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Avatar f tn It is important to accurately describe the seizure, timing of the day the seizure occurred and also in what setting. Then the question arises if the seizure should be treated – this is answered by looking at the risk and benefits of having a recurrent seizure and the side effects of the antiepileptics. Ultimately, the workup will need to identify the cause of the seizure. Is it from an intracranial lesion, an epileptic syndrome, stress, etc? You will need to have neuroimaging performed (i.e,.
Avatar n tn Rarely these cysts have been described to grow, cause localized mass effect and generate seizure activity. It is very interesting that you had a negative CT 12 years ago, and could indicate that you have an expanding cyst. That being said, I would reccomend a prolonged EEG with sleep and it should only be deemed adequate if your symptoms are captured while connected to the EEG.
Avatar n tn What causes someone to have a weak leg after having an epileptic seizure (grand mal) for the first time?
Avatar m tn , then passed out again, she said before I hit the ground my body bucked like I was going to have a seizure (she has had one before, and knows what they look like) but by the time she got the phone to dail 911 I was sitting back up on the floor looking around bewildered. She asked me questions,I normally would answer fast, but it took me a few mintues to get out the answer.
Avatar m tn I don't buy it. It appears to be a classical seizure of unknown etiology. And the recovery seems to be a typical post-ictal reaction. That being said, he needs evaluation as a hospital that specializes in seizure disorders. A common trigger is a flashing red light, or even a television set. In such a case wearing polarized sunglasses sometimes helps. Usually there is a premonition, or aura. It is important not to be leaning on a train platform or driving when such an event takes place.
Avatar f tn blood pressure, but a slight blood clot got to the brain from the hole in the heart and caused a stroke 8 months ago. Last week he had a Tonic Clonic seizure this happened after a very active day of therapy for his left hand which is still not responding, hours at a the YMCa working out and working with his Saebolt which opens and closes the hand. He did have 3 beers the previous day with a buddy and his wife thinks that is what caused it, but the neuorologiest said no.
Avatar n tn Chest xray,2 spinal taps, multiple bld, urine and central line cultures all negative.EEG once the 14 hour seizure stopped showed something abnormal but the neurologist said it wasn't seizure activity but unsure what it was.GYN exam unremarkable.She did develop a UTI few days after admission.She also had a fever fluctuating from 99 to 103 degrees on and off the antibiotics. Liver function tests were normal.
Avatar m tn Hello, When a person has an epileptic seizure (caused by epilepsy or some other condition (low blood pressure possibly; there is no violent thrashing or tongue-biting in the individual in question)), do the lungs get fresh air, or does the body stop breathing altogether throughout the seizure? A random person on a random forum said that the brain requires ~50% more oxygen during a seizure; is this true? Is there a risk of cerebral hypoxia?
Avatar n tn Its not clear if there are other symptoms that would suggest a seizure disorder. Tegretol is one of many anti-convulsnant agents that may or may not be helpful for treating different seizure disorders. I also want you to realize that a negative EEG does not rule out a seizure disorder. I strongly suggest that your wife be seen by a neurologist for further evaluation and treatment as they are the experts in this area. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I am not a happy camper with frivolous law actions, but there is a possibility of a tort and financial compensation, or at least payment for your treatment from the manufacturer, if the etiology of the seizure was in fact a medication.
Avatar f tn A first time seizure is always up for debate as to whether one should treat or not treat. It really comes down to what are the risk factors and what is the etiology for the seizure. Many drugs can lower the seizure threshold. Celexa has a rare side effect of seizure. It is most likely that the stress and poor sleep hygiene may have played a role in the seizure. I would recommend that you continue to discuss your symptoms with your neurologist.
Avatar n tn Currently, I am awaitng an appointment with another neurologist to discuss some recent dizziness and confusion that another doctor fears could be seizure related. In terms of the lesion and bony destruction, surgery is felt to be too risky and is being delayed until necessary. Are there any courses of action anyone can think of I should try? I am feeling hopeless of ever discovering what this is.
Avatar f tn 30 minutes later he began making a strange noise when I went to check on him he was having a seizure that last approx 5 minutes (this was his 1st seizure and no family history). My husband called 911 and the EMT's arrived quickly. My son did not have a temperature and his blood sugar level was 125. He could not answer simple questions correctly and it was decided that he should be taken to the ER.
Avatar n tn : : I had the seizure. Other facts: CTS looks ok, MRI looks ok, Echo looks ok. : : : : Blood sugar measured in emergency room was 56. My doctor was about to call : : : : it a probably non recurring situation brought on by the alcohol. Then he saw : : : : the EEG and may think differently now. I would be more than happy to type the : : : : one page summary.
