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Avatar n tn My sister in law who is 25 had a seizure last night. She is in reasonably good health but I suspect that she doesn't always take care of herself. She is some what of a workahaulic. Anyways, I have noticed that sinus infections seem to be one common reason. Is there other types of infections or viruses that can cause this? All her "tests" came back normal. What is it that they test for exactly? I am worried because they just sent her home.
Avatar n tn now my brain skips a beat and it causes me to have a seizure. Please be careful if u do. I know it's hard after having kids. I went from 125 to 235 with my first. then 10 months later 2nd I was at 240. I have worked my butt off literly. i am at 130 5'7 . I feel good, cause I know how hard I worked. No miricle drug is out there. I looked. You are a great weight for your height. Try lifting and toning. It will make u feel better. You don't need to lose weight.
Avatar m tn It is more likely that you have no one specific seizure trigger, which is the case for most seizure disorders. The sleep study should be very revealing. Also useful is a 72-hour ambulatory EEG, or a 24-hour video EEG (performed in a hospital setting). I hope you can find out what is going on and begin effective treatment soon.
1285110 tn?1420150978 He had a congenital heart problem which resulted in 3 holes and a ruptured valve being repaired when he was 5 months old - the mitral valve has aupper end of moderate eccentric regurge leak and at some point will need a replacement. Last year he had a grand mal seizure - with no apparent cause - he was put on to phenytoin for 6 months but as it stayed below theraputic levels and he had no sign of further seizures he was weened off it.
880221 tn?1240423082 Could the Benaryl have been one of the causes? Can low blood pressure cause a seizure? Since then I have I have been feeling fine. I have had a few minor headaches when something becomes stressful, and lately due to the heat I think. I haven't been back to work and half of my classes ended early, so I am less stressed. I was told by a neurologist that they were more then likely caused by stress and lack of sleep and that it is more then likely just a one time freak incident.
Avatar m tn Hello Everyone - Background: I have a 3-4 yr old black lab. She had her first seizure about 5 weeks ago (gran mal) - lasted 2 minutes, and she bounced back perfectly fine. We immediately took her to the ER that night, and her vet the following day. All her tests and blood work came back perfect except she has Valley Fever, found out last week (we live in Arizona).
209227 tn?1242350345 It did affect my memory and was put on seizure medication for 6 months. In you're opinion was this a seizure? Because I feel it was not. Opinions are greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn It has been two days since his last seizure but he still hasn't fully recovered, he doesn't know his commands, the people in the house ( including me ), or the other dogs and cats in the house. I want to know if he will even recover from this or if there is something I can do to help. He keeps pacing and whining, even in the middle of the night. Should I bring him in again? Could there be something more serious going on?
Avatar n tn Now, a few days ago, I woke up having a spasm, like I normally do, and then it almost seemed to crawl up my body and I had a seizure. Two people witnessed it. I was taken to the ER and had a ct scan, all ok. Now I am seeing a neurologist. I had an EEG done, also ok, but have a 72 hour EEG and a brain MRI scheduled. During the day, my calfs cramp up and I get tingling sensations in my legs, sometimes my arms a little.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm new to the site and have found it extremely helpful. I have had Type I diabetes for 10 years now, and have never come across something so useful before. Keep up the great work^^ Onto my question. A couple of weeks ago, I was taken to the hospital by ambulance secondary to a "low blood sugar seizure." I have no recollection of a four hour period before I went to sleep, and then 3 hours after I was found seizing and taken to the emergency room.
3187528 tn?1344809110 About two months ago my 3 year old Jack-a-Bee went into a mild seizure. We rushed him to the vet and he couldn't find anything wrong. Said that it's common for dogs to have seizures and to keep a log if he has anymore. Exactly one month after his first he had his second one in the middle of the night. This is when I decided that maybe his weight had something to do with it. So I cut back on the amount of food I gave him and started walking him for 20 minutes every day.
94007 tn?1224766336 Thats not good. As some of you may remember, he is disabled and on seizure meds which can CAUSE liver damage. How much of that damage comes from the meds its hard to say. He is going to treat in the fall but is switching to another med - Keppra. Is anyone familiar with it? We cant see how he does off the meds because treatment lowers the seizure threshhold. Lots of complications and unanswered questions. That can only be answered by experience - doc is concerned.
Avatar m tn is strep that causes folliculitis the same strep that causes strep throat?wow i am falling asleep from typing this i will try more later thanks as always .
Avatar f tn She is just coming out of a second week long stay in the hospital (first because she would turn blue suddenly during her first cold and most recently due to RSV complications). During the first 11 day stay, she started exhibiting seizure like behavior - suddenly dropping into a dreamlike state - eyes rolled back into head, sometimes her hands or feet would move rythmically, a couple of times her O2 sats fell into the high 70's (O2 blow-by was used and immediately she returned to 100).
