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Avatar n tn We do often use football type helmets to protect our seizure patients from injuring themselves, as these protect against both face and head impact.
Avatar f tn None of them have shown any incidences of seizures. I have never had a full-blown seizure or blacked out or anything similar--just a headache. _____ Results of my last one was: The last one stated that the best background activity identified during the recording was 9 - 9 Hz which was symmetric bilaterally and was reactive to eye opening and stimulation. Photic stimulation didn't cause significant abnormlities.
492869 tn?1285022533 A fainting episode I experienced a little over a year ago caused a concussion that resulted in a mild seizure disorder. Though my seizure disorder is now well controlled by Zonegran, the drug itself causes mental fatigue. Approximately two weeks ago, I had another concussion. My mother returned home from work only to find me unconscious in the stairwell, and called Emergency. I am now recovering from a post-concussive head injury.
Avatar f tn My 6 year old had a seizure Monday night and was taken to the ER where we were admitted. EEG was done that gave us diag. On the seizure disorder but they also found out he had a Chiari I. After hey did an MRI. The neurologist didn't really go into much detail about it and I left with so many questions and feelings. We were told hat the radiologist measured it at 9mm. I don't even know what hat means. I called and made an appt with his pediatrician for the morning but where do I go from here???
Avatar n tn I have fallen off handle bars of bike and hit my head on concrete (yes I was little and did that back then-the banana seat bikes-before helmets was a big thing), I smacked myself on a porcelein sink, when I was littler, I had a baseball hit in my head and it was going pretty fast (in my twenties), I was in a couple car wrecks where my head hit the stearing wheel and dashboard/possibly window pretty good, (yes I do have epilepsy-surprise) had symptoms since my teens but not diagnosed till my lat