Avatar n tn Posted By John on May 03, 1998 at 12:34:38: In Reply to: Re: Just Had a seizure - Any help posted by CCF NEUROLOGY MD/in on May 03, 1998 at 12:09:04: : : I had what the EEG report states is a generalized motorized convulsion, which : : I was also told is a GrandMal. I'm a 45 year old male in fairly good shape, though : : I do smoke and weigh about 150Lbs. No history of epilepsy, etc. On saturday was a : : BarMitzvah for my son. I did not eat much during the day.
Avatar f tn There is no etiology for these seizures. She's on Depakine caps(200mg) at the moment and although she hasn't had a seizure since she's on medication, she has minor episodes of excessive salivation, dizziness and oral disorders leaving her with a horrible headache. Please tell me what could cause these "minor" symptoms?
572072 tn?1217130480 I'm sorry to learn what happened. Your son may be really be having a seizure disorder of unknown etiology. Most seizure disorders have indeed no identifiable cause, and they are just classified according to presentation, and the treatment is tailored according to these classifications as well. Your son may have different kinds of seizures, but a thorough search for a cause should be sought (like EEG, MRI, etc).
Avatar f tn I am not sure of the specifics of your question. Ultimately the outcomes will depend on the cause of the seizure (was it a mass, stroke, etc), location of the underlying etiology, comorbidities (medical and psychological), medications being used currently, etc. Thank you for using the forum, I hope you find this information useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn Such a taste is generally due to a nasal drip, however every so, often such a taste is linked with neurological damage, and can be a sign of seizure activity. If it continues, and your primary care physician rules out a sinus etiology, an MRI might be in order. This will not necessarily rule out a pre-epileptic condition, though. Be alert for any other indications of neurological dysfunction.
155701 tn?1230050701 what you are going through is probably ocular migraines along with a seizure disorder. This can occur before or after the seizure event. These headaches are temporarily related to the seizure event and occur in unison. Migraine event is not produced from the epileptiform discharges in the brain. Migraines usually last longer and are not as frequent, have other signs that distinguish them like photo and phonophobia, vascular quality(pounding), location( occipital in your case)in pain and nausea.
220028 tn?1301340234 Causes for unequal pupils are usually eyedrops, bleeding inside the skull, migraine headache, seizure, excess eye pressure in glaucoma, Horner’s syndrome etc. Eye twitching is an involuntary eyelid contraction affecting the lower lid, caused by stress, high caffeine intake, fatigue or squinting. To relieve this try warm compressed application, gentle massaging of eyelid with fingers, over the counter antihistamines, topical and oral etc can provide relief.
Avatar f tn Recently during a catch up with family I fainted. Over the previous two hours I had about 4 standard drinks. I had a small meal just before I started drinking. Granted it wasn't a large meal but it was still food. My cousin told me I had a "seizure" when I but I haven't had a chance since then to really talk to him.
Avatar n tn Clearly a neurological event took place, which seems to have been consistent with a petit mal seizure, etiology unknown. Because he is a diabetic one must not assume that the loss of consciousness is due to his diabetes. Normally anti-seizure medications are not prescribed until the third episode, so at this point you need to have a period of "watchful waiting", and schedule him for a neurological work-up to include an EEG.
Avatar f tn The disorder usually starts with involuntary repetitive movements of the lips, but other parts of the body may be eventually affected.The exact etiology is unclear but is is associated with long-term use of dopaminergic antagonists, neuroleptics, anticholinergics and certain psychiatric medications. It is common to see this in nursing homes. A woman I cared for developed it at age 99, and upon discontinuance of the meds, it diappeared at age 102. She now 108 years old.
Avatar f tn I would have to agree with that theory. A seizure happens because your brain "miss fires" for some reason or another.
Avatar n tn I think that there are acouple of possibilities to think about. One would be as you mentioned, seizure activity. A good history, physical exam, and EEG might help to lead you in this direction. Another thought is syncope. A visit to the cardiologist might help with this, and maybe some cross talk with a neurologist concerning tilt table testing and EEG together. Medications and drugs are another avenue to pursue. An inner ear infection could also be a problem.
457050 tn?1259074364 There is also the possibility of a neurological etiology, a yellow flag suggestive of seizure activity, although this is unlikely. If the blood work is normal, an MRI and MRA might be suggested. Sometimes such an episode is due to vagal stimulation. The best thing to do is to have a medical examination in an ER as soon as possible after such an episode.
Avatar f tn What is this, what can cause this, what are symptoms? He was having seizure episodes, afterwards he would turn blue, and go unconscious, where it takes rescue breaths to get him to come back to us. All of this started literally just before he turned 1yr old.