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Avatar f tn Honestly I joined this group to try to find someone with some similar problems as mine. I have been diagnosed with a seizure disorder that affects my ability to speak and reason and leaves me severely disoriented. In minutes I can turn from a normal person to someone who appears mentally retarded. The affects of the so called seizure can last from hours to days and when it wears off I am fine again. It has been happening so frequently it's disrupting my life and my work.
1734603 tn?1310425995 Kait, I second what Bob wrote. As I was reading your symptoms, they are seizure like but seem more like you have an irritant, a tick bourne bacteria or a paracite in your brain/spine. I don't know where you live but if you have traveled to a foreign land where you could have picked up Malaria or a paracite, get specific tests done immediately! I live in NJ and contracted a Malaria like tick disease called Babesiosis just by living here.
Avatar f tn I would respectfully consult with my doctor about why this medication had been prescribed for me if my problem was anxiety and not a seizure disorder. There are, I believe, better choices. I'm sorry I can't give you any more detailed information about this drug. None of my pharmacology books even have it listed and what little information I obtained was off the net, which I tend to take with a grain of salt, as should everyone.
Avatar m tn where are you from? not sure about your other questions but you could contact the IPIF (.org) and she might be able to help you?
Avatar m tn Hi mkh9, thank you so much for your reply. My son got infected with KLEBSILLA OXYTOCA and. Heavy growth in urine culture. Here is my sons urine test result: Microscopy Leucocytes: 42 H Erythrocytes: 4 Epithelial cells: 1 Casts: nil Urine pH: 6 Blood: + Protein: nil Glucose: nil CULTURE Heavy growth >10^8 org L Org 1: Klebsiella Oxytoca I know Klebsiella is super bag resistant to multiple antibiotics and sensitive to only a few antibiotics.
440728 tn?1234648902 Fibromyalgia is 99% caused by Mycoplasma infection as per prof Dr Garth Nicolson of IMMED www (dot)immed (dot) org. if you truly want to find out what is wrong, I suggest you go there and look under autoimmune illnesses. He has written 3 world renown citation papers and over 600 peer reviewed and accepted papers. Infectious Mycoplasmas or Lyme disease. PS, standard medical doctors will never figure this out and standard Labcorp/Quest tests will not see it.
1139187 tn?1355710247 Xanax works much faster and doesn't stay in the body nearly as long. Clonazepam is also used for seizure disorders as well as anxiety/panice, whereas xanax is used for anxiety and panic. Careful Bruce.
Avatar n tn The NIH site says that you never want to stop benzo's cold turkey (or barbiturates or alcohol) as you can have seizures that lead to status epiletus = your body goes into a constant seizure and you die. The scary thing is that the person having a seizure doesn't know that is what is happening to them after it stops. I called the pdoc and he was surprised!!! He told me to take .5mg q 2h until withdrawal subsided. I'm at 4mg now.
Avatar n tn We have been to doctors and hospitals and still have no answer. He has also had febrile seizure with almost every episode. He has had MRI, MRA, CT Scan, many urine tests, ebv/mono, spinal tap and lots of blood work. All has come back clean, with the exception of 2 ear infections. I have been researching everything from PFAPA to cat scratch fever to parasites. If anyone who has been through this has any answers please post!
451975 tn?1372332199 This is of course given that you had a thorough assessment and other causes like a transient ischemic attack and other cerebrovascular disorders have been ruled out. It is important to note that basilar, complex,ophthalmic or vestibular migraines are only given as a diagnosis when other conditions including blood and cardiac disorders have been ruled out.Discuss this with your physician and keep us posted regarding his/her advice.
Avatar n tn Her exam was normal except for hyperreflexia. An astute neurologist ordered a muscle biopsy to look for metabolic or mitochondrial disorders. She didn't have either or those but what she did have was a myopathy(polymyositis). This is a serious, rare disorder. Anyway, she did not present in a typical manner, usually the CPK is elevated, but all her testing was normal. I don't know if a virus would show on a muscle biopsy but myositis(muscle inflammation) would. I'm having an EMG of Tues.
620923 tn?1452919248 // Link for Tethered cord symptoms- Link for Syringomyelia symptoms-
Avatar f tn Also you could send an email to contact [at] ilads [dot] org and request a referral to an LLMD in your area. That is the main organization for LLMDs. Their website also has information about Lyme research and diagnosis. There is also a group called 'canlyme' that may have a referral function or some hints on finding an LLMD in your area. I hope this has been helpful -- please let us know if we can help further or if you have any questions .... and let us know how you do!
Avatar n tn Suddenly I experienced (from stress) a possibel Complex Partial Seizure one day. Still checking for Diabetes sugar levels (runs in my family) as a possible cause otherwise unkown cause. Neurologist outruled a panic attack. By the time months later I could see the Neurologist my Intern started me on Paxil for possibility of a Panic Attach...this is when my life changed! Of course after a week of being on 20 mg. I could not concentrate at work, so I lowered it to 10 mg.
Avatar n tn It's as if my adrenaline kicks in after exercise and doesn't wane until bedtime (sometimes late into the morning). Often it feels like I might have a seizure at any moment (though I've never had one). I'm thinking of taking xanax for this. This has been going on for a year now. It began after a 5 month stint of a heavy exercise regimen (which I never do) which I did to get over the depression I was having over a failed relationship. It usually (always?) happens at night.
Avatar n tn The only suggestion I have for everyone is to check out It is an online support site for people with anxiety/ panic disorders. I did not believe that was what this was for along time, but if you check out the forums on this and many other sites related to anxiety / panic disorder you will find hundreds of people complaining of these symptoms. Good luck to everyone and I wish you all the best of luck.
Avatar n tn I spoke to my doctor today and her solution was to try topromax, an anti-seizure drug but known to suppress appetite. I tried to explain that besides not wanting to go on another drug, appetite was not my problem but perhaps metabolism as i have read anati-depressants affect one's metabolism. her response was You are entitled to your opinion!!!. so i am looking for suggestions as is everyone how to jump start this stalled metabolism and what to do about the depression.
Avatar n tn htm Hormonal dysfunctionsuch as thyroid and adrenal disorders can cause CFS-like symptoms, as can several other known endocrine disorders. Fibromyalgia Symptoms short version of the "Risk Factors and Symptoms Checklist The connection between mitral valve prolapse and thyroid conditions.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any seizure-like activity? Not actually a grand mal but almost like your brain is having misfirings and they all the sudden catch up w/ each other. I hope this makes some sense. I have been having this for a few days now. I am worried because it seems like everyone here is having a slow-down of symptoms and I feel like mine are doing the opposite. I have tingling everyday and now this.
Avatar n tn I think we could be experiencing some type of epileptic seizure, which only manifest itself when the brain is the sleeping mode. The sleep study will clear this one up. Just think how colorful things will be once your sleep study is conducted, and the answers start to pour in. Just a few more days--hang in there, my friend—Good luck—Please keep in touch. Bobito.