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Avatar f tn my 6 year old lab had a seizure today. his second. he had an episode in nov. i raced him to the vet on that occasion. they charged me 230, and told me he had a tummy ache. he has some lesions on his forelegs, he won't leave them alone, with the licking! they are much better now, but they seem to be holding some fluid. yes, the vet saw those too. seemed to be not concerned. he is a hunting dog, and being a lab, he will go straight through brush and thorns.
Avatar m tn I don't think people who have a seizure remember the seizure, but he definitely had something. Maybe it's a thyroid problem. He needs to be seen, but an ER is the slowest, most expensive and least efficient way to do it.
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone - Background: I have a 3-4 yr old black lab. She had her first seizure about 5 weeks ago (gran mal) - lasted 2 minutes, and she bounced back perfectly fine. We immediately took her to the ER that night, and her vet the following day. All her tests and blood work came back perfect except she has Valley Fever, found out last week (we live in Arizona).
Avatar f tn He checked his blood sugar and he said it was 68 which he explained was very low for a dog that age. He also had a fever of 104. The vet decided to keep him and he told me the prognosis was not good, that he believed that he was poisoned. To make a long story short the vet called me Saturday morning and told me that Chewy had a seizure 15 minutes after I left him at the vet. He also told me that he started him on Phenobarbital 3 ml morning and evening.
Avatar f tn Her temp seems to have regulated. Cause for seizure is unknown. We are awaiting results on the valley fever. Adrenal US tests are wanting to be done before further brain imaging. I've never thought I'd be the pet parent to say when is too much too much, but I'm now a good 6k into this kid (broken leg and other things) but she is just not herself. Other then the fact that she can walk and breath on her own she is practically a vegetable.
Avatar n tn My 11 year old son suffered a local seizure in left leg followed by a general seizure in 3 hrs. he was suffering frm high fever and was on malaria drug along with doxycycline. his reports like MRI, veinography, CFS, EEG AND OTHER BLOOD TESTS R NORMAL.what could be the reason of seizure? will it repeat. what r the precautions to be taken.
Avatar m tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Simplest causes of seizure are high fever, hypoglycemia and electrolyte imbalance. Withdrawal of certain drugs can precipitate seizures. Other serious causes are brain tumors, Alzhiemer’s, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, infections of brain, and transient ischemic attacks. Proper investigations will need to be carried out to diagnose the cause. It would be wise not to drive until then and operate heavy machinery.
Avatar n tn Yes, a low hematocrit uincreases the probability of fainting, but it is the systemic vasodilation causing increase in venous capacitance that causes the momentary looss of consciousness. Fever is part of the immune system. Certain organisms can only replicate between a narrow range of temperatures, and elevating the blood temperature is one way to destroy the infection.
Avatar m tn The various us causes of seizures in children include febrile seizures, which occur when an infection associated with high fever develops. Other causes can be infections, metabolic disorders, drugs, medications, bleeding inside the brain. It could be something else mimicking a seizure like fainting, breath holding spells, night terrors, migraines and psychiatric disturbances.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thanks for the update. Almost 70 % of tapeworm infection of the brain causes seizure. It can mimic brain tumor also. Neurocysticercosis is caused by a tapeworm found in pigs and may be obtained with contamination from food, water or surfaces contaminated with feces. Other symptoms include gastrointestinal ones such as nausea, abdominal discomfort, etc. Continue with your health evaluation and just know that we will be here anytime you need us Take care always.
Avatar m tn But again you would have a very high fever and flu like symptoms. The fever is one key symptom. 5. You also haven't been tested for Lymes disease and its co-infections right? Chronic lyme can cause a lot of your symptoms if left untreated for a long period of time. 6.Yes urine is the standard sample for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. So that is fine. 7. Adenovirus is a mild infection and wouldn't cause these symptoms. Hope this answers your questions. Remember, one day at a time.
Avatar f tn Roseola has been going around here (Like Chix Pox) Imagine my daughter had a fever of 104! If a fever hits 105 and above the threat of seizure is much greater. Basically Roseola causes very high fever, the baby gets better after like 3-4 days and then a pimply rash appears and it goes away. Just a thought. Yes, a mild temp (99-100) can accompany teething but above that it could be something else.
Avatar n tn which is initiated by the autonomic (the nerve controlling blood flow to the brain and heart. It causes temporary shut down of blood supply to the brain, which causes fainting. Allowing the body to relax enabling normal breathing. I have had it for years, suggest that when one starts bad coughing immediately pull off the road if driving, but be prepared to faint, putting yourself in a safe position.
165078 tn?1255610007 On Friday I took her to CHOP when her temp hit 102 afraid of a seizure and then yesterday out of no-where she has another seizure. No temp from Friday until yesterday and the fever spiked within minutes without warning and boom. She was at my MIL's house I got home from work in 10 minutes normally a 30 minute drive and attempted to take her to CHOP myself but I had to pull over and call 911 from the road when she would not wake up anymore. (still breathing). They took us to St.
