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Avatar f tn Depersonalization also might be a symptom of other disorders, including some forms of substance abuse, certain personality disorders, seizure disorders, and certain other brain diseases. Depersonalization disorder is one of a group of conditions called dissociative disorders. Dissociative disorders are mental illnesses that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, consciousness, awareness, identity, and/or perception. When one or more of these functions is disrupted, symptoms can result.
Avatar n tn Two days ago my psychiatrist diagnosed me with cyclothymia (mood disorder related to Bipolar) and he prescribed 300mg of Neurontin per day with a gradual increase, so far i have only found info. relating to pain and seizure control, has anyone ever taken this for a mood disorder or can any of the dr.s offer any info. in relation to this? Any info. is appreciated. Thank you. ========================================================================== Thanks for your question.
Avatar m tn Risk of convulsions may also increase in patients with epilepsy, those with a history of seizures, or in patients with a recognized risk for seizure (such as head trauma, metabolic disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawal, CNS infections). In tramadol overdose, naloxone administration may increase the risk of seizure. Suicide Risk •Do not prescribe ULTRAM ER for patients who are suicidal or addiction-prone.
Avatar f tn Risk of convulsions may also increase in patients with epilepsy, those with a history of seizures, or in patients with a recognized risk for seizure (such as head trauma, metabolic disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawal, CNS infections). In tramadol overdose, naloxone administration may increase the risk of seizure. Suicide Risk •Do not prescribe ULTRAM ER for patients who are suicidal or addiction-prone.
Avatar m tn It can also result from alcohol withdrawal or benzodiazepine withdrawal. Derealization can also be a symptom of severe sleep disorders, and mental disorders like depersonalization disorder, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorders.
Avatar m tn One problem for you is that you have other medical issues that cause similar symptoms as thyroid conditions can, so you have to make sure they are all optimal at the same time. That's quite a juggling act. Many people don't post journals, because journals are considered to be quite personal. I used to, but it seemed that things were always the same. I'll think about it.
574118 tn?1305138884 Hiya, just had a quick google, (tiredness rapidly overtaking me at the moment) and there seems to be a lot out there on the web to read though I haven't found any actual medical journals on the subject. Something I will have a proper look into after some rest. Likewise, if you find anything then please let me know :) Will also ask a Dr friend of mine to check the BMJ back copies for me.
Avatar f tn He takes Depakote for seizure/strattera for adhd and clonidine to help him sleep. His fits consist of hitting/kicking/hitting or pinching himself/banging head on something/trying to hurt us, then we have to hold him and talk calmly to him until he is done. He goes to special school/has an IEP/therapists/psychiatrists/in-home therapy and thru all this stress we go see a psychiatrist too. God has given us a very, very challenging child. He can be very loving, but also turn into a mean child.
544292 tn?1268886268 Theres a lot of conflicting information about seizures on the list. I've never seen anYone have a seizure in tramadol WITHDRAWAL. Have seen several people have seizures when TAKING tramadol. AND, every tramadol related seizure I saw did not seem related to how high a dose the person was taking; RATHER was in instances where someone markedly INCREASED their dose. I think the confusion is in that seizures are common when withdrawing from sedatives (alcohol, barbiturates, benzodiazapines etc).
Avatar m tn Like my wind gets knocked out on me, briefly, and maybe one or two times consecutively. Almost like a little seizure type feeling in my chest, that sends my into an instant panic, my heart races afterword and pounds seemingly twice as hard and I get more skips. And on one occasion, after the weird sensation for a few seconds in felt like my heart was gone, chest void and I couldn't pick up a pulse in my wrist for a few seconds.
587279 tn?1223704355 I've taken it off and on since it came out. It may have been one of the best...if any actually were. I was usually prescribed a benzodiazepine and/or a hypnotic to cope with side effects; insomnia, racing heartbeat, anxiety. I had an abnormal EEG after a few years after first prescribed. Abnormal in the sense that it showed a "spiking and slowing typically seen in seizure disorders" but I lived alone and if I had seizures, they were not noticeable to me.
Avatar f tn I am a 24 year old female and have been taking 3 different medications for a little over a week straight, only one of which is prescribed to me, and i would appreciate any advice as to how great of a risk i am taking relating to the chance of overdose or death, the warning signs of an overdose, the chance of death, the chance of seizures, which i am terrified of having, of warning signs of a seizure, and any advice as to the amount of damage i may be causing my body and brain.
Avatar f tn In extreme cases, my whole body jerks continuously for 10 or 15 minutes straight. It looks like I'm having a seizure, only I am fully awake. Along with these spasms, I have had a bad headache. They both started at approximately the same time (the headache may have started a day earlier). I also had a low-grade temp for six days when all this started. My fever is gone, but I am still having muscle spasms and headaches...sometimes violent spasms, and I don't know what's going on.
