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Avatar n tn My 6-year old was diagnosed with seizure disorders when he was two. Now he is in first grade and he is not listening in class, standing on top of desks, hitting other children and on Friday he hit his teacher and now has three days suspension from school. I have had several talks with his teacher and she doesn't know what to do so he pretty much does wait he wants in her class. He only does that in her class. He is the type of child that if you don't set boundaries he will push your buttons.
Avatar n tn Now teacher is saying possibly inepsentia seizure (sic). Has anyone ever heard of that? TEACHERS STATE problem with attention, child daydreams and has short attention span and will doze in school and during conversation. Child is currently in 4th, in top math, word study group and also in the Quest Program P/T (gifted program). I believe I also have a short attention span and would rather have a short-to-the-point converstation rather than a long drawn out one.
Avatar f tn As well as completely not covering the topic, I, his teachers and grandparents do NOT agree with that assessment and again doesn't address the issue that we took him there for. He does very well in school top 92 percentile writing 94% math and reading off the charts but his teachers have told us that the zoning out means sometimes he doesn't finish his classwork in time which concerns the teacher for when my son is older.
Avatar m tn My 7 y.o. daughter is doing excellent in school with no social problems; however, at home her behavior runs the gamut from sweet and helpful to throwing v. bad tantums almost daily, especially when she doesn't get her way. One issue I am worried about is that she always feels SHE is right, over her parent's input or even saying that her teacher really doesn't know the best way to make a script letter and she insists her way is better. She also says she sings better than singers on TV.
412409 tn?1212108961 My mother had petit mals, and I work with a population of people where seizure disorders are quite prevelant. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn She has developmental delays, biggest delay is speech. She has a cyst on her spinal cord, and a seizure disorder for which she takes Keppra. The last few months, she has started biting hitting, and pinching me. My main worry is she only does it to me (mommy), she does not do it to her teachers, other kids, or her daddy. She has also started biting herself, like her hand or forearm when she is upset or angry. I called her doctor, and they are sending her to a child psychologist.
Avatar n tn My daughter was diagnosed with CP, sensory intetgration, ADHD, and had suffer from seizures, but has been seizure free for about 3 years (so we think, nothing witnessed). She was first on trileptal, then added keppra, then d/c'd the trileptal. About 1 1/2 years ago they d/c'd her keppra, due to being seizure free for a couple of years and her dose was so low that on her last labs it did not even register. She got very ill in February of this year with the flu, then strep throat....
Avatar m tn Some of the public schools don't really seem to know how to deal with this and have actually caused him to sort of regress due to the wrong type of handeling or lack of understanding his situation. The teachers are ill-equiped to have these students in a regular classroom and yet they need to be around other kids and learn to mix, make friendships etc, which home schooling doesn't provide. Would appreciate hearing any comments you might havve.
Avatar f tn Hello, I found this site today when searching google for natural remedies for treating Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders in children. About a year ago my daughter began blinking excessively, we took her to be tested for glasses and she had perfect vision. A few months later the blinking subsided and sniffing began, the sniffing was accompanied with throat clearing. I tried over the counter allergy meds thinking hay fever was the culprit but it continued well into the winter.
Avatar n tn Recently I had a grandmal seizure and was put back on anti-seizure med. I feel great overall and was told - maybe I don't have bipolar afterall. So...did I go through all that for nothing?
Avatar f tn Working as a team with them and coming up with strategies to make a child more comfortable in a classroom is beneficial. And there are good teachers that want this and bad teachers that want it to be easy. With shrinking resources/funding cuts----- I'm afraid there will be more teachers who want it to be easy. That is when a parent must be the advocate for their child. All of this is just my opinion----- no more valuable than any others.
Avatar f tn who's life study had been on seizure disorders. Our son was put into a program under this mans guidance and today is fine.... back tracking a bit. When we were at the hospital, Dee Dee was handling everything. I wanted to ball up and cry, take any pain our son was feeling, take all of the tests they were running on him... he was so innocent and didn't need to be going through this, ya know?
Avatar m tn There are certain kinds of seizure and/or neurological disorders that present like this, and if not medically based, then she needs to be seen by a good mental health team. Most major children's hospitals will see children without health insurance - I would bring her to the ER after her next tantrum/episode. It would also help the doctors if you could get a tantrum/episode on videotape. Her school may also know of a local clinic that will see children without insurance.
Avatar n tn He is now eight years old, and for the past years he has been through a lot with his previous pre-school and kindergarten teachers setting him aside because he was just not the norm and required one on one attention and extra help, which damaged his self-esteem, his nature, and I believe adding to his separation-anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn ADHD is neural disorder just as seizure disorders. Both affect the brain but in different ways. With ADHD there in not enough neural activity in the frontal cortex; but with seizures there is too much neural activiy all over the brain. I wish both you and Valetta the best of luck with your children.
