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Avatar n tn Hi! Epilepsy and pregnancy are a difficult combination! Your wife is lucky to have a supportive spouse to help her through. I'm glad to know that you notified her doctors right away--that is definitely the right thing to do! Sometimes the dosage requirements for seizure medications changes during pregnancy, and most doctors are usually walking the tight rope of trying to keep the dosage as low as possible while also keeping the seizure activity to a minimum.
2030686 tn?1351692148 I started having seizures last february (2011). I don't have epilepsy, as far as they can tell I have toxic encephalopathy. Which means toxins were building up in my brain from the combo of meds I was on. My reg dr said "serotonin syndrome" is another possible dx. The definition of a "controlled" seizure disorder is no seizures for 6 months. I've been going more than 6 mos between seizures.
1653487 tn?1303527762 I have not made an appointment as of yet to see an epileptologist because so far my neurologist has been really great and very informative. He doesn't specialize in epilepsy but he does see a ton of patients with seizure disorders. I am so far confident in his abilities but am not totally closed off to seeing a specialist. I will keep my head high and stay strong... Again, thank you!!!
Avatar f tn Any Ideas on how to deal with an 11 year old with ADHD and Obcessive Compulsive Disorders and also suffers depression? I have had her on several meds and so far only stratera helps and she is enrolled in special classes and programs to help her both in and out of school and she still can be a hand ful at times. She did have bad lead poisoning when she was a baby and had to have a special diet and medical care and almost had to be hospitalized.
Avatar f tn Having headaches that I cannot easily medicate. I am trying to avoid taking any anti-inflammatories and painkillers. I know that anti-seizure medication can affect the blood platelet levels, however I have not taken my Lamictin for nearly two months (cost and unemployed). I have never had an issue with my medication being : Lamictin (200mg d&n) ; Serlife (100mg n) ; Molipaxin (50mg n) ; Wellbutrin XL 300 (m) and Verahexal SR 240.
Avatar f tn Evening primrose oil may lower the seizure threshold and use is contraindicated in patients with seizure disorders, schizophrenia, or individuals receiving anti-seizure or anti-psychotic medications. Therefore, before using this herbal supplement for hair loss I would consult your doctor to see if it is appropriate or if they can recommend something else due to you taking Seroquel (which is classified as an anti-psychotic agent).
277174 tn?1189851979 Medical conditions, seizure disorder, herniated disc repai, nausea vomiting, unexplained pain beh, behind eyes, would like to get be, get better A little about me:I am a 42 yr old female with lots of health problems that have been hard to diagnose and some are unusual for my life consists of taking pills, undergoing medical tests and procedures trying to find the root of the problems, recently its been nausea and vomiting for 18 months.
Avatar n tn This can include Parkinson's disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, multiple sclerosis, various brain masses, metabolic disorders (i.e. electrolyte abnormalities as well as thyroid disorders). In any case, a neurology referral should be obtained for further evaluation. There are a variety of tests for initial consideration including an MRI of the brain, chemistry panel, thyroid tests, and complete blood count.
Avatar f tn my son shows sighns of madness to be blunt he is scary and has multible personalities they say he is ADHD but im sure i think he has other disorders please help he is a clever well looked after boy of 14 on ritalin for adhd but to no effect he has no friends gets bullied and its making me ill as he wants to be alone a lot of the time raws pictures of death and guns a lot and hides things he never showes any emotions and has trouble interacting with his peers
Avatar n tn These findings on the MRI can be seen in any infection, inflammation or malignancy involving the central nervous system. White matter odema is seen in primary demyelinating disorders, infectious, neoplastic, post-traumatic and metabolic disorders .Angiopathy could be seen in leucoencephalopathy, stroke, hypertension or collagen vascular diseases like SLE etc.A clinical correlation of MRI findings is very important. Write to me again with more details. Best wishes and regards!
1402028 tn?1280861935 Hi, Thank you for your update. Zonisimide is indicated for seizure disorders while Amitriptyline is an antidepressant drug. Some of the side effects of Zonisimide include dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and trouble sleeping. (
1428779 tn?1283062408 It sucked for him because he had a family and he had to go do dialysis 3 times a week with 5 hours every time. Thats like a part time job. I dont even know how he and his family made a living, but they must have because he and my dad were always buying cars parts and putting cars together. I always told my mom I never wanted to have kidney disease because I felt so bad for that man. Well, maybe I dont even have it.
Avatar m tn The connection between Alzheimer's and depression has been known for years. The big mystery, though, is exactly how (and if) one affects the other. "Is the depression a consequence of the dementia? Do both problems develop from the same underlying problems in the brain? Or does the relationship of depression with dementia have nothing to do with dementia-related pathology?" asks Robert S. Wilson, PhD, neuropsychologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.
