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Avatar f tn I had a grandmal seizure and has been seizure free for 12 years. Currently on 750mg of kepra and 20 mg clobazem. In august I had and episode where the left side of my body went numb, my face drooped and I was unable to speak for 2 hours. I also experienced sharp pain at the back of my left year and my skull. The hospital tests CT, ECG, EKG and bllod work showed no stroke.
630104 tn?1222344961 Thanks for the suggestion. We do have an epilepsy/seizure tracker on our list of to-do's. We'll let you know when it's available.
Avatar n tn Is there any evidence that certain seizure types (partial-complex, in my daughter's case) linked with different degrees of microcephaly ( 3rd percentile), may lead to intractable seizures? I am worried because we've been through 3 different seizure meds in the last two months, and Anna (5 yr.) is still seizing in her sleep.
Avatar f tn I thought that the mixing the meds and mj was the reason why i had the seizure so i waited for a month and i smoked again and had another seizure and i dont why because i made sure i never took the seraquel again.what could be causing the seizures?
Avatar n tn This happens in frequently but when it happens and if it continues whether it will lead to a seizure. 3. I have had only two seizure about 10 years ago but only have this loss of speech problem. 4. Is epenutin (300mg) the correct medication. 5. why is the speech arrest still a problem.....its a problem at te work place 6. With this medication it severely affects your gums, breath, there a way to treat this. 7. Any other suggestion or links will be of great assistance.
Avatar f tn My husband has epilepsy and has grand mal seizures. After every seizure he experiences severe muscle spasms and muscle pain. What causes this?
Avatar n tn i take 400mg dilantin a day. i stay alone with my kids most the day. as long as i take my meds on time i am seizure free. i know its scary to be alone after you have a seizure. i feel safe in knowing i take my meds that i can be seizure free . i can control my seizures and my kids are safe with me. i took dialintin while i was preg with all 3 of my kids. dialintin is the only med that keeps me seizure free. the only side effect i have is a little peach fuzz on my upper lip.
Avatar n tn One night after we had played video games for a good amount of time, Alan went to shower and then came to bed. He was lying down and had a seizure. Then another one. He had a total of maybe 5 seizures and they were about 15 seconds long and a couple of minutes apart. Afterwards he was fine. He told me that he usually has a headache before a seizure and that he didn't this time. He also told me that he had taken an alka seltzer close to when he had taken his medication.
Avatar f tn Many people experience headache, tiredness and back ache after seizures. Since your whole body becomes stiff during a seizure it causes severe aching of all the muscles. The pain should gradually go away. Take some over the counter analgesics for pain relief. In case the pain persists seek the opinion of your neurologist. Hope it helps. Best wishes!
319088 tn?1193840840 I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 12, I am now 38. I suffer still from seizures. My new neurologist just ordered a series of bloos work and there is something on there that I don't understand "Comp Metabolic Panel w/eGFR". I have not worked in a year because of these problems.
Avatar f tn My son was diagnosed with epilepsy this year, his first one was in September of last year and was not diagnosed then. In April of this year he had his second seizure in school and was diagnosed to be epileptic. He has had all types of tests and everything has come back normal except his EEG they found spikes in his brainwaves. I'm very confused because he was a normal child, I don't know why this is happening, my son is growing very rapidly he is age 13 now and is 5'10 weighing 195.
Avatar m tn Hi there, The selection of drug for epilepsy depends on the specific seizure type and epileptic syndrome. It is important to achieve seizure control through a drug which has minimal side effects, simplicity of dosing schedules and does not affect the patient’s lifestyle. It is best that you discuss your concerns with your doctor. A frank discussion and early initiation of antiepileptic treatment will be helpful. Do keep me posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn i have epilepsy, when stressed I have seizures.
