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Avatar m tn I know a 17 year old boy who was feeling lightheaded for 2 or 3 days then had a seizure and died. does anyone know what may have caused this?
Avatar f tn // What are the symptoms? Have any of you seen the seizures while it is happening? In young patients one should rule out history of injury, neurocystecercosis (tape worm infestation), electrolyte imbalance, tuberculosis, lymphoma etc. Investigations like MRI and EEG are useful in diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Im taapering off xanax and klonopin the xanax since april 23 adn i am soa fraid i have had a seizure i have a terribke head face pain for 3 days now and my eye,,,,can u have a seizure and not now it,,,,i also have chronic sinusitis,How common is it to have a seizure whike tapering off benzos been on them 18 years
Avatar f tn Once i did this next thing i knew i woke up sitting on my shower floor with my hair tangled on my shower knob, holding my head up. The only reason for me to believe it was a seizure is because i woke up to a loud banging noise, which happened to be my head hitting the wall continuously, but i didnt feel it and couldnt control it. once i stood up i was still very dizzy, confused and scared because i ended up completely turned around and on the ground of my shower.
401370 tn?1233328282 If you have very few symptoms of a seizure, but didn't endure the full blown effects (silent seizure perhaps?), can an EMG still detect it? Just wondering, because I have Lupus, and sometimes I will notice SEVERE dizzy spells for like 5 seconds,along with numbness or tingling feeling of my teeth WHILE the dizzy spells are taking place, then a weird jolt down my left arm.. (I had tests performed by my doc and they stated it wasn't heart related). Very strange..
Avatar n tn What are the causes and symptoms of anhedonia? Background:I have survived two right temporal lobe brain tumor risections, have a controlled seizure disorder, and am being treated for depression.
Avatar n tn What causes someone to have a weak leg after having an epileptic seizure (grand mal) for the first time?
Avatar n tn My son has not been well for seveal weeks now and the doctor feels he has Erythema Nodosum. The doc believes it may be a reaction to his seizure med, valproic acid. My son has been on Valproic acid for 9 years now.. Is it possible it is from the valproic? Also has low platelets and has suffered from it for a long while, can this be from the med.?
Avatar n tn some people can be incontinent while seizing, and most seizures, even the less severe type.... causes SOME kind of tremor that would be pretty obvious to a bystander. After a seizure, people report feeling very "out of it", and are often very tired, and sleep for a while...of course, you could have similar symptoms after a panic attack as well. We could guess all day, your best bet is the see the Neuro and make sure everything checks out okay. Let us know what he/she says!
Avatar n tn Hi, I sincerely feel that the symptoms which you’ve described are suggestive of partial seizures and levetiracetam(torleva) is the right drug for the same but I feel that you may not be getting adequate dosage of the same and hence there’s incomplete cure of the symptoms. I think you should discuss with your neurologist regarding increasing the dosage of Torleva which may result in an improvement of your symptoms.
Avatar f tn ) Try to see it as a personal growing experience, cos that is what I have been realizing with myself, that psychological suffering and the symptoms it causes is just letting us know that something is wrong and we need to change, to be happier and healthier. Also, you may want to post on the anxiety forum too, cos that is the most frequently visited forum and you may get more responses there!
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar n tn Hi, my son is 8 years old. We are evaluating a variety of symptoms that are continuing to worsen. He has an EEG scheduled this Friday and he actually had a seizure in the Neurologist office this week. His most major symptoms are visual hallucinations, pail, tired, expressionless, difficulty breathing, loss of comprehension, pain in the legs, continuous retching. He also suffers from migraine with aura, but all of the symptoms are rapidly increasing over the past six weeks.
5700140 tn?1372655364 Hello, Lamictal causes serious withdrawal reactions. These withdrawal effects are more severe compared to side effects. The common symptoms seen with withdrawal are moodiness, lethargy, headaches, tingling, suicidal tendencies etc.Lamictral should not be stopped abruptly it should be done slowly. It is suggested to report these symptoms to your doctor. If the symptoms are severe or persistent you may need emergency medical help. Keep me posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn Hello - I've just been diagnosed with Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy confirmed through MRI, CT Scan and presence of Hoffmann's sign. My symptoms began after a seizure in late 2004 (my first and only) while recovering from my second shunt revision within 1 year. Symptoms at first were very gradual but now progressing. Is there a possible cause/effect between the siezure and the myelopathy. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
1810724 tn?1316936524 And when people such as yourself start looking for explanations to their symptoms, MS always comes up. It is very common to happen that way and always causes lot of concern. Now that you have this thought, you need to pursue it with the doctors, get any additional testing done, and in the meantime try not to worry too much about the possibility. IF this is MS, then you will have to learn a whole lot more about it and how it can affect your life.