671812 tn?1232478182 Ive heard that after people have head injuries they can develop seizure disorders. For me, stress is a tbig rigger for seizures. After I have tonic clonic seizures (grand mal) my whole body gets really numb-but that could be entirely different from how you feel. But Im not familiar with some of the things you listed. Find a primary doctor or maybe your health insurance could provide you with one.
Avatar f tn Topamax, in higher doses (about 200mg), is mainly a seizure medication. I had not experienced such episodes until I began Topamax, but it did its job in preventing my daily headaches.
Avatar f tn 43PM I originally posted this in the wrong area. Tags: disorders, conversion, stress We are in need of finding a qualified doctor who can review our sons medical records and determine if there is something else going on besides NES/Conversion Disorder.
Avatar m tn After all of these test went down I ended up having what the EMT's stated was a seizure, and that I was clonic tonic after. The neurologist since has referred me to a psychiatrist to check for psychosomatic seizures. The psychiatrist is stating that this is not the issue, and he thinks it's neurological and referred me back to my neurologist.
Avatar n tn Recently I had a grandmal seizure and was put back on anti-seizure med. I feel great overall and was told - maybe I don't have bipolar afterall. So...did I go through all that for nothing?
Avatar f tn The only stressful thing in her life is her job, which she loves, shes a headteacher/principal of a large school. The first sign anything was wrong was on the friday night she'd gone to bed and had just gone to sleep when her partner realised her breathing had changed, when he checked on her she appeared to be having a seizure. She wasnt aware of this and was quite surprised to find she was at the local hospital.
11104369 tn?1417365765 GABA deficiency can be linked to anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, seizure disorders like epilepsy, and numerous other conditions including addiction, headaches, Parkinson's Syndrome, and cognitive impairment. GABA's role is that of the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter and functions by down-regulating neurotransmission.
Avatar n tn EEG is a test looking for a seizure focus. Your story is somewhat unlikely to be the result of a seizure, though. I would forget that idea, even though I said it. Hope you feel better.
Avatar n tn I believe they are one in the same is that correct? Also my diagnosis was made when a neurologist ran an EEG that showed my brain having one seizure after another so small I dont know I am having them. If they are the same are you medicated to control the seizures? Do you have seizures? I get the pins and needles though I am not diebetic. I have a post in the liver disorders group that explains the rest of my story if you care to read it.
Avatar n tn my headaches are so server i have to put an ice pack on my front forehead head and on my neck as it is burning up so much right were the skull and neck meet..3 days ago i had what to be believed as a seizure which lasted for about 3 minuets..anyways my questions are this..are my HIV test conclusive...
Avatar n tn I strongly recommend that you see a neurologist right away. Seizure disorders are normally very treatable with medications. Untreated, seizures can lead to eventual brain damage. They can also be very disruptive to your life. You could have one while driving, and have a serious accident. You could lose your driver's license or job. My mom was fired more than once because of her epilepsy.
Avatar f tn I have been told I have complex migraine syndrome,seizures, fibromyalgia,irritable bowel, irritable bladder, depression and anxiety disorders that cause me to get lost, confused, unable to focus, unable to understand what I read, unable to speak, loose time, forgetful and give me neck pain (notice I didn't say that I was upset). With the migraines, I get stuck in the aura and go in and out of pain, with numbness and tingling.
Avatar n tn These can include myositis, intervertebral disk disease, tetanus, strychnine and other poisoning, neurological disorders, exertional rhabdomyolysis, primary skeletal muscle tumors (benign or malignant), and metabolic diseases. There is a possibility that they are not muscle tremors at all, but are a kind of unusual seizure activity, that is probably why your vet requested a video tape. Maybe you could send a link for the video to us? Maybe we can help further.
Avatar f tn Then I had a international gift show to work, this was working 12 hour days for a week and then I started my period. Then I had to leave this job and go on a family vacation the very day. I've been having anxiety and bouts of depression. My Dr is on vacation and the dr on call isn't getting back with me. Any thoughts would be great! I know he'll up my meds I guess.
585414 tn?1288944902 A person who has epilepsy is rational but isn't during a seizure. You would think of them as rational. Well the difficult is my disability is "unknown". That can be changed. It will take a fair amount of research to determine the understanding of tardive psychosis, tardive dysphrenia and tardive dysmentia as a whole. Sure. But since they understand them in me then with proper documenation people will know what to do when spasms emerge.
Avatar f tn I took two a few nights ago and had a seizure (I was diagnosed with temporal lobe epilepsy when I was 13 - but by 19 I hadn't had any for a year). I don't want to increase the dosage as I think I will be on these the rest of my life, plus the more I take the harder it is to get up in the morning. I am concerned, I can't sleep as the paralysis is terrifying as are the nightmares so I need the meds. But if I take more I risk more seizures and losing my licence.