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Avatar f tn Stress causes seizures and different things I even get stressed out.
Avatar n tn Thank for the feedback kindd, Kindd I have got an MRI & 2 EEG scans done in the last month. All the reports say that there is no abnormal activity in either of the reports, they are perfectly fine. The neurologist doctor i have been showing to has increased my dosage to 1500 mg Torleva, 10 mg Frisium, Met Neurobion, Melzap MD.
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
327385 tn?1378364331 Stress can indirectly also affect patients with seizure. It causes an increase in cortisol levels which influences seizure activity. Have you been investigated for your seizures? What medicines have you been taking? If you have been taking antiepileptic regularly then seizures should be controlled. You need to discuss with your neurologist if any dose adjustments of your antiepileptic drug needs to be done or any alternative drug needs to be taken. Hope it helps. Take care and good luck!
Avatar n tn Anything that causes physical and mental stress can lower your threshold for seizure such as infection, sleep deprivation, and dehydration as well as neurological problems such as bleeding around the prior stroke area or syndromes that would cause strokes in younger women like vasculitis. She should have had a proper workup at the time of the stroke, but perhaps a CT scan to make sure everything is ok now would be in order or an EEG.
Avatar n tn does arguments between paretns cause it to be come stress.. do thins you eat cause it.. what causes a seizure.. absent or mettima?? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/295485'>absent seizures</a>.
880221 tn?1240423082 Could the Benaryl have been one of the causes? Can low blood pressure cause a seizure? Since then I have I have been feeling fine. I have had a few minor headaches when something becomes stressful, and lately due to the heat I think. I haven't been back to work and half of my classes ended early, so I am less stressed. I was told by a neurologist that they were more then likely caused by stress and lack of sleep and that it is more then likely just a one time freak incident.
Avatar n tn His dr finally put him on anti anxiety medication but he hates taking pills so he stopped taking them and now takes xanax as soon as he knows he will do something that causes stress or when he starts to feel stressed. It may be a coincidence but he saw a dr in Overland Park. That dr did nothing!!! It was his GP that got the test results and prescribed the meds. If you have any other questions please feel free to message me! This can be horrible and deeply affect relationships.
Avatar n tn The EEG and MRI came back normal, as did all the blood work. My doctor put me on muscle relaxers and valium to help with the leg cramping/spasms. So far, they are not helping. The nighttime leg cramps are still going on. They are still very painful. And now, I get them during the day, which had not happened before. They happen when I am standing or sitting. I cannot figure out what triggers them.
Avatar n tn She will also take Motrin when she gets a headache or her knee starts swelling from standing or walking too much. She has experienced 2 episodes described as possible seizure by her doctor, although they couldn't confirm seizure. The first was 6 months post stroke, the other (yesterday) at 11 months. Both occurred while working (part-time). Work involves standing at a demonstration and sales booth for long periods (a biz she has owned for 20 years).
Avatar f tn I began having episodes of what the doctors are now calling "Seizure Like Activity" on September 14th 2008. I have had an MRI both with and without contrast along with an EEG, all were negative. They have tried me on ativan, and several other medications; including neurontin. The medications lessen the severity of the "SLA's" but so far nothing has stopped them. They range from very mild to very severe with both tonic and clonic movements.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm new to the site and have found it extremely helpful. I have had Type I diabetes for 10 years now, and have never come across something so useful before. Keep up the great work^^ Onto my question. A couple of weeks ago, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance secondary to a "low blood sugar seizure." I have no recollection of a four hour period before I went to sleep, and then 3 hours after I was found seizing and taken to the emergency room.
Avatar f tn That is just due to stress or extreme stress, isn't it? I feel neurotic for asking. Stress on top of stress may have tipped the balance but at which point should a person feel concerned. My doctor says that everything is stress-related. I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I shouldn't need to phone him and ask him about this should I? I'm sure it's just stress. At worst a migraine brought on by excessive computer use due to me trying to distract from other stuff. Sounds feasible.
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure what caused her seizure but I've seen stress myopathy in wild birds and it causes them to seize, pass out, even die at times. Perhaps the way she was handled caused her unusual stress. Did they give her anything while she was in there in the way of meds? For now keep her in a quiet, darkened room and warm. If she does it again, get her to the vet.
