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Avatar n tn She had to use her right arm to pick up her left after we asked her to move her left arm. She has been having pains in her left leg then this happens.
Avatar n tn Her hands are not between her legs its just her leg is moving back and forth stiffening up. In need a better answer someone please help me on this.
1563022 tn?1296336199 Went to listen to live music at 7. Thought it would b nice to remember a weekend nite. Sat down and WHAM like I got smacked in the back of the head with a hammer. Was texting, started shaking REAL bad. Dropped phone. Lost it for 1-2 minutes. Acutuley aware of what was going on but was paralyzed. Is this a seizure? Spoke to a friend who has an epileptic friend and he said spots in front of your eyes is a good indicator one is coming. Had that at 5:30 or so. Worst in my life.
Avatar m tn Looking back, I might have been still on other occasions as well or made only tiny shifts of my leg. Sometimes there was movement prior to the event. This morning while lying in bed - without any moving on my part - the front of my left thigh seized up super tense instantly with severe pain from the origin to the insertions, from the hip to the top of the knee. It was not like a muscle cramp.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if you have gotten any resolution with your epilepsy, but my 13 year old daughter started with left leg issues that went into full seizures. She is now 15, and still has this problem. She has recently been diagnosed with reflex epilepsy, because the conscious or even unconscious thought if moving her leg sets off spasms in her leg, that will go into seizures. She has been labeled as refractory, because nothing is controlling it any more and we are looking into possible surgery.
Avatar n tn If during the seizure, you have suffered trauma to part of brain having motor neurons of lower leg, then it can cause weakness. How are the reflexes in that leg? Has it been evaluated by a neurologist? Are you been treated by neurologist? If yes, then what he has to say about this? I think you should consult neurologist if symptoms are persisting at earliest.
Avatar n tn After that almost monthy, head,neck,arm,fingers clenching so tight make marks in hand my leg go out straight and body falls forward. This starts out stomach smal lspasms,feeling just not right,to violent tighting of left sided spasms,although it seems to be aliitle more in torso as years go by along with the rest. so bad can't have any movement, even to be starteled. It is so scary this is so odd never meet anyone with this.
Avatar n tn A recent patient of mine had a head injury in 2004; she fell off a horse and suffered a blow to the head. She did have a concussion and a CT scan and a MRI proved that all brain function and activity were normal. In December of 2005 she was 14 when she suffered from what we call an “attack.” We call it this because neither we, nor any doctors she has seen can give a proper diagnosis. It went on for about 4 months and subsided. In the beginning it was merely her right arm.
220917 tn?1309788081 I've copied the below from a post I made the first of September. I also thought I might have had seizures, but now I'm leaning towards an MS flair. I didn't go to the doctor and I now question that decision. Some of our symptoms are similar (goosebumps for ex.) Hope this is helpful. Sherry [At Friday night's football game I noticed my feet were going numb . . . nothing unusual. Immediately after the game, we left for a roadtrip. We were following a truck, in the rain on a winding road.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son suffered a local seizure in left leg followed by a general seizure in 3 hrs. he was suffering frm high fever and was on malaria drug along with doxycycline. his reports like MRI, veinography, CFS, EEG AND OTHER BLOOD TESTS R NORMAL.what could be the reason of seizure? will it repeat. what r the precautions to be taken.
Avatar n tn I have little bursts of normal in the day when I can get up and do something but then in no time I loose it and it is gone. I have lost a lot of cognitive skill and work in a very stressful work environment and I have had to miss a lot of work. I am very scared. I have always been a very active woman and I don't understand. I am 35.
Avatar n tn He said my eyes had remained open but that he thought I was unconcious for about 5 seconds, whilst my leg had been tensed up in a stress position. Afterwards I had ringing in my ears, couldn't string a sentence together for a couple of minutes and felt very sick and tired. Does anyone know if it is possible to faint with your eyes open? Did I faint from pain or was this a seizure? If it was a seizure, how could it be related to the pain in my hip?
Avatar n tn For about 2 weeks before this I would get weird feelings of cold spots on my left leg as if water had splashed on it. I also had constant buzzing in my ears and was very dizzy. I'm now on meds for seizure and migrain, but I was also dx. with Hypothyroidism and high cholestoral just after this. Since this I have been having problems with my left side of my face and foot getting numb. I ocasionally still get the cold spots on my leg but have had no more seizures.
Avatar n tn I ran a couple of weeks ago in 5 to 8 degrees (Celsius) wearing shorts and I may have been underdressed. Its possible that my leg muscles got cold. Within five minutes I got a cramp in my calf that forced me to stop running. The calf remained sore for the following week. I applied Traumeil and waited it out. After a week the sensitivity had diminished enough for me to think I could run.