Avatar m tn We recommend, as was the case in your pet, to run bloodwork, to identify any underlying conditions. There are numerous causes of seizure activity including, but not limited to, heart abnormalities, liver diseases, toxins, bacterial or viral infections, internal parasitism, congenital defects, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), storage diseases, fungal infections, kidney disease, trauma, neoplasia (cancer), etc.
Avatar m tn Yesterday my brother, who is an 18 year old male who is in good shape, eats and exercises on the average and has no real major health concerns except for slight asthma, had a episode where he stated that he first had chest pain and (it had happened before but went away within a couple minutes) then as he was walking across the hall, just fell into a semi unconcious state and was twitching like he had a seizure.
215234 tn?1305146561 Could you make a list for me of all the plants you have at home? Could you post it? Honey I honestly don't think seizures are to be taken lightly. Tell me, has her brain been checked? Any MRIs or Scans? You probably did blood work, but blood work does not show whether there is a fracture in the brain, a leakage, or any other kind of issues. How do you know her central nervous system is 100% good?
Avatar f tn What is the type of seizures, focal or generalized? How long was the seizure and was there loss of consciousness during seizure? How was his behavior during and after seizure? What all investigation has been done? What is the level of Serum. Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Serum. Sodium in his body? What is the level of sugars? There are seizures which are focal in origin; hence they occur in particular part of body. Keep me informed if you have any queries. Bye.
172826 tn?1423426556 The seizure is often the first sign of a fever. The first febrile seizure is one of life's most frightening moments for parents. Most parents are afraid that their child will die or have brain damage. Thankfully, simple febrile seizures are harmless. There is no evidence that simple febrile seizures cause death, brain damage, epilepsy, mental retardation, a decrease in IQ, or learning difficulties.
Avatar n tn The Pheno med is really strong, and if diagnosis is Lyme than you get anibiotic, right? Why the Pheno, maybe seizure came from high fever??? Ask a lot of questions when talking w/vets.... I am very sorry for this most unfortunate situation w/your little friend, and wish you and yours a speedy recovery, and hope you get more answers...
Avatar f tn My daughter is a cosmetologist and she told me the topo causes the hair follicles to close. What has fallen out, wont grow back, but the hair loss should stop when you discontinue the drug. The Topo really messed up my cycle too. I think my adrenals took a hard hit from just two weeks on the drug. For me it was not worth it. I was stupid, depressed and started having panic attacks on it. I would loose blocks of time. Huge blocks.
Avatar n tn This went on for a year and half and now she will get a low grade fever and have a seizure from it. I can understand the frustration, it has be hard on her. The only thing we have found is sinus problems and she takes allery medicine and it is the first thing in a long time that has helped. Now she has blood in her urine and have no idea where that is coming from. I almost need to hear a sound problem, it would at least be easier to handle.
Avatar n tn During the few days before his fever he is extremely fatigued- tired enough that he falls asleep sitting up. A CBC was done and indicated that he was anemic (his H&H was ~10 and ~30). Two weeks later, his H&H was normal. His doctor has ordered another CBC, Hepatic function, ANA, RA, Cocci, CRP, UA with C&S, Blood cultures, sed rate. The results of these tests are not back yet. Is there anything else that his doctor should be testing?
Avatar f tn I have been searching for information regarding child seizures without a fever and everything I have read says that if there a seizure but no fever then it could be epilepsy. The hospital gave me Midazolam just encase she has another seizure, Im just frightened that the abulance will be 30 minutes again or longer and she may stop breathing before they get to us or that she gets brain damage because of the length of time she has the seizure.
Avatar n tn Well, just to add our story...very similar. My son, 20 months has been having periodic fevers every 2-3 weeks for the last three months. The scary thing with him is he also has febrile seizures. He has had three in the last three months...and they are bad. The last one he went in to respiratory arrest and almost died. He was in ICU for several days and in the hospital for 11 days. He ended up with aspiration pneumonia from the seizure. But the culprit are these fevers.
Avatar n tn After that night I became extremely alert and worried. The last time I had a seizure was when I was really small and my mom says it was because I had a high fever. At the time I thought I was just sitting too long from all that driving and I thought all the change from coming to college was causing me stress so I did not pay enough attention. My friend's mother is a nurse so I followed my friend to see her. She told me she had no idea and told me I should seek help.
Avatar f tn Blood and thyroid checked ok, still have cold feeling. No fever, but something is wrong. Nerves maybe?? Sending wrong signals to my body. Sooner or later someone will figure it out, hopefuly my doc will.
Avatar n tn An infection?? Has she been treated with a strong dose of antibiotics?? The seizure is due to the fever, the fever is due to the infection as is the high white blood cell count. Has your daughter any other symptoms?? Have you seen the doctor and had her treated??
Avatar f tn He was active. Within 3 hours of sleeping, he had his seizure. The first one, the fever came on in less than half an hour and he got his seizure. The first seizure, his mouth frothed and it lasted about 3-4 mins. The second one was about 4-5 mins. During the first seizure, after he had stopped convulsing, he stopped breathing altogether – it was almost a minute before my husband blew into his mouth and he started coughing and breathing again.