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Avatar f tn Now my husband is in ICU for observation. Now i wanna ask if is MRI advisable?Why this attack happen all of the sudden.Since we dont have any history of this kind of illnes.this was his first time be hospitalized.Thank you in anticipation.Is this situation needs surgery?i hope not. thank you so much.
Avatar f tn my 6 year old lab had a seizure today. his second. he had an episode in nov. i raced him to the vet on that occasion. they charged me 230, and told me he had a tummy ache. he has some lesions on his forelegs, he won't leave them alone, with the licking! they are much better now, but they seem to be holding some fluid. yes, the vet saw those too. seemed to be not concerned. he is a hunting dog, and being a lab, he will go straight through brush and thorns.
Avatar n tn Hi a Pitbull pup 9 months old we saved last weekend, who was covered in ticks, possibly with tick fever, was put on Doxydog, yesterday he started getting seizures, no matter what medication, no matter what the vet did, it got worse and worse, this morning 4 times in half an hour, we just put him out of his misery.
Avatar m tn I don't think people who have a seizure remember the seizure, but he definitely had something. Maybe it's a thyroid problem. He needs to be seen, but an ER is the slowest, most expensive and least efficient way to do it.
Avatar n tn Febrile convulsions are known to occur even with a mild fever, especially once a child has had a seizure earlier. And the EEG does not show any significant change. It is remarkable that he feels better with sugar. But it remains to be seen if low sugar is the real cause of the convulsions. The seizure any ways takes its time and goes in a few minutes. Please try to avoid any further bouts of fever. There are high chances that he will eventually grow out of the febrile convulsions.
Avatar m tn I have suffered two bouts of a seizure/black-out type occurance in the last year and a half. Both times I had severe flu and/or pnemonia symptoms. A fever was present both times. A couple days ago while suffering from flu symptoms with high fever, I awoke to find that I was going to pass out. I told my fiance, who again watched as I slipped into unconsciousness. She reports that I lie rigid with my eyes open. On the earlier occasion she said I stopped breathing for a short time.
Avatar n tn Can this be from increase of seizure activity causing it?,i am in process of getting MRI n eeg overnight scheduled.I had to cut back my hours to be here for him,and his ssi was decreased right away since court order child support copy was sent to them,which I NEVER EVER GET from his dad,this is such a stressed out week from all of this going on.Just when i thought things would be better with me working,its takin a toll on this child.
Avatar f tn Hi Tima- this has not happened to my kids, however hen my 2 yr old niece was smaller she had a few of them. They ran every test imaginable and never did say what it was. The only link they could come up with was that it happened right after she got her shots, and also when she was teething. I know how scary this must be for you and I am so sorry you had to go through that! How is she today?
Avatar m tn how we can protect our child from having seizures (with high fever) in future. 4. should we repeat the EEG and when. 5. do our child need any medication if yes which one. 6. what is the duration of seizure is it the time period of shacking and eye rolling or is it time of total recovery of child . any kind doctor please answer my questions as here in Peshawar we do not have well qualified doctors.
Avatar m tn Injuries that may cause seizures include choking, head injury such as a motor vehicle accident or sports injury, electrical injuries, injury during birth or in the uterus, poisonous insect bites or stings Additional factors that may cause seizures include alcohol withdrawal • craniotomy, which is brain surgery, high fever, especially in young children, illegal drugs such as cocaine, lead poisoning, overheating, withdrawal from some medicines, including those used to treat seizures.
Avatar f tn We rushed her to emergency, but it took about ten minutes to get there and another ten for them to treat her symptoms before she stopped. She did not have a fever. She was given ativan and dilantin intravenously at this time. A CT scan returned negative. The next morning she was given 150 mg of dilantin and walked like a drunken sailor for the rest of the day (she weighs 20kg). We are waiting for an EEG and, in the meantime she has been prescribed phenobarbitol. This worries me.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son suffered a local seizure in left leg followed by a general seizure in 3 hrs. he was suffering frm high fever and was on malaria drug along with doxycycline. his reports like MRI, veinography, CFS, EEG AND OTHER BLOOD TESTS R NORMAL.what could be the reason of seizure? will it repeat. what r the precautions to be taken.
Avatar m tn after some time a few hours maybee 3 i convinved him to ge the drip for dehydration he was awre but unable to focus hold a conversation a fact he made note of himself very faint / weak he then went to sleep firstly any ideas WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED any lingering effect, brain damage/ effects from the seizure or dehydartion / heatstroke what could happen and is it unlikely if say your in the hospital he had no fever but i think sunscream on his skin (so much) and sunburn elavated his temp in t
Avatar n tn A typical complex partial seizure should not result in a fever. However if a seizure has a significant amount of muscle activity or jerking then a fever can occur. Another thought could be that the seizure was secondary to a febrile illness which was just presenting itself. However, you should have seen signs of this after the seizure. Regarding the change in her seizure, you did not state how recent the VNS was placed.
