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Avatar m tn My baby son got infantile spasm when she is 3 months old.after EEG report treatment was prednisolon it was ok.again he got myoclonic seizure when he was 6 months old. MRI scan was normal. again the treatment was prednisolone .but he has same jerks after awaking.then treatment was sodium valoporate,conezapam and levator.but still has same attacks.i want to know the condition of the this situation.Is that progressive myoclonic epilepsy ?or Lennox Gaurt Syndrom?
Avatar m tn but I am not a physician. However, I was diagnosed with severe conversion disorder in 2003. In fact, on my medical report from the Doctor, it said that I tested 99.6%, which was greater than thing ever studied in clinics. Possibly indicating that I have the most severely documented case in the country. I can tell you things about this disorder that Doctors cannot tell you. I is capable of manifesting itself in very unusual ways. It is a viable medical problem.
Avatar n tn -How old is she now? -is there any history of seizure disorders or congenital anomalies in the family? -are there any remarkable circumstances surrounding her birth i.e. premature rupture of membrane -any recent infections,head injuries ? -how is your niece's level of development? Are her motor and social skills at par with others of her age? -any muscular spasms or loss of consciousness associated with the episodes?
Avatar n tn multiple sclerosis but seizures are usually not seen in multiple sclerosis. Wait for MRI report as cause of seizure will come up in MRI only. Disc protrusion or bony outgrowths in spine compress nerves which causes leg pain. Electrolyte imbalance can also lead to seizures.
Avatar n tn These findings on the MRI can be seen in any infection, inflammation or malignancy involving the central nervous system. White matter odema is seen in primary demyelinating disorders, infectious, neoplastic, post-traumatic and metabolic disorders .Angiopathy could be seen in leucoencephalopathy, stroke, hypertension or collagen vascular diseases like SLE etc.A clinical correlation of MRI findings is very important. Write to me again with more details. Best wishes and regards!
1363810 tn?1279229271 He noted as a major stress factor a family issue that occurred more than a month after the big seizure (or whatever it was). I told my neuro that reading his report you would think I nearly died, had to learn to walk and talk again because I was upset over burning a batch of cookies. He never tried to really find out who I was before this thing changed me so much, so he wasn't capable to giving an accurate assessment.
1406332 tn?1315966360 a possible pitfall in the diagnostic assessment of seizure disorders This article is not included in your organization's subscription. However, you may be able to access this article under your organization's agreement with Elsevier. A. M. Beun*, W. van Emde Boas and E. Dekker Instituut voor Epilepsiebestrijding, ‘Meer en Bosch'/‘De Cruquiushoeve', Achterweg 5, 2103 SW Heemstede, Netherlands Accepted 21 July 1997. Available online 16 March 1999.
Avatar f tn Hello, so a few years ago I had a few comcussions and was also doing illicit drugs and I had this exsperiencd where it felt like I was having a seizure and then I passed out out of the blue and I woke up never the same since.
486038 tn?1300066967 My mom's best friend and my dad both have epilepsy or seizure disorders so I know what life is like to live with them. Thanks muchly for posting, I love hearing from ya!
Avatar n tn Will he outgrow them as he matures? Are they likely to become more frequent? My guess is that seizure disorders are so varied that no one can really answer these questions! Is there a general trend in how such disorders progress or disappear? dear kathy, a little more information would be helpful such as: 1. are there any preciptating factors to the seizures? 2. is he awake late at night on the days he has had the seizures? 3. he is on any medications? 4.
1223598 tn?1289972059 My allergy made me twitch and seizure every time I took a swig. Back in the day, (I’ve been in sobriety for two months, and hell yess I celebrated, the sober way!) I was capable of getting completely smashed off of only two sips of seven percent cider. I used it as a bragging right of course, because I only drank to get drunk, which means completely immobile and walking like a retard and performing embarrassing stunts in which I am surprised I am still alive to this day.
1384518 tn?1279468520 have long list of symptoms including swollen lymph glands (previous biopsy no lymphoma), no infection of any sort. symptoms come and go but come and stay now. also have seizure history, several mental disorders diagnosed in early twenties, am now 41. findings on mri (by the way I have not seen the dr yet re findings) I went directly to imaging center and picked up my tests.
393986 tn?1303829575 I don't blame you for seeking a different opinion because the seizure disorder just doesn't add up. I have known several people that have seizure disorders from focal seizures (local area of the brain) to grand mal (generalized, all of the brain) and your symptoms don't match. If you were suffering from a seizure disorder I would think that your symptoms would only last for hours or at the most a day. An EEG can be normal even when you have a seizure disorder.