Avatar f tn Postictal (following seizure) changes can just be part of the effects of the seizure, but these typically last a few hours or at most days. Children with epilepsy can have behavioral changes as a result of their reaction to the diagnosis if they understand it. In addition, patients with epilepsy are at higher risk of developing depression, and in children, this depression may be expressed as behavioral changes and agitation rather than the more typical symptoms of depression.
Avatar f tn The last one lasted three days and on the 3rd day I suffered vision loss while washing dishes then had a seizure. I live alone but I was aware that I was going to have a seizure and remember falling to the floor. An hour later I awoke and had bitten my tongue and had great difficulty walking. Was this due to the migraine???? Never had this happen and did not go tohospital. I was a nurse before I became disabled with RSD and don't trust medical proffesions.
2030686 tn?1351692148 Around the same time as the seizure I started a treatment that causes muscle pain/fatigue and flu like symptoms. I contributed the back pain to the treatment as I was told it would probably get worse. Is it possible that all this time I've been dealing with an injury from the fall. Could this shoulder pain be related as well, even though it's been 3 months? The pain wakes me up at night and makes it hard to stand at times.
Avatar n tn It is used there for neurocardiogenic syncope. I am wondering what about my syncope or seizure episode post made you think of dysautonomia? I ask this because my last neuro told me he suspects that I have it. I would, also, like to know what does it mean to have it? Is there a course it usually takes? Oh, and in another recent post (...crazy little things...) you said something about a deep breathing test,can you tell me about it?
Avatar f tn None of my doctors know what is going on or why they are happening. All the tests are negative, yet the symptoms are very real. The only time I do not have symptoms is while I am asleep or if I am intently concentrating on a task. So none of this makes any sense. The doctors say they do not even think it is dystonia, nothing totally fits. I am completely concious during an attack and aware of my surroundings, I am just unable to control my body.
Avatar n tn WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF HYPOGLYCEMIA? Hypoglycemia causes the body to release adrenaline. The adrenaline functions to restore and maintain blood glucose levels by mobilizing stored glycogen and fat, converting them into glucose. In turn, the released adrenaline causes symptoms of nervous system stimulation, such asanxiety, sweating, tremor, palpitations, nausea, and pallor. Hypoglycemia also starves the brain of glucose energy, which is essential for proper brain function.
880221 tn?1240423082 Could the Benaryl have been one of the causes? Can low blood pressure cause a seizure? Since then I have I have been feeling fine. I have had a few minor headaches when something becomes stressful, and lately due to the heat I think. I haven't been back to work and half of my classes ended early, so I am less stressed. I was told by a neurologist that they were more then likely caused by stress and lack of sleep and that it is more then likely just a one time freak incident.
2132141 tn?1335681674 But they are often more intense, causing the abnormal muscle contraction described in the above link, including forced turning of the head, affecting one side of the body (one eye twitching) and my neck muscles tense up. Thankfully, I don't notice any other symptoms other than muscle contractions and tingling sensations, and the events last only 2-5 seconds. Another trigger can be changes in temperature.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone - Background: I have a 3-4 yr old black lab. She had her first seizure about 5 weeks ago (gran mal) - lasted 2 minutes, and she bounced back perfectly fine. We immediately took her to the ER that night, and her vet the following day. All her tests and blood work came back perfect except she has Valley Fever, found out last week (we live in Arizona).
Avatar f tn I am a 23-year-old female. I think I may have experienced a seizure yesterday for the first time. My symptoms were severe, but not painful, tingling in my arms, legs, and face; and near-inability to open my hands from a semi-clenched position. At one point, just after sitting up from a reclined position, my thighs also shook for a few seconds. While experiencing these symptoms, my emotions were severely heightened, as well--naturally, I was terrified, but I was also crying uncontrollably.