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Avatar f tn For decades, ordinary valium was the first responders choice for siezures, a drug with a long safety history. Cutting to the chase, the nurse should have called a physician in, regardless of what happened. To report her will accomplish nothing, but she was wrong. That being said, premature ventricular contractions are due to a ventricle that is sensitive to stimulation. The drill in a hospital environment is often to administer a small dose of intravenous lidocaine.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend had 2 seizures that where founded in the eeg the doctors did when I took him to the hospital the first seizure or episode he had lasted 15 min and he was sleeping both times when he had the seizure, He was not shaking violently and he was not stiffened up he was shaking and very delusional he did not now who I was and was pushing me around he acted like he was going to get sick i put him on his side right away when he looked at me it was like he was looking right threw me he grabbed
Avatar n tn One month ago his speech went downhill within 4 days. At first he was slurring his words and 4 days later was stuttering so badly that he almost quit speaking all together. His behavior also started to become strange. He is very hyper and sometimes I just can't reach him. He also is complaining of right eye pain and squinting his right eye a lot. I have never seen him have a seizure. MRI was normal. EEG showed abnormal brain waves in the right frontal lobe.
Avatar f tn Remember that a medic alert bracelet's primary function is to RAPIDLY convey information to FIRST RESPONDERS who are NOT doctors. There are a lot of medical terms that first responders simply are not familiar with, so it is best to keep it simple, include information that will be most likely to be helpful to those folks in light of what they will be seeing and the decisions they will be having to make, and to put more detailed information in your purse/wallet/backpack/glove compartment (i.e.
1287446 tn?1313951238 so a year and a half ago my husband comes home from a hitch in Iraq (not military) and two days later I find him unconscious in the truck he had been out there for two hrs called ambulance while they were still on there way he quite breathing cop and first responders start CPR ambulance gets there take him to local clinic they revive him get him conscious and flight for life him to nearest hospital 110 mi. away!!
Avatar f tn that I was able to slam on the breaks and attempt to swerve. Thankfully everyone was ok. I go to the ER at the urging of the state police and first responders due to the state of the vehicle, the fact I blacked out, and the fact that at the point the EMT took my pulse it was 176 bpm. At the ER they tell me that other then the black out and dizziness I'm in perfect health. Blood counts are all normal, EKG looks great, glucose is phenomenal.
Avatar n tn Feeling a bit better today? Your first shot story sounded like a nightmare. My reactio was similar but I wasnt 3 hours away from home and stuck in traffic! Sounds so awful, hope today is better.
Avatar f tn It reinforced a few points that I've made here before but bear repeating. 1. First responders such as paramedics, EMTs, and triage nurses will not have heard of the term "dysautonomia" and/or will not know what it means or what the clinical implications thereof are.
572651 tn?1531002957 I would not say that the effect is dramatic, but it might give you a boost (actually one reason the FDA hesitated on approving it is that they weren't sure the therapeutic effect was big enough; they also found that there were responders and non-responders). At first I thought it was really helping and then after a few weeks I thought not so much.
Avatar n tn For those patients who responded to trazodone HCl, one-third of the inpatients and one-third of the outpatients had a significant therapeutic response by the end of the first week of treatment. Three-fourths of all responders demonstrated a significant therapeutic effect by the end of the second week. One-fourth of responders required 2-4 weeks for a significant therapeutic response. So it is possible that your friend belongs to the latter 1/4 of the patients.
Avatar n tn Paxil actually causes unpleasant anxiety, during the first 2 weeks. She could try lowering the dose for long term use, I have used a very small dose (10mg)for anxiety and OCD, this reduced the side effect but still worked well. Effexor is slightly different from the drugs she has tried.
Avatar n tn I did find some reference on a Google search of people having heart attacks foaming at the mouth. I think many 911 responders, EMT, hosptials Emergency Rooms, police, and care providers simply do not know the signs of a heart attack. Surely, no one could sweat, have tachycardia, and foam at the mouth on demand. Any idea how she foamed and what caused it? Thank you. jidaho This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/403742'>valve probem</a>.
Avatar f tn Gradually (in the span of a minute or two) I lost the rigidity and my body began to feel normal again. Soon first responders were there and I told them my fear of TIA. They took blood sugar and blood pressure and it was normal. Did the FAST test and it was normal. I went to the ER and they conducted some blood tests and an EKG, everything was normal. Electrolytes, blood sugar, everything normal. Does this sound like a TIA?
