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Avatar n tn her husband going to Iraq, being alone in another county, worrying about her family. The also told her she has brain lesions but the side of the brain the lesions are on will not make her have an epiletic seizure. Is there any info you can give me or I can look up? This is her second one and they have diagnose them as Grandma Seziures. I apprieciate any info. Did I mention she has migraine headaches?? Would this be the cause??
Avatar f tn Some kind of lesions in brain can not be clearly defined with CT hence MRI is done to get to the diagnosis. As far as cause of seizure is concerned, there can be some space occupying lesion in brain pressing upon brain structures, cyst, granuloma, tumor etc. Most of these problems are treatable without surgery. Any history of fever, headache, vomiting?
Avatar m tn One morning I awoke with a terrific burning headache. I had lost my depth perception. Everything seemed flat. I had one hell of a time walking. I was so scared I didn't say anything, not knowing how to explain this. My spacial reference had totally become out of whack. Getting in a car was awful. Since then I have had nothing but visual problems and anxiety. Looking down a road seems as if there is no space. I went to neurologist.Tests are still pending.
Avatar f tn I had a seizure last month x1 episode. No history of seizure before. After I had the seizure I am experiencing dizziness daily to the point of almost passing out. Then came weakness on my left shoulder daily and tingling sensations on my fingers at least once a day. Had an CT scan while I was in the ER. MRI and EEG also got done. 1 week before my seizure episode I experience a metallic taste which I never had before.
Avatar n tn hi, im 24 and i had my first seizure 2 days ago, but i think it was a reaction to a drug i took, the doc said it could be but we dont know, im being urgently refered to neurology, but since yesturday iv had a really bad headache. do u think the headache is related to the seizure? i thought my head might be better today, but it isnt. i dont know if its stress or if i should do something about it.
Avatar n tn i have had a constant headache since a seizure that occurd back in august.ringing in my ears that gets louder and softer but wont go away.intial eeg and mri results were normal.whats going on?
278469 tn?1219249551 no topamax equals extreme headache, mild seizure, major irritability
Avatar f tn Hi there. Causes of unequal pupils are use of eye drops, migraine headache, seizure, tumor, mass or lymph node causing pressure on a nerve and hence decreased sweating, small pupil, drooping eye lid on the affected side( horner’s syndrome), brain tumor or abscess and an aneurysm. Check up with a neurologist and an MRI brain to rule out the certain serious conditions causing headache along with unequal pupils must be immediately ruled out.
321485 tn?1194030909 hi, Splenda has caused nagging headache in some cases although it is not as well documented as it is with aspartame. Splenda is not just sucralose it is chlorinated sucralose. So if you are not diabetic i would suggest you to avoid all artificial sweeteners and be physically active and exercise dietary control to lose weight.
Avatar n tn I have had a on and off headache for 1 month. Advil takes care of it for a couple of days. Is there any danger of it being a brain tumor or anything serious.
Avatar n tn I am 52 this August. I had my 2nd or 3rd out of this world headache, about 3 weeks ago. It woke me up out of a sound sleep, and i iced the back of my head, and took two aspirin for the pain (all i had for pain in the house). The other 2-3 times the headaches happened, it was the same. They came for NO reason at all. I have never really had headaches to speak of in my life. These hurt so bad, I was scared, and needed ice, and felt helpless like they brought me to my knees with severe pain.
Avatar m tn Hi, An EEG is very nonspecific.If a seizure disorder is being suspected to accompany the headaches, then an EEG may help.But a negative EEG does not exclude the presence of seizures.However, for cases wherein other conditions like chronic pain disorders is being considered, an EEG may be able to shed some light. A complete assessment is necessary.Ruling out ENT involvement will help your physicians focus on other possible causes. Do keep us posted for anything.
Avatar m tn Hi there, new to the forum as I need some advice. Been having a weird type of headache as if its on the left side of my head in one particular spot. It comes and goes but its always in the same place. I have been having these headaches for a few days now and about a day ago the headache was so bad that it distorted the vision in my left eye as if my vision on the left was slightly clouded.