Avatar n tn I have Grand Mal Epilepsy and Partial ones too started when I was 17 and half in 1992 but 2 weeks ago all my body felt weired all over not like it has before then last week I got up to get some water and my head felt like it was spinning started off slow then faster then really fast then 2 days ago my head felt like it was moving from side to side but my wife said my eye lids were flickering and I was shacking like I was cold but I wasnt and I was trembling can you help please
Avatar n tn Diagnosis is contingent on detailed history and physical exam and as such, the following information should be considered solely for educational purposes. Prior to considering surgery, it is important to make sure that seizure activity is actually coming from the temporal lobe cyst and not elsewhere in the brain. Although you have been proven to have a cyst in your temporal lobe, there remains a possibility that your seizures may arise in a different region of the brain.
Avatar f tn over the last 18 months he has had what i think are a form of seizure, the symptoms are, he will rub his fingers together on his right hand, and lick his lips, and seems to be in a day dream for about 1 minute, when i ask him about it he doesnt realize what has happened. are these fits dangerous and should he seek medical advise, or could it be anything to do with the remaining plates in his skull? it is such a worry and would be gratefull if you could give me some advice.
1311051 tn?1273640958 I have been taking medicine for my epilepsy almost 40 years (Dilantin 100mg) 3 capsules a day, will I ever stop taking this medicine and haven't seen a neurologist over 30 years Do you have an answer for my questions???
Avatar n tn It's been roughly 20 years, since my only documented epiletic seizure. My treatment has been 300mg. of Dilantin. Not long after the seizure, the left side of my face became somewhat paralyzed and I was told it was Bell's Palsy. I was never told that there were meds or exercises to help repair the damage, so I still suffer with the paralysis. A year and a half ago one of my vocal cords became paralyzed. I went through the usual tests with inconclusive results, and was told to wait appx.
Avatar f tn sir my brother is having fits from last 15 years...and till 2009 he had his EEG n MRI of brAIN but everything he had his EEG yesterday and the report is """abnormal interictal record of symptomatic partial seizure of left cerebral origin """ he is on medication..
Avatar n tn My Pekingese had experienced a ruptured disc recently, and the left chamber of the heart has enlarged. This week, she has experienced epilepsy twice. I was wondering what medicine would be effective? How can I help?
Avatar m tn blood tests, CT scan of the head or MRI of the head, EEG or lumbar puncture. Depending on the type, there are medications that may be taken. You should observe and record any seizures to ensure the person gets proper treatment with medications prescribed by your doctor. Your initial efforts should be directed first at protecting the child from additionally injuring himself or herself. Help your child to lie down and remove glasses or other harmful objects in the area.
Avatar m tn Respected Sir, My sister, who is 32 year old and mother of two daughters, is suffering from Epilepsy since 6 years. She weighs 45 Kg and 5’2” tall. She has 2 daughters 4 yrs and 6 months old respectively. Both the deliveries were normal. She is on continuing medication since last 3 years and inspite that she had around 6 rounds of Epilepsy. I am sorry I don’t know what the names of medicines are, she is taking. Sir, I would like to ask some questions:- 1. Is this disease is fully curable?
Avatar m tn Having a seizure does not necessarily mean that a person has epilepsy. Only when a person has had two or more seizures is he or she considered to have epilepsy. EEGs and brain scans are common diagnostic test for epilepsy.” You can read more about it on: Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn Hi, My nine year son facing epilepsy from last two years.At the start of epilepsy the seizures attack increase up to 20/22 per 24 hours.Every attack has 6 to 10 seconds.We make MRI scan and EEG reports which is available in Mumbai.Some report comes normal.Some report the problem tint in right frontal lob & other tint in Left frontal lob(MRI BRAIN,SPECT,PET SCAN,14 HOURS VIDEO EEG REPORT.No report can highlight spot.Physicians already tried Tegrital,Fresium,Lemitec kid,Levipil,Valparin.
Avatar m tn i have epilepsy but i really want two drive because my job prospects will increase once i have my licance i had my last siesure 12months ago, what is my situation, what do i need two do ?