Avatar f tn The immune system attack of the nervous system causes this imflammation.Once the tissue is inflamed chronically; calcium can deposit and form a hardened scar. Due to the scar, seizures develop and can be difficult to control with normal seizure medications. Gluten free diet will be helpful.Lymes disease can also cause seizures and calcifications in the brain. Treatment of the cause is very important for any illness or disease. I do hope it helps. Take care and regards!
897333 tn?1280394878 It can really give some helpful information as to causes of the seizure. Bloodwork can point out problems with the liver and kidneys, which can and do causes seizures. And, if these conditions show up, your vet will help you change up her diet and give your kitty added quality of life. I really do agree with you about not doing anything invasive-I'm in the same boat w/ my 17 yr old-but, I do believe in bloodwork and other noninvasive tests!
Avatar f tn There is also another medication that is in a plastic syringe that you can inject slowly in his 'behind' when is having a seizure to prevent brain damage (if the seizure goes for a long time) if you don't want him on medication, though he would have to be insight 24/7 and you have to sleep sometime. I would suggest you see an epileptic specialist if you haven't already, since vets do not know too extensively about seizures.
495862 tn?1209785690 I have a dog who has seizures and it does sound like the same thing your dog is suffering. Pooh Bear drools a lot right after a seizure. During a seizure, his eyes are real big, he gets stiff, can't respond, sometimes he rocks back and forth when he is trying to fight it. My dog is 11 years old and just started having seizures 2 years ago. I would have more test run. It could be something simple like his/her diet or it could be diabetes, or other diseases.
Avatar f tn So, what dose did everyone here have their success? And what type of diet/eating plan and exercise plan did you do to help it along? I'm desperate to lose 40 lbs (half of which I gained on Zoloft-no longer taking). PLEASE respond if you had any weightloss on this drug, I'm very curious. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
604197 tn?1292308636 Now everything has to have enough salt on it that it is white, I drink Tabasco out of the bottle for a mild feeling in the mouth. My diet is the pits, I know what to eat, but have no interest in it. Sorry to ramble on, will let it go as that.
Avatar n tn I went to see a neurologist, who diagnosed me with complex partial seizures, but after several attempts to capture a seizure on EEG, nothing happened and I was told that maybe I don't have epilepsy after all. I went and got a second opinion, and this neuro told me that I have vertebrobasilar migraines, but I never have headaches?? She put me on Inderal, and a day or 2 later I started having ringing in my ears that is synchronous with my heart beat.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old male. Anyway - I felt very tired after many months of poor sleep. I put my diet on raw food. But then I messed up my stomach and felt even worse. I had an upper endoscope done and nothing was found and had an ultrasound check for my organs: liver etc. Everything was normal. After time my stomach started feel better. I slept longer too. This happened last spring. But I felt I was experiencing headaches or strange feeling mainly on the right side of my head.
Avatar f tn They can also occur due to neurological changes - the disease can disrupt nerve pathways, which the causes seizures to occur. I would suggest you have a read of a few of my articles, which I am sure will help you plan how to manage Boey's illness. Of course, you need a good vet to support you too. Diet is extremely important - so make sure you read that one, if none of the others. Get back after you've read these articles and ask any questions you may have. http://www.infobarrel.
Avatar n tn I am wondering what could be the causes of my HIGH SGPT...? I drink moderately (occassionally;I quit for a month now when the doctor told me to...),don't. smoke,i swim 1-2km 4 times a week for three months now,i work in a laboratory (in the copper mines)... The doctor told me not drink alcohol and have "ESSENTIALE"2x a day;aside from that, there are no other restrictions... yet..
Avatar n tn I don't think anxiety causes seizures. Are you sure about this? Is he on any medications? For example, benzodiazapenes? Because if he's using them and stopping them abruptly it can cause seizures. Have the doctors told you anxiety is causing his seizures?
Avatar n tn Things such as alcohol, poor diet, obeseity, viral hepatitis and medication. These are some of the most common causes although there are many more.
Avatar f tn my husband recently had a seizure and was hospitalized. during this time he was told that the dilantin level in his blood was very low,thus the reason for the seizure. they have placed him on pills to raise it back up. But we are a lil confused. Is there another name for Dilantin? (I heard its Plasma). also is it something that everyone naturally has in their blood? And what causes the level to be low? Is there anything he can do naturally to keep it up besides taking pills?
Avatar m tn Well, how is your daughter doing? Does she still have seizure? Why were ketogenic diet started? I think phenobarbitone levels are very high; you need to start skipping the dose and bring back levels to normal acceptable range. You can keep it higher limit of normal, but not extremely high. What is the normal range the doctor has mentioned? Why is such high level of Phenobarbitone needed? Phenobarbitone will cause drowsiness in your child.
Avatar f tn Could this have caused her seizure? Should we be looking at other causes of seizure? Should stroke be a concern? What should she expect as far as treatment for this condition? Are there specific questions she should ask her neurologist? Is there a way to shrink or dissipate these calcium deposits? She has not had any head injuries or traumatic injuries. She is afraid and was hoping to gather some additional information before speaking with her neurologist tomorrow.