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Avatar n tn Should we wear medical alert bracelets, or something, so that if we are ever in a medical emercency and are unable to speak for ourselves, those docs or EMTs will be aware? Or what if we are on tx and cannot speak for ourself. I was wondering about this, and was curious if anybody had an answer.
Avatar n tn That being said, I encourage everyone to make their own decisions and is snake oil, copper bracelets and witchcