like she was the same age. All of a sudden, she wouldn't eat. She would drink, but only got up 1-2 times yesterday. Then yesterday eve, her back legs ceased to function right. She could get up on her front legs like she was going to get up, but her back legs wouldn't support her.
1466631 tn?1286343624 She's always been excited to eat just about anything I put in front of her. But, now, the only thing she shows any interest in eating is chicken I cooked in the crock pot. If that's all I can get her to eat, is that okay? I'm worried it won't meet her nutritional requirements. I read about a medication called Vetmedin. Some vets prescribe it in addition to Lasix and Enalapril. Should I request my vet give me a prescription for it?
Avatar n tn IF this is what your dog has, many times, the condition will reverse itself, and you might start to see improvement in 3 days, with the dog being almost back to normal in 1 or 2 weeks. Please know that I am not a Vet, I am just a dog lover. The information I gave you is not a diagnosis... I am just offering you a possibility of what might be wrong with your dog. Tony is right, your dog should always be evaluated and treated by your vet.
1110049 tn?1409405744 Reported nervous system symptoms included lethargy, nervousness, ataxia (movement problems), tremors and seizure. A number of adverse reactions in cats were the result of the cat either being treated with a product intended for dogs, or through exposure to a treated dog. Cats treated with products intended for dogs had an especially rate of serious reactions and fatalities. Inert ingredients in spot-on products were generally assumed to contribute to toxicity.
Avatar f tn I took him to the vet and she gave me two syringes of valium to use in case he had another seizure. Over the next 12 hours, my poor dog had nine more seizures and I was all out of valium, which didn't seem to make any difference anyway. He would thrash and convulse for a full minute, then lie panting and unconscious, foaming at the mouth for up to nine minutes. Then he would come to, looking confused and frightened, lying in a pool of bloody foam. It was devastating.
892497 tn?1241814665 Couple nights ago, my puppy didn't wake me up from my sleep, so I started getting suspicious. In the morning, he continues to look very tired and would yelp every 45 minutes or so. I took him to the vet immediately. The vet said he found a lot of bacteria in his stool. He gave him a pencillin shot, fluid and couple medication to cure the diarrhea that he was also having.
Avatar m tn He has been in perfect health but just out of the blue had a grand mal seizure. I took him to the veterinary hospital as it was in the evening and he had two more there. Within 24 hours they got me in to see a neurologist and now he's being treated for a bad case of Valley Fever. He drinks a ton and eats more, but my biggest concern is his lethargy and lack of coordination. It takes him so much effort to get up, particularly the hind legs; it's so sad to watch.
661200 tn?1225486613 I thought I would post just in case people are still reading. My Pomeranian was placed on lasix to treat an enlarged heart (along with something else I can't remember.) and it sent him into kidney failure. I will never allow one of my pets to be placed on it again! My baby lost part of the tip of his tongue because of it! To treat the kidney failure (it happened twice) we had to give him fluids: 200 ccs a day. (100cc in the morning and at night).
Avatar f tn Your dog will start to vomit more often, and as the acid starts to build up, ulcers will form in the gastrointestinal tract and in his mouth. Of Course, they won't eat, because they are feeling sick, other symptoms may also appear...depression, incoordination, seizures,sleeping more often,confusion, rapid weight lose, shivering or trembling. I have read that this disease is not painful....That is what I have read many times...
Avatar n tn Initially, we were told to wait it out, then he was put on a steroid regimen, and was on steroids with a holistic support approach and, in the end, immodium. We finally put him out of his misery on June 5. With all the professional help, I felt helpless as I watch my first born die. No one seemed to acknowledge he was so sick. I'm struggling for answers as to what happened and how it happened. I do believe it was the shots that killed him. Has anyone heard similar stories?
203342 tn?1328740807 Our 9 year old beagle was diagnosed with Cushings in late Jan after having a horrible seizure. He was so sick and we were ready to let him go, when our vet gave him Lysodryn. The result was incredible. He still staggers around like a little drunk dog, and we had to get a harness for him to help stand him up when he has to go outside, but he has been doing very well. He takes the Lysodryn (not sure of the spelling) 2x a week and the tablets cost about $7.50 a piece.
Avatar f tn She laid on the fllor the rest of the evening not moving except to change position, not caring about the noises in the house or her brother or anything.Around 10 pm she had another seizure this one wasn't as long but had the same things happen only this time it affected her back legs.They seemed to be weaker and she had a hard time standing kinda swayed back & forth stumbling.
Avatar n tn If you can't get to the vet within an hour or so, put the sample in the fridge. There's no need to jump to the cancer conclusion just yet. In the meantime, don't feed a bunch of fatty foods. If you feed steak, cut off any excess fat. If your dog has a pancreas problem, fat can be deadly. Are there any other symptoms you've noticed? Increased or decreased water intake? Constipation or diarrhea? Bowel noises? Gas? Any observations will help your vet with a diagnosis.