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Avatar m tn It is more likely that you have no one specific seizure trigger, which is the case for most seizure disorders. The sleep study should be very revealing. Also useful is a 72-hour ambulatory EEG, or a 24-hour video EEG (performed in a hospital setting). I hope you can find out what is going on and begin effective treatment soon.
Avatar n tn It is indeed possible for this to still be a seizure disorder if no EEGs were able to be done while your husband is having those episodes. A negative EEG cannot rule out seizure disorders, since it can be normal between seizures in people with epilepsy. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn As far as the twitching goes, it is not localized, it is very broad and very much looks like I am having a seizure. I do have video of a few of the episodes, but I do not know how to put them on here. The SLA's are severe enough that we have decided it is not safe for me to drive because we do not know when I will have an attack or how bad it will be. One of the writhing attacks were so bad that I fell out of bed.
Avatar n tn A wide spectrum of medicines have been used over the years without any lasting progress. Her EEG, MRI and Sleep Apnea test and even extended Video EEG are all clear. She started walking at the age of 2.5, but still has problem climbing stairs. Only one step at a time. Holding small plastic pans or pouring from a mug is difficult for her. She has only now started to carry her things to the rack for stacking.
3135607 tn?1342663357 Since being home he hasn't been able to lift weights without having pain in his head while prior to/while being deployed it was never an issue. I'm wondering if this sounds like any known seizure disorders?
Avatar m tn watch her around flashing lights, video games computer screens and tv shows with a lot of flashing. Sometimes these can trigger a seizure.
Avatar f tn My 10 year old daughter is finally set up for an 24 hour video EEG. So I will finally get to see what is going on with her. I wrote in previously about her muscle twitching all over. I am excited to get the results, but nervous because I don't want it to be something real serious. I just want to see what is causing her twitching or tics all over so we can put her on the medicine she needs to be on.
969132 tn?1249327851 I am female, 21 years old with asthma and overweight. I had just lost about 35 pounds (from working out and eating healthy) when this all started to happen, and now it is so bad that I can barely walk around my house and take care of my kids, let alone work out with the vigor that I previously had. I still eat healthy but am not losing weight. About 1 year ago I had twins and lost quite a bit of blood but have since recovered.
Avatar n tn 48:03: : : I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from partial seizure epilepsy by a consultant neurologist at my local hospital, following an extended episode of deja vu. My problem is that while I accept that I may have experienced seizures, I have reasonable grounds for suspecting that they are induced by some kind of spinal problem.
Avatar n tn Clarification of Epilepsy v other seizure-inducing disorders posted by Steve on March 08, 1999 at 16:51:45: : : : I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from partial seizure epilepsy by a consultant neurologist at my local hospital, following an extended episode of deja vu. : My problem is that while I accept that I may have experienced seizures, I have reasonable grounds for suspecting that they are induced by some kind of spinal problem.
Avatar n tn 13:40: : : : : I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from partial seizure epilepsy by a consultant neurologist at my local hospital, following an extended episode of deja vu. : : My problem is that while I accept that I may have experienced seizures, I have reasonable grounds for suspecting that they are induced by some kind of spinal problem.
Avatar f tn Her first seizure happened After playing a video game, second one happened at home in the morning. A full grand mal seizure. Smaller ones later. In Dec the doctors did and MRI,cat scan and a eeg. They found legions on her brain. Eeg was positive also. Meds helped little and cause mood disorders. Also. Her thyroid was affected. Later came chronic stomach pains and eating problems. Jerks and seizures. And now throat problems, diarrhea.
Avatar f tn There are several conditions which can mimic seizures like a syncope, parasomnias, and movement disorders. There is a condition called psychogenic nonepileptic seizure (PNES) in which there are sudden and time-limited disturbances of motor, sensory, autonomic, cognitive, and/or emotional functions, these are psychogenically determined. Other conditions mimicking seizures are conversion disorder, panic attacks and migraine attacks.
Avatar f tn I didn't think it was because I know 2 people who have seizure disorders as well and one of them is completely conscious the whole time but mentally freaking out and unable to do anything but wait for it to pass, and the other one who has epilepsy blacks out and doesn't remember a thing about the episode. Neither of these seem to be the case... The main (strongest) symptom seems to be the feeling extremely cold part.
Avatar n tn I took him to the ER where they kept him for an EEG and Video EEG. they said it all came out normal but when he had his blood evaluated they found out he has severe iron deficiency. Does this cause Tics or muscle spasms?