462332 tn?1208418391 My neurologist explained that the lab report findings were of changes in the hippocampus and that such findings were normal in patients who have seizure disorders. (BTW, I was diagnosed with encephalitis at about 13 or so but my doctor was pretty poor and I highly doubt that's what it was.) However, he did find that my blood work came back with a positive reading for ANAs. He has since recommended that I speak with a rheumatologist.
Avatar n tn It may be helpful for you to actually get the MRI report yourself and read it. Your neuro may need to run other test to rule out these disorders.
Avatar f tn What is the type of seizures, focal or generalized? How long was the seizure and was there loss of consciousness during seizure? How was his behavior during and after seizure? As you said there is an abnormality on EEG on his upper right side of his brain, that suggest there might some seizure disorder, but the pathology for causation of seizure is not known. Is clobazam helping your child control his seizure? What were the other tests done? What is the level of Serum.
Avatar m tn 1 Interestingly, people with migraines are more susceptible to epilepsy, and they also suffer from other disorders of immunoexcitotoxicity, such as depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. In addition, the same drugs used for treating epilepsy also improve migraines. Yet they differ in that seizures are a spreading of cortical electrical activity while migraine is a spreading depression.
Avatar m tn The seizures most often imitate complex partial or tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures. Family members report episodes in which the patient stiffens and jerks. Doctors rarely witness the actual event, so they are drawn toward the diagnosis of epilepsy. Often years can be spent trying to treat the spells as epileptic seizures without success. How are they recognized?
Avatar m tn Headaches, fatigue, finding it hard to concentrate, anxiety disorders, and depression—these are all symptoms of inflammation in the brain caused by food allergies or gluten sensitivity.
Avatar f tn If not what are some of the other causes for an abnormal eeg. I cant find my eeg report but I do remember it saying something like that I had a few spike on one side of my brain. And therefore seizure activity was warranted. I was also having spasms and they put me on xanax. i ended up not going back for more tests due to getting preggo. I go back to neuro on the 7th. Just wondering what is some possible outcomes to prepare myself.
Avatar f tn It would be great if you can get a complete neurological assessment. Also, seizure disorders can be of various types, some cause generalized seizures while others cause focal seizures. Yes, some of the medications you are on can cause seizures, but whether the medications are a cause of seizure or the seizure is due to traumatic brain injury or due to post-traumatic stress has to be ascertained. You also need a detailed psychiatric assessment as often many of these conditions are associated.
Avatar f tn An example of this is when diagnostic confusion between tics and seizure activity exists, which would call for an EEG, or if there are symptoms that indicate an MRI to rule out brain abnormalities. So, it is better to see what the EEG report says. If there is no seizure activity reported in the EEG then it is to be considered that your child is suffering from Tourette’s syndrome.
Avatar n tn Hi, How is your child now? An acute impairment of speech output indicates a possible underlying vascular, infectious, inflammatory, or traumatic pathology. Did he have any fall or injury while playing game? Does he have any fever or chronic lethargies’? As imaging is normal and EEG is reported abnormal brain waves in right frontal lobe suggest that he might have seizures. Since he is improving with Tegretol, he needs to continue and report to neurologist for any other new finding in him.
Avatar f tn Depersonalization also might be a symptom of other disorders, including some forms of substance abuse, certain personality disorders, seizure disorders, and certain other brain diseases. Depersonalization disorder is one of a group of conditions called dissociative disorders. Dissociative disorders are mental illnesses that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, consciousness, awareness, identity, and/or perception. When one or more of these functions is disrupted, symptoms can result.
Avatar m tn In such cases, they may imply a higher risk of seizures, but a seizure may never occur. It sounds like from the report that the spikes are arising in the temporal lobe, an area of the brain that can be affected by sclerosis, and a common origin for seizures. Further evaluation of this area of dysfunction seen on EEG would best be achived with an MRI of the brain that takes specific cuts (called coronal sections) of the temporal lobe.
Avatar f tn From: "A laboratory report of elevated liver enzymes is common and doesn't indicate a specific disease. However, elevated liver enzymes may be due to liver disease even if you have no symptoms. To determine the underlying cause of elevated liver enzymes, your doctor may recommend further testing.
Avatar m tn Hi, I just recently had a CT scan for frequent headaches. The report came back that I have atrophy near the vertex and that this is uncommon for my age (31) so they are sending me to have an MRI for further review. After researching Cerebral atrophy I am very concerned something serious is wrong. However, I don't have any other symptoms besides headaches which my doctor says is probably not related to the atrophy. I just had my second child 6 months ago.