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327385 tn?1378364331 i gota lot to think about till this thursday and want any imput. my seizure spealist wants to put me in the hospital from 2-4 days and have seizure induced eegs. im little on edge on that because i would be alone. my sspealist wants me to think about having a vns implanted and told me it was mri safe. i really wanted that done before and was told i couldent have mris just 3 years ago. i was told my seizures will only get worse .
Avatar n tn He sent us a brochure since it is hereditary and my husband has all the symptoms described, along with our oldest daughter. The daughter who had the AVM had mild nosebleeds but not as much as my husband and older daughter. The brochure listed cranial AVM's as possible side effects of the disease and now we wonder if she had the AVM due to HHT, not due to the 'luck of the draw'. We are trying to gather as much info as we can regarding this disease and it's possible connection with the AVM.
754228 tn?1233714351 I was given the little brochure to read. The side effects listed were very minor and I should have said no. I asked the dr if Mikaela was too young for it and wouldnt it be better to wait awhile. She told me no, its better to do it now before she becomes exposed to the HPV virus. She got the 1st Gardasil shot plus the varicella booster.
412969 tn?1224337848 Everyday for a month now, i have received a brochure or two in the mail telling me how wonderful, or horrible one of our presidential candidates is, and how i should cast my vote, or not cast my vote. it wouldnt be so bad, except these pamphlets are very well made, glossy, shiny, well constructed, nice coloring, and obviously very expensive to make,fold,and ship.
607502 tn?1288251140 By the time I was on 8mg, I fell on the floor and felt I was passing away. One doc said a seizure, another said only hysterical. So i stopped it unfortunately and to my great sadness. Yet I know a lady who is taking for years lamictal+seroquel and doing pretty pretty well. So nobody knows !!! hopefully you will find suitable. HOPE so indeed. going back to lamictal + valporex it says in the brochure of the 1st that it mixes well with the 2nd, why, I don't know.
560706 tn?1216018488 I've been using the Nuskin Galvanic Spa facial device, and have a question about the contraindications. It lists "having epilepsy or a pacemaker" as a contraindication. Other galvanic spa distributors list MS as a contrindication as well. I've asked many Nuskin distributors and customer service reps about this, and all they say is "they're required to put this" in the brochure. No one will give ma a straight answer on this, so I'm posting it to this site.
Avatar n tn Just yesterday we found out that my husband's brother has HHT. He sent us a brochure since it is hereditary and my husband has all the symptoms described, along with our oldest daughter. The daughter who had the AVM had mild nosebleeds but not as much as my husband and older daughter. The brochure listed cranial AVM's as possible side effects of the disease and now we wonder if she had the AVM due to HHT, not due to the 'luck of the draw'.
Avatar m tn The only thought i have about them if you can read the brochure of both to see whether there is some sort of interaction between both. Otherwise they must help in depression. Out of curiosity is your doctor a pdoc or a GP because the easiest thing is to label pts as having BP. This is called la mode du siecle i.e. the new fashion. The no of BP pts is in the rise. How come you are diagnosed at the age of 40 with it, although the majority are dx in late adolescence.
Avatar m tn Every physician has a different opinion. At the thyroid association brochure states page 16, early studies have shown that some patients felt better on the combination of FT4/FT3, but improvement didn't last. It also states, T4-T3 combination might be of some help to people who have had thier whole thyroid removed and can't make T4 or T3,. Taking too much T3 can seriously harm the heart.
Avatar f tn Hi, LilBlu, and welcome to our place of shock, awe, bewilderment and brotherly love. I'm glad you've been around long enough to get a sense of who we are and even more glad you jumped in to tell us your story. Your story has me stumped. First I apologize for the effect Florida had on you. I guess that wasn't listed in the Visitors Brochure. I have a couple questions.
Avatar m tn HEAD hair loss daily headache seizure like conditions weird instances of deja vu followed by fear and just feeling weird unexplained pressure in face twitching tingling nose stiff painful neck jaw pain EYES blurry vision increased floating spots pain in eyes flashing lights EARS ringing pain GASTROINTESTINAL constipation what I call the roller coaster feeling...
574118 tn?1305138884 This is expected because nobody knows what is BP like. Also it's produced locally, so its brochure says the same. One pdoc told me it has side effects, of course it has, aspirin does too. Pls I need a RIGOROUS proof that it should not be used for BP. It has been used for centuries for mild to moderate depression. I am relying on your kindness to tell me something concrete rather than rumours about it.
Avatar n tn First the main post, [Medievelable], long title, maybe that's why some did not respond, anyway I take 320 mg of Codiene Sulfate every day broken up 2-(30MG)pills every six hours or three and then change the remaining dosages if I awaken in extreme pain like this morning after last nights disgusting 15 minute seizure where I felt like I was in below zero weather, first time I have had a seizure where I felt cold, but that was much worse than just the violent shaking.
Avatar f tn This is what first really opened my eyes to the possibility of my own lyme. Also check this brochure out, "What psychiatrists should know about lyme disease" And while I'm posting links, might as well post a symptoms list: - Scroll down to the chart and go from there. A clinical diagnosis can be done by a lyme-literate MD.
Avatar n tn But the pharmacist showed me the Effexor text and apparently, I was showing the warning signs of a possible seizure, which can and does occur with a percentage of Effexor withdrawal cases. Hence, my doctor's warnings to NEVER discontinue without her supervision and a tapering plan. So the pharmacist contacted an on-call physician and I got an emergency refill. Within a few hours, all symptoms dissipated. Okay, much longer post than I intended, as I need to get back to work.
Avatar n tn Apart from treatment of the cause or in conditions wherein the cause remains unknown, in such conditions Anti seizure or anti epileptic medication like clonazepam against prescription is sometimes helpful esp. in persistent cases. You can use scented wax or incense sticks before sleeping. You also need to maintain good sleep hygiene. I suggest you to consult ENT specialist to rule out the cause. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn i can be very wrong about chantix as i am only speaking from what i remember from reading the brochure and the warnings... but check about chantix and antidepressants you are taking it with your doctor knowledge , right ?
Avatar n tn I spoke to my doctor today and her solution was to try topromax, an anti-seizure drug but known to suppress appetite. I tried to explain that besides not wanting to go on another drug, appetite was not my problem but perhaps metabolism as i have read anati-depressants affect one's metabolism. her response was You are entitled to your opinion!!!. so i am looking for suggestions as is everyone how to jump start this stalled metabolism and what to do about the depression.