3547166 tn?1347817600 A tracker for seizures that can track the times of day episodes occur and how bad the episodes are. Also the type of seizure, seizure clusters, hospital visits, before and after symptoms like sleepiness and headache. Plus medications and changes to medication.
Avatar f tn how could i know if i had a seizure that might be causing these headaches....or would a seizure cause a headache,,,i didnt black out or anything im just scared...i also have chronic sinusitis,,,and maaybe my headaches is fronm that and stress from going off my meds....i just wonder about if you could have a seizure and it not affect the brain....or if im way offf on all this..
Avatar f tn I have had problems with headaches and migraines since I was 16. I have now had a headache for over three months. This headache has not left the left side of my head. Some days it moves across my head and some days it escalates to a migraine. Then three weeks ago I had a full blown grand mal seizure in front of my husband then two others that week in my sleep. I don't remember a thing except for him telling me I was talking nonsense right before it happened.
Avatar f tn Can trauma to the eardrum followed by a severe headache cause a seizure? The background...It was one of the scariest moments of my life. My fiance was cleaning his ear with a Q-tip when I accidentally bumped his arm. He flinched for a few minutes(there was no bleeding), said the left side of his head was kind of tingly, then he progressivley developed a headache. It took some aspirin and within literally minutes was asleep.
486038 tn?1300066967 Do I need to seek testing? I have had several possible seizure last fall, they ranged from several seconds (were I would just stare in space and not speak) to several minutes (where I had an aura before had that felt like something washed over me and then I was seperated or a bit detached and I could not speak and afterwards had a terrible headache) and these were witnessed by my mom.
Avatar n tn I have recently (over the past 2 months) been having many neurological problems such as headache, dizziness, and eye changes. My headaches are almost daily but don't last very long and my right pupil is larger then the left one when dilated. These symptoms all just started a couple months ago. All of them seem to get much worse when I get hot, including the pupil difference.
Avatar n tn My roommate sat me down and I began to seize on my left side for approximately 20 seconds. I have no recollection of the seizure. I was taken to the ER where I was given anti seizure meds and had 3 ct scans, an MRI/MRA, EEG and EKG, all which came back normal. The neurologists on call decided to not begin me on meds, but really gave me little information to go on. Unfortunately, I am currently without health insurance, so my options are limited.
1413227 tn?1281798777 It can cause the headache, interfere with normal activity of nerves and of blood vessels, and cause nausea. Anxiety can occur as a result of those symptoms. For example, I have panic disorder, triggered by a car accident, and when fear takes over, my heart beats fast and I almost stop breathing. One of the ways to ease my panic is to do deep breathing, thus I gain control of my breathing, and this lowers the heartrate, and in turn the anxiety.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if seizure disorder and epilepsy are the same these days? I'm a 43 year old female, no history of seizures, 2 year survivor of breast cancer, which made the discovery of benign cysts in my left temporal lobe. 6 months ago I started having severe headaches with almost stroke like symptoms with neurological deficits associated with them as well as an elevation in my stress levels. All my doctors tell me I have more stress in my life than they've seen in a while.
1104085 tn?1281464712 Not feeling right in morning, physio 12.30. Had seizure, no memory till evening, woke up in hospital, hell headache and very tired/sleepy. Tearful, not know what happened.
Avatar n tn In December of 2005 I had a seizure for the 1st time in my life. It occurred while I was sleeping, so my doctor referred me to a sleep disorder clinic thinking it may be sleep apnea based on what my husband explained was happening right before the seizure started. I went through 2 studies and was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. Abount 6 months later I had 2 more seizures, one right after the other. My doctor increased the amount of Dilantin I was on and I was OK.
Avatar f tn Also, she woke up with a headache after sleeping all day. Is there any correlation between the seizure and headache, and should I be worried about the sudden frequent headaches??
Avatar n tn Sounds like you did have a seizure. Usually after a seizure, the patient has a headache, and is extremely tired. I definitely suggest you see doctor because you should know the reason for having them, and also need to take measures to prevent them. Good luck!