Avatar f tn I would hate to think that anybody could mistake a seizure for ADD or ADHD. There is a world of difference! But I guess that's one reason why they let Doctors make the decision and not teachers or parents.
Avatar n tn My 4 year old son attends pre-school 3 mornings a week. His teachers said today that he appears to be in his own little world a lot of the time and they can't engage him sometimes. They said its great that he is able to entertain himself for long periods of time but that they want to draw him out of his world at his age. I notice this at home too - he is able to play on his own for long periods of time and he doesn't always listen or respond when we talk to him.
Avatar m tn ) and when i had to go back down, i started screaming and crying, my friends and teachers were trying to help me down but i couldn't go eventually they made me start going and while i was walking, i thought i was going to collapse, my heartbeat was insane, a full blown panic attack! and suddenly, i found myself almost down with only a few more steps to go.. i spaced out in the middle of the process of going down the stairs!
Avatar n tn I have a six year old son, who started kindergarten last August. My first parent-teacher conference revealed that Ashton was not catching on as he should be according to the expectations of him from the teacher. I did go have his ears checked at this time, as it was thought he was not hearing as he should.
Avatar n tn He was having about 5 a day then he started to wonder around when having a seizure. He had an EEG done and had a seizure during the EEG,since then his seizures tripled one night in 1 1/2 hours had 10 seizures took him to the hospital and he was put on Tegretol 100mgx2 a day then increased to 12.5ml (liquid)still had seizures one after another so changed him to Topamax 3 weeks ago.
17743838 tn?1459701063 While we are waiting, I've searched the Web for experiences like hers before I lose my sanity. She hasn't been alone around anyone. She complains one of her teachers embarrasses students constantly. Also, I searched her school ipad (our county just got tablets for each student to use last year). I found some emails from a boy also in 4th grade. He was cussing her and saying mean things because she wouldn't be his girlfriend (yes, fourth grade!!!).
Avatar n tn We have been working on getting him settled on a seizure medication, knowing that we needed to consider something for anxiety, but feeling like we were managing things pretty well and there was not a huge rush. The day before Thanksgiving its as though a switch got flipped and we lost our son.
15480 tn?1302533402 i have worked with children who clearly have autism-spectrum disorders. trust me- the teachers do everything they can to help these kids. but often times, our hands are tied because the parents refuse to get the children evaluated. in fact, i have been out of work for over a week on workman's compensation due to an injury i sustained from one of these children. no matter how much evidence we present the parents, they REFUSE to accept that he needs special services.
1548028 tn?1324616046 My parents thought if they hit or yelled at me enough I would some how be normal. It did not work. I was lucky because I did have teachers and adults who did understand how hard things were and that I was smart and sensitive. Also let him know it is okay to be sensitive especially at his age.
Avatar f tn She is well liked by her teachers and peers. She says if she is under stress she doesn't know she is. She takes a birth control pill for bad cramps and aleve for headaches. The ER doctor acted like he thought she was faking and needed to see a psychiatrist. I don't believe she was. I'm worried. Even more since she is starting to learn to drive. I know how helpless I felt yesterday when I was the only one there and didn't know what to do.
1159468 tn?1262626054 My daughter has an IEP and has had one since grade 2. She is know in grade 5. We have seen alot of improvement with alot of hard work from herself, us & the teachers. I will definitley look for that book.
Avatar f tn This is obviously not at all in line with what his teachers, family, friends, medical professionals, etc have said), an OT (he has sensory integration issues), an audiologist (his hearing was fine and so was his CAP) and a psychiatrist (he felt that I should consider SSRI's to help with his "rigidity" (specifically needing things to be his way) and to help him to separate from me. He also said we should consider mood stabilizers.
Avatar f tn problems' parents encounter are from their own lacking Parenting skills, a lot of the Behaviors can be changed and Managed,it is unfortunate that the schools are allowing Teachers to diagnose ADD and AHD and actually tell the Parents their children should be on Drugs with dreadful side effects .Let us know how she is doing you arre caring enough to see this there are sites out there that will shock you as to the Enormity of this problem going on.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm trying to identify the name of a type of anxiety I'm currently going through, and trying to find solutions for it. I grew up moving from one country to another because of my father's profession ("global nomad"), and five years ago suffered from my parents' divorce and the cut-off of financial support from my dad.
Avatar n tn and now types alot of his work for school too so the teachers can read it better. After therapy for his legs the past 10 years -he's now in metal leg braces 8 hours a day -which are not helping much at all either. He has been diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic CP. I dont remember any mention of Motor Dyspraxia, what exactly is it?