Avatar n tn i use to have the same when i was really young 4 or 5 and if i didnt lie down when i had the de ja vu feeling then i would faint and not realise which i found out when i was in a singing lesson in school it past over the years but i couldnt explain it to my parents because i was so young but now i understand, i use to have a de ja vu then feel sickness and i would go clammy and i would just curl up in a ball untill it passsed, i read somewhere that it was a tempral lobe seizure but i cant be sur
Avatar m tn Just because your seizure did not show up does not mean that it was a sudo seizure. I suffer from electrial and chemical seizures. For many years i was told that i had sudo seizures but i ended up at the seizure clinic in UCLA where they discovered that in fact i was having both electrical and chemical seizures. For the electrial seizures i take topamax and for the chemical seizures I take prozac. Prozac helps level out chemicals in the brain and therefore can level out my chenical seizures.
Avatar m tn Some of these patterns do occur occasionally in epileptic seizures, however, so having one of them does not necessarily mean that the seizure was nonepileptic. Video-EEG monitoring is the most effective way of diagnosing nonepileptic seizures. The doctor may take steps to provoke a seizure and then ask a family member or friend of the patient to confirm that the event was the same as the usual kind. Can they be treated?
Avatar n tn portosystemic shunt, where blood bypasses the liver, and toxins normally eliminated as waste, travel to the brain, acting as a hallucinogen), and developmental disease such as hydrocephalis.
Avatar n tn When I talk to my mother, she said, she was told by doctors that my father's seizures are stress related. My father does not have any history of seizure disorders and never had seizures in the past. Additionally, according to my mother, father suffers from some kind of short-term memory lost as well after he had mutiple seizures(about 5 to 6) in the last past 20 days. According to my mother, the doctors had necessary tests done and had ruled out strocks and tumors.
508071 tn?1212146063 Since you live near a veterinary teaching hospital, this may be the best location to find a veterinary neurologist. Most seizure disorders can be treated successful with traditional medication and with Chinese and Western herbal medication. Please google Dr. Roger Clemmons, the renowned veterinary neurologist from the Veterinary School of the Florida State University, Gainesville, FL. Dr. Clemmons has had excellent success with seizure disorders using an integrative approach, i.e.
Avatar n tn There is a possibility that they are not muscle tremors at all, but are a kind of unusual seizure activity, that is probably why your vet requested a video tape. Maybe you could send a link for the video to us? Maybe we can help further.
Avatar f tn It may happen that nocturnal seizures can be misdiagnosed as a sleep disorder and certain sleep disorders can be misdiagnosed as epilepsy. In such cases video-EEG recordings can help with the correct diagnosis. It is best to continue taking antiepileptic drug as advised till you see his doctor. He may need an increase in dosage or an alternative drug depending on his doctor’s recommendation. A complete medical history, clinical examination is necessary for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
Avatar f tn complex partial seizure disorders, present this way. Make certain to find a neurologist who specializes in the brain and central nervous system as opposed to one that works on neuromotor issues. The Epilepsy Foundation ( should be able to help you find one locally. Hope you can get through the evaluation quickly and find a resolution.
Avatar f tn Should I have another EEG done, instead of a Video eeg. I don't understand what the video EEG will find that the normal eeg didn't and I can't afford to be having unnecessary tests My neuro didn't seem concerned with my experience during the EEG, but wants to order a video EEG. In addition, I went to neuro for a second opinion of a PET scan in which "abnormal metabolism" was reported, but according to neuro he doesn't agree with this diagnosis.
Avatar n tn She had infantile spasms at 7 months, took ACTH, and is not on any other seizure meds with a normal EKG. She is delayed developmentally overall about 1 year, but is doing well. My husband and I believe there are other problems..possible ADHD, Asperger's, PDD or ODD. After reading through posts, they seem to all blend together. Our neurologist has a she is doing fine, has wait & see attitude. We want to go back to him with a.."We really think she might have___ and we want her tested.
335728 tn?1331418012 I have been around many, mnay, people w/ Seizure disorders including my daughter. Like Quix said, a video taping may be a good tool in helping the doctor to determine what the heck is going on! You have called your Neuro right?????? On a side note.......How did the fishing go...or did it? Any good fish stories for us? :} I hope you get some answers SOON! Keep us updated.
Avatar n tn I am a nurse on an epilepsy unit at a major medical center in Chicago. If scalp electrodes are not picking up activity when you have a seizure then your seizure focus may be deep. We then send the patient to have deep electrodes implanted in the brain around the suspected area or focus. We bring these patients back to the monitoring room, wean them off their seizure meds and hope for a seizure.