Avatar f tn Gradually (in the span of a minute or two) I lost the rigidity and my body began to feel normal again. Soon first responders were there and I told them my fear of TIA. They took blood sugar and blood pressure and it was normal. Did the FAST test and it was normal. I went to the ER and they conducted some blood tests and an EKG, everything was normal. Electrolytes, blood sugar, everything normal. Does this sound like a TIA?
29837 tn?1414538248 But, I guess that they have to be careful. My liver doc says that Interferon can cause nerve damage and also a minor seizure disorder.
10996785 tn?1432816577 Hi & Welcome to the community! First I need to tell you that you are not alone. So many people suffer with anxiety. With some it is the reason they took narcotic medication in the first place and with others it is after the detox. I do not have personal experience with this so I can only share what I have heard from friends and the members here. I am not familiar with the medications you are taking but it certainly sounds like a whole bunch.
90502 tn?1196367605 (I should have known not to get excited, though, as the 5th week I had seizures, Infergen broke through my seizure medication.) Off all meds since March 22, 2006. HCV RNA April 2006, 456,000. HCV RNA July 2006 1.7 million. :( CURRENTLY: In Quality Of Life mode, as "no further treatment" was available at that time. And since I had seizures, not eligible for clinical trials. But I do have 6-month follow-up with NP in September.
Avatar n tn First the main post, [Medievelable], long title, maybe that's why some did not respond, anyway I take 320 mg of Codiene Sulfate every day broken up 2-(30MG)pills every six hours or three and then change the remaining dosages if I awaken in extreme pain like this morning after last nights disgusting 15 minute seizure where I felt like I was in below zero weather, first time I have had a seizure where I felt cold, but that was much worse than just the violent shaking.
Avatar dr m tn Biochemical response to therapy was defined as a reduction of ALT by more than 50% of pre-treatment values. The responders were treated for further 24 weeks after cessation of interferon therapy with either PPC or placebo. RESULTS: 176 patients completed the study protocol (per-protocol population: 92 in the PPC and 84 in the placebo group).
Avatar m tn She was tended to in the ER and admitted for testing. She suffered a seizure the first night there and was given Ativan and has been intubated since. It is very hard to visit her in the ICU with all the tubes, etc. connected to her and no movement and her eyes closed tight. They say people in this state can still here voices, so I try to talk with her about how much I want her better, miss her at home, and my love.
Avatar f tn Bill1954 - 71 of 72 cruelworld - 57 of 72 drofi - 54 of 72 FloridaMouse - 6 of 72 (relapsed first 48 week tx) NYCMark - finished, waiting for 3 months post PCR Proactive - 65 of 72 Wyntre9 - 58 of 72 zazza - 63 of 72 - will be done 03/26/08
Avatar n tn Have someone monitor you if you decide you have no other option, and at the first sign of side effects, discuss with them whether you could live with the fact that the side effects may never GO AWAY.
Avatar f tn or “null responders.” ... Today’s announcement confirms that all nine patients (9/9) in this cohort achieved SVR4. "
Avatar n tn in order to even start suboxone, you have to have your dose down to 20-30 mgs of methadone a day for at least 2-3 tapering is the first step regardless of whichever route you to take in the end. if you are interested in more information about suboxone, let me know. i can help with providing you with information.
380530 tn?1239166138 Plus, your gratitude for BFNs is such a healthy attitude, one that is of a woman who will get her wish, even if it is disguised in disappoinyment at first. I love you all like sisters, and am so inspired by you all!
Avatar m tn SHEA also cautioned infected practitioners against interacting with violent or seizure-prone patients who might bite the physician. SHEA recommends that infected healthcare providers should not be totally prohibited from participating in patient-care activities solely on the basis of their infections, and that each case should be independently considered.
Avatar n tn Sorry for the almost duplicate posting - not sure why I was unable to view it after the first posting - so I resubmitted with a few changes.
Avatar f tn The joint popping was not one of my first problems, it came later. My first symptom was increased heart rate and panic atacks, then came the depersonalization, then it went all down hill from there. Because it started with panic attacks and depersonalization I was beginning to think that all of the doctors are right and that it is just anxiety. But I just do not know what to do. It is not going away. The joint popping and the depersonalization and the fatigue are my worst symptoms.