748543 tn?1463449675 People who have a poorly aligned bite or missing teeth can have related problems, such as frequent headaches or Sleep disorders, because their Jaw muscles must work harder to bring the teeth together, straining the surrounding muscles." a simple Google search for TMD would have provided this author with a wealth of informative sources regarding her subject. I, as most responsible medical professionals, believe in using the most conservative successful form of treatment.
Avatar f tn Alot of chiarians have DDD, spinal stinosis, and bulging disks. Autoimmune disorders like Hashimoto's thyroiditis is another common condition chiarians also have. Let me know if u have trouble getting in touch with clintsmum.
388261 tn?1215403444 Read your favorite book, play your fav video game, read the posts and journals on this forum, play with your kid's, have sex with your spouse, rent some movies you have always wanted to see, go outside and work out, run, scream while your doing it. Do whatever it takes to get your mind off of the w/d's. Stay away from stress, and most of all people, bro's, and friends who won't be supportive.
202347 tn?1189759425 One current theory is that MDMA is a neurotoxin, meaning it causes permanent brain damage and psychiatric disorders later in life. Studies have shown that MDMA degenerates the serotonin axons of lab animals. So far, studies of frequent human users have shown reduced brain serotonin levels and reduced serotonin uptak due to damaging the terminals of neuron fibers. Being part stimulant, MDMA acts on the brain's hypothalamus.
1530171 tn?1448133193 Neuro Doc has ruled out all peripheral nervous system disorders and says it definitely appears to be central nervous system related... (ugh). He is seriously looking at MS from this next MRI and will compare it to the one I got in the hosp back in March.
358304 tn?1409713092 I do NOT take this pill EVERYDAY, but after going through my journals over the past 3 years (which thank God I've kept) I have taken ativan ON more than OFF most def. Symptoms at 1st were indeed anxiety... and the ativan helped me through it. But as the years went by, I'd wean slowly over a 2 week period or so, and be great... then a new symptom would appear, and I'd freak out... like muscle twitching all over my body... or a stiff neck... my Dr. assured me it was all anxiety...
Avatar n tn She just had a seizure on Monday when her temp was 103. Her white count was elevated as always, sed rate is always a liitle elevated along with CRP. No source for the fever is ever found. Occasionally she will have a runny nose and cough. We are going to see a neurologist tomorrow regarding her seizures, but I am at wit's end. The doctors always think you are over reacting. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go next?
Avatar f tn I will dig up the address and email it to anyone who needs it - I have no idea why this has started happening now, blanking of website addesses. Dysphoric mania is the single most dangerous phase for anyone to be in because you just do not realise you are there and if you do not have people around you who know its an incredibly dangerous place to be.
Avatar f tn There are so many cultures that do not accept the idea of depression or any other mood disorders. . . this leads to people not understanding what to do when they know that they have it, or if they know someone close to them has it.
Avatar n tn People with chronic pain deserve a formulation of a drug that handles pain and does not effect negatively the delicate balance of our neurohormones/transmitters. A person with chronic pain and liver disorders deserves pain relief without disturbing the livers functions. Methadone is given on a frequent basis to individuals with advanced hep C and liver disease.
369472 tn?1198749292 00 AND HER SUFFERING ENDS. I am holding her as she is dry heaving, she has a seizure, (first one-lasted only seconds) Her tongue is turning black. SO LONG UNTIL 11:00, I KNOW I WILL CALL MY VET TO COME EARLY MORING!!!! I promised her no more fluids, she would not accept any water or pedialyte now. 2:00 a.m. . . Sandy, I am just going to hold you, I will not bother you again trying to give you any meds or fluids.
Avatar f tn Anxiety evolves and many people don't have just one disorder, sometimes there is an overlap of disorders, it is normal. I am not sure how you define agoraphobia, is it when you are confined to the home, if so I don't have it. I think they have redefined agarophobia to mean afraid of certain places and situations, something like that. Well I am scared of certain situations, like going for an interview.
Avatar n tn I practiced cognitive behavioral therapy, at the University of Pennsylvania, which promoted a Holistic approach of looking at typical disorders that children are labeled with. The majority of what they did for me focused on correcting problems that coincide physiologically and physically as opposed to taking a pill. About 2 1/2 years ago, I started taking Adderral XR 10 mg twice a day; I am currently taking 30 mg of Adderral XR 2 times a day. XR stands for Extended Release.
537497 tn?1292556656 I am pretty sure that you are not dying but its hard to believe that for yourself. Stick around on this forum and check out people's journals, you will see that you are not alone and that there are so many like us out there.
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