Avatar n tn As soon as she finished my daughter said she was dizzy, then her body slumped to her left side and she had a minor seizure. It lasted only about 30 seconds and she just jerked lightly. When it was over she couldn't remember it but said right before it felt like someone put something on her head and like a fuzzy tv set was going off in her head. After she was white as could be and they had her lie down and put her feet high in the air to get blood going back to her head.
Avatar m tn They should do a Video EEG and run a lot of blood work on your dad and also have them do a EKG. Stress is a big thing that causes Seizures,so if there has been any changes in his life .They could be causing him to have Seizures. Family history of Seizures. Medicines he may be on or had been on in the past could be causing them,Because a lot of Medicines have side effects. I would look up everything he has been on or is on and see what the side effects of the Medicines are.
Avatar m tn is strep that causes folliculitis the same strep that causes strep throat?wow i am falling asleep from typing this i will try more later thanks as always .
Avatar f tn Hi, my 17 yro son was found last week, on the ground, across the street from his HS. Apparently he was having a severe Grand Mal Seizure. EMS reported he had been seizing for at least 15 minutes. Verset was administered to stop his seizing. However, he has a history of neg reaction to Versed as well as many other medications. This is due to a medobolic disorder, which causes various reactions and poor metabolizing of all drug's.
Avatar f tn Three days ago, I had seizure like activity(was aware the whole time) but my body was jerking. Since then I have stuttered speech. The mouth twitches are also on the right side now. I do get twitches from time to time throughout different parts of body. Last night my toes were twitching.Sometimes, my legs feel rubbery when I walk. The mouth twitch seems to be the most consistent. Even if I talk slowly, still have trouble. I've never had a stuttering problem in my life.
Avatar n tn I worked a lot this summer in a very high-stress environment, and my school is also very demanding. I've been in almost perfect health until last summer when I fainted after slamming my finger in a cash register, and vomiting the next day (it had been about eight years since I last got sick). Since then I've had several cases of nausea, especially after I moved to my new school, which is in a place approx. 7000 ft in elevation (I lived in sea level all my life.
Avatar n tn Other syptoms Ive read about are blurred/double vision dues to fact it is close to the optic nerve, nausea (althoug this may be stress related), tingeling in extremities, panic attacks (again stress related and could be depended on the fact that the pineal gland is in the primitive instinct part of the brain that controls sex drive and fight or flight responses) and dizzyness (in my experience part of a panic attack).
Avatar m tn Yesterday my brother, who is an 18 year old male who is in good shape, eats and exercises on the average and has no real major health concerns except for slight asthma, had a episode where he stated that he first had chest pain and (it had happened before but went away within a couple minutes) then as he was walking across the hall, just fell into a semi unconcious state and was twitching like he had a seizure.
Avatar n tn which is initiated by the autonomic (the nerve controlling blood flow to the brain and heart. It causes temporary shut down of blood supply to the brain, which causes fainting. Allowing the body to relax enabling normal breathing. I have had it for years, suggest that when one starts bad coughing immediately pull off the road if driving, but be prepared to faint, putting yourself in a safe position.
Avatar m tn A complete neurological examination and diagnostic tests such as EEG may help rule this out. Seizure disorders may have many possible causes/ triggers and occurs when there is a disturbance to the normal pattern of neuron activity in the brain. This includes brain tumors, alcoholism, heart attack, and other conditions that deprive the brain of oxygen and even from stress,anxiety, hormones, lack of sleep, alcohol,smoking and caffeine. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn What my husband neglected to tell me until tonight is that when he came to and before the doctor got to him, the nurses asked if he'd ever had a seizure before (he hasn't) and told him that in addition to fainting, he'd also had a convulsion! I asked him what the doctor said about it, and he said he didn't ask the doctor and the doctor didn't mention it.
Avatar f tn Doc said that also since it had been a few hours since I'd eaten AND it was very hot in the car that those things probably contributed to the vasovagral related seizure. A soccer ball to the stomach (my son also plays) causes sudden intense pain and inability to breath which prbably caused his blood pressure to drop vasovagral episode.This in turn caused a seizure.Doc told me that it probably wont happen again.Hope all is well for your son.
Avatar m tn the neurologist ordered a spinal tap for next week and prescribed me lamictal ( i don t take it cause i never had a seizure and was sceptical about epilepsy) blood count is almost normal except high eosinophils(610/mm3, 8%) and more lymphocytes (58%) than neutrophils (32%) ps: my doc initially tried me on various antidepressants to no avail as well as benzodiaz├ępines. I m still on benzos but they barely help.