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Avatar f tn Food poisoning can do that to you. Did you feel chilled?
Avatar f tn Um a seizure? You should probably go to the doctor hon!
Avatar f tn It is important to accurately describe the seizure, timing of the day the seizure occurred and also in what setting. Then the question arises if the seizure should be treated – this is answered by looking at the risk and benefits of having a recurrent seizure and the side effects of the antiepileptics. Ultimately, the workup will need to identify the cause of the seizure. Is it from an intracranial lesion, an epileptic syndrome, stress, etc? You will need to have neuroimaging performed (i.e,.
401370 tn?1233328282 In status epilepticus, the most serious seizure disorder and a medical emergency, the seizure does not stop. Electrical discharges occur throughout the brain. The discharges produce a generalized seizure lasting more than 15 minutes or recurring seizures between which the person does not completely regain consciousness. The person has convulsions with intense muscle contractions and cannot breathe adequately.
Avatar m tn I would try and find the closest emergency vet..the kitten probably sustained head trauma which caused the seizure and his abnormal breathing. He needs treatment to reduce the swelling in his brain. Usually, the voicemail at your vet's office tells you the number of the recommended emergency clinics in the area. You can always google emergency vets in your area as well. Hope the little kitty makes it..
Avatar n tn The ER doc thinks he has seizures, I tend to believe that his liver releases emergency glucose during the seizure to increase his bloodsugar. How does one know? He di have an EEG some time ago, which was normal. He is so afraid that he may be an epileptic.
Avatar n tn My husband was to have elective surgery today on his shoulder, while being given an IV of "saline solution", he had a seizure. The nurse could not get the bag to begin dripping, so she continued to inject the syringe into the line to flush it. After about 3 or 4 times, my husband said he was feeling lightheaded and was experiencing nausea. He then got white as a ghost, his eyes rolled back in his head and stopped breathing for a second or two. The Dr.
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar f tn My old school vet told me the emergency vet jumped the gun and started her on way too high a dose. So we have weaned the dose down and now have stopped altogether. How long til it is out of her system? My vet says at her age we should wait and see if another seizure occurs. In his opinion if it only happens every six months then theres no need for her to be medicated 365 days a year. I miss her.
Avatar n tn If you lose consciousness, chest pain, can't think straight, headache or have difficulty speaking, go to the emergency room. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn When I was in my neurologist's office for these results she mentioned that she felt I might be depressed and that this might be causing these symptoms. Less than week later I had a petimal seizure in my sleep that required emergency care. I go back to the neurologist in a few days but am stir crazy about what could be going on inside my head. I am taking Topamax to help. I was taking Ativan but could not deal with how "slow" it made me feel.
Avatar f tn We rushed her to emergency, but it took about ten minutes to get there and another ten for them to treat her symptoms before she stopped. She did not have a fever. She was given ativan and dilantin intravenously at this time. A CT scan returned negative. The next morning she was given 150 mg of dilantin and walked like a drunken sailor for the rest of the day (she weighs 20kg). We are waiting for an EEG and, in the meantime she has been prescribed phenobarbitol. This worries me.
Avatar n tn When he went to the kitchen for juice, he let out a scream and collapsed and began to have a seizure. The paramedics came and we got his blood sugar up with orange juice mixed with sugar and an IV, he spent 6 hours in the emergency room. My questions are #1 did he have any pain when he screamed out? He doesn't remember anything and even though I think I handled the situation, I was terrified. #2 How can we avoid this from ever happening again?
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar m tn I have mental confusions, I have problem understanding what people say and have lost of memories,, I feel seizure sometimes blackout unable to see, teeth pain, and I feel like the world is spinning, I am losing my hearing gradually as it fades away.
Avatar f tn I have been out of Xanax for a week now. I have already been to the Emergency Room where I was given 10 Ativans. That lasted for 5 days at 2 mg per day. This is day one with no anti anxiety medications at all. I was taking xanax for years at 3 mgs a day and moved to another state 2 months ago. I have no money and no insurance yet and thought my body was going to give out yesterday as the withdrawals started again. I feel like an animal that can get no help.
Avatar n tn I must say, though, I have seen DVT's without those signs. In any case, a DVT is a medical emergency....just so you know.
Avatar f tn He's seizing again. Do you have an emergency vet you can contact? If you call your regular vet, there should be an outgoing recording instructing you what to do in an emergency, and this qualifies. Please let us know what happens!
Avatar f tn I have been to the emergency room 3 times for excruciating pain on the right side of my head that travels down to my neck and shoulder. It affects the right side of my throat, tongue and my speech. Slurred speech is the residual affect. This is always preceded by a sneeze. They last about 20 minutes. Blood tests, CT scans, and mri/mra showed no signs of a stroke. Experts said these episodes could have been mini strokes. The neurologists said they could have been seizures.
Avatar n tn So endos now believe it takes at least a couple hours of lows before a seizure is induced. Based upon that knowledge, it's unlikely she was on her way to a seizure, particularly since she wasn't even low. But your question is valid, if it's not that, what is it? It's possible that it is a problem with the thyroid.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I had a seizure in my dentist office. I am so afraid it will happen again and I have 2 boys I stay home with all day. The dentist had already given me 2 shots in the mouth and was giving me my third when my eyes I couldnt see straight and I just blacked out. when i woke up there were a bunch of emergency people there. Could it have been mabe that the dentist hit a nerve with the numbing agent? Could it have been something else? Have you ever heard of such a thing?
5700140 tn?1372655364 It is suggested to report these symptoms to your doctor. If the symptoms are severe or persistent you may need emergency medical help. Keep me posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I continued to be confused, couldn't remember my name or what year it was until I was in the emergency room. CT scan, chest X-ray, and EKG showed normal. Admitted to hospital, wore holter monitor the whole time (2 days), had BP checked periodically while sitting, standing, and lying down. Nothing abnormal observed. MRI of brain was also normal. Neurologist diagnosed "voiding syncope". I am skeptical.
Avatar m tn , then passed out again, she said before I hit the ground my body bucked like I was going to have a seizure (she has had one before, and knows what they look like) but by the time she got the phone to dail 911 I was sitting back up on the floor looking around bewildered. She asked me questions,I normally would answer fast, but it took me a few mintues to get out the answer.
Avatar n tn As for your inquiry about alternatives, there are many seizure type medications, including benzodiazepines, dilantin, phenobarbital, and so forth. Generally if a person comes into the emergency room and has had a problem with their seizure drugs, they'll give them a big shot of perhaps Valium or another class of anti-seizure medication, depending on what the situation is.
209227 tn?1242350345 It did affect my memory and was put on seizure medication for 6 months. In you're opinion was this a seizure? Because I feel it was not. Opinions are greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn My question is would the trauma of a hard fall, without hitting the head, combined with double intoxication be a likely explanation for the loss of consciousness? Would a bump on the head that did not cause lasting pain be enough to cause syncope or seizure or subdural hematoma or concussion? Might the double intoxication itself have caused syncope or seizure, even? Would a scan be necessary in this situation? Any opinion or elucidation would be greatly appreciated.
327385 tn?1378364331 it is important to have family members ready to call emergency services if the seizure does not stop on its own within a few minutes (most seizures stop within 1-2 minutes, but a seizure lasting more than 5 minutes typically warrants treatment in an emergency room, since it continues on this is dangerous and IV medications would be needed to treat it, and in that case, the breathing and other issues involved in the seizure can be addressed).