Avatar n tn Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr. Dave" and we have been so encouraged! If anyone has questions please let me know. I hope this brings encouragment!
Avatar n tn He had a very minor seizure. The next fever was 8 weeks later, very mild and manageable with Motrin and no seizure. Then nothing for 3 months. Then a mild fever, but after a visit with the chiropractor, the fever ended after 30 hours. And now we have been fever and seizure free for 5 months! My son is himself again. He only goes to see the chiropractor once a month just to check up and they never adjust him unless there is a need. He loves to visit "Dr.
1573842 tn?1295912170 Recurrent or chronic fever is seen in tuberculosis, SLE, rheumatoid arthritis, and other auto immune disorders, UTI, drug fever, sinusitis, glandular fever, otitis media, IBS, endocarditis, parasitic infestations, fungal infections, lymphomas and other cancers etc. It can even be diabetes and hyperthyroidism. Discuss with your son’s pediatrician. Take care!
Avatar f tn My just turned one year old had a fever seizure last night which freaked out.It doesn't run in me or my husband's families.His eyes rolled back,his teeth were clenched,and he was gasping for air.I thought he had swallowed something,so I started hitting him in the back.
161427 tn?1229914882 He had a seizure due to the high fever. Some children seem to get these types of seizures only when they get fevers though. What did the doctor say? I know cantwait4baby has had a ton of experience with this. Maybe she can give some advice.
Avatar f tn Both convulsions happened at night, We are now worried in case he gets one in his sleep and we dont wake up.Is there some high temperature monitor that we can get that will set off an alarm if his temperature rises. Thanks, Margaret. This discussion is related to <a href=''>seziure due to fever</a>.
427258 tn?1266448842 I keep finding conflicting reports/studies online and would like some personal experience information if possible. What can I do for him? Will he have a seizure everytime he runs a fever? Does it cause any type of brain damage?
Avatar m tn All her tests and blood work came back perfect except she has Valley Fever, found out last week (we live in Arizona). Per the vets recommendation, we have put her on a twice daily dosage of Fluconazole, and that has been going since we were told about 8 days ago. Two days ago she had her second seizure. Same as before it was a gran mal, lasted about 2 minutes, and she urinated uncontrollably during. She bounced back fine afterwards.
Avatar m tn My daughter had sudden seizures without any fever. In a single day, she had 6 seizures. She just had loose stools (5 to 6 times). The doctor in Apollo did her ct scan,EEG,lumbar,blood ,urine, stool test. Everything is normal. However they have put her on phenytoin and calcium syrup. My concern is they have not been able to tell us the cause. Is that ok? We should consult neurologist in next 2 months and slowly the medicine will be stopped.
Avatar n tn A spinal tap is not only indicated in cases of seizures in the setting of fever. In both febrile and afebrile seizures, there is a definite need to exclude bacterial meningitis. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Sezuires can sometimes be caused by fever, medications etc. In a grand mall you usually loose loss of bladder or bowels. Why would they put you on sezuire medicine without knowing cause? I would definetly ask doc. this. If mri or ct not done, insist on getting one. See a neurologist! If there is no brain involvement ,ask him to wheen you off dilantin. There is no reason to be on this if brain is not involved.
14829620 tn?1436796984 When I tried to wake her up she seemed real drowsy, but she was responding. She is not sick and doesnt have a fever so I am curious to know if that is the effect of the medicine or just lack of sleep?
Avatar n tn hi, M Rohit wats r the possibilts that the seizure medicine will be stopped ,if the medicine r stoped can seizure will b e oucer with the fever. if its happen wat is the best treatment , how can seizure's stop permanate.
Avatar f tn Could it have been the low blood sugar that caused the seizure? Is the phenobarbital causing all this thirst and urination or is he in early kidney failure. I love my little fellow and want the best for him. I don't want to go against the vet and discontinue the medicine if he truly needs it, but I don't want to give him something that could hurt him if the only problem was the blood sugar. What do y'all think?
Avatar n tn She can't remember what she did the day before or even who was in her room an hour before.The fever has since broke and she was transferred to the rehab unit.Day 2 in rehab she began shaking again in her arms and hands and c/o a cold sensation across the top of her shoulders and back of her neck. The rehab DR decided he didn't need to call the neurologist and just ordered an ammonia level, which came back slightly elevated.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your information. I have had one seizure when I was very small due to fever. But my mother died at 43 from massive stroke so I am really worried. I have a phobia of doctors but I know I will end up having to see one. I am uninsured at this time I will see if I can find a clinic that will see me. I have way too many health problems for my age.