Avatar n tn I have had episodes of uncontrollable shaking in all my extremities where I can't controll it mostly at night when I am calm and falling asleep. I am conscious but can't communicate without mumbling. And if I try to talk I will studder uncontrolably. The first time this happened I had uncontrollable noises and laughing while shaking. The next few times it was mostly the shaking like I was having a seizure (but doctors say it isn't seizures).
Avatar n tn Can a focal seizure in the temporal lobe be associated with a lesion in the parietal lobe? 2: Both of my hands are affected by "tremors/mild jerks" causing me to drop small objects and double click on the mouse when I don't intend to, etc. Grasping is difficult. Would the left temporal lobe problems cause difficulty with the left hand? (Sometimes it is worse than the right.) 3: Will this go away with time? 4: I'm not driving and it is problemmatic.
530878 tn?1229101683 When I was initially diagnosed my symptons were a big numbing in my right leg and arm(tumour was left side) Over the last few weeks the numbing in my leg was returning somewhat and was getting some tremors in my leg. I went to see the doctor and another catscan was done but showed clean. the doc figured is was caused by stress. Last Friday December 5th i came home from work and had just finished supper when my whole right side of my body went numb and my hubby ended up calling 911.
393986 tn?1303829575 Winter 07-08-Still having the electric shock sensations from my neck down to my arm and around my ribs. My right leg turns a lobster red color when I am in the shower and it goes completely numb. Having fevers everyday, the spike in the afternoon and go away quickly, the heaviness and weakness has now moved up to include my hips. I can hardly walk anymore.
Avatar n tn The eyes going backwards in the head sounds like a seizure. Older dogs can get calcifications of their spinal cord disks. These calcifications, can break off (as cartilage emboli), and circulate in the blood and become lodged at various locations such as spinal nerves, and the brain. They can then cause damage,pain and paralysis. A piece could also theoretically end up in the brain causing a stroke. Emboli can also travel to the heart, so heart attack is also possible.
Avatar m tn My current symptoms include irritablity, mood swings, inability to sleep, extremely bad migrains that start with pain at the bottom of my spine, a dull headach almost all day everyday, I blackout and occassionaly convulse when this happens (I have been told), confussion, short term memory lost, blurry vision, tingling in my left extremities (mostly my arm and fingers), I have had strenght test ( the one's when they ask you to pull then push, don't let them move your arm or leg) done at my doct
Avatar n tn Hi my son was dynosed with frontal lobe epilepsy in 1996 and he had his first seizure in 1998. He has been under a neurologist since his was diagnosed with epilepsy. he has been on tegratol which didnt work and then dilantin which stopped his liver from working now he is on Epilim 2000mg a day but he is still having seizures which his specialist is saying they are stress related.
Avatar f tn Both can affect liver and kidney function, which in turn can affect muscles and cause seizure like activity. Electrolyte and sugar levels should be checked in blood. Apart from treatment of withdrawal symptoms, your husband should drink water, eat healthy and take multivitamin. If the symptoms still persist then he may need CT scan or MRI and EEG. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care!
Avatar n tn Is it possible for a 4-year old child to have a seizure after feeling pain caused by an accidental bump on the leg, and is it normal for a seizure to happen with no trembling of the body, just whiteness on the lips and brief loss of consciousness?
Avatar m tn My left hand is also feeling numb, and I have weakness in my left leg. I am 27 and I have have absolutely no drug, alcohol, or cigarette use, and no prior problems with speech at all. This is extremely terrifying, as nobody can tell me what's going on. Any insight would be much appreciated.
1810724 tn?1316936524 I have several lesions in upper spine, and one well-defined one in the lower. It causes my leg weakness and spinal myoclonus. When the spinal myoclonus is really bad, it makes my legs very weak - after an 'episode' I have trouble standing.
Avatar m tn Charlie (13 years old - medium sized - bad hips) just had some sort of seizure. His front paw was going in the air and he was swaying - very lethargic. He was shaking. It looked like he didn't know who I was until I grabbed him and pulled him into me. He seemed to have settled down and his front leg finally went down. He seems to be fine now. I had him to the Vet recently about his hips and they took blood - all checked out okay. It almost seemed he had some sort of stroke.
2030686 tn?1351692148 My chronic back pain has gotten progressively worse since then and in the past week I've developed a sharp shooting pain in the same shoulder. Around the same time as the seizure I started a treatment that causes muscle pain/fatigue and flu like symptoms. I contributed the back pain to the treatment as I was told it would probably get worse. Is it possible that all this time I've been dealing with an injury from the fall.
Avatar n tn Partial seizures are subdivided into simple partial seizure (in which consciousness is retained); and complex partial seizure (in which consciousness is impaired or lost). Virtually any movement, sensory, or emotional symptom can occur as part of a partial seizure, including complex visual or auditory hallucinations. To know more about this, you can visit this link: I hope this helps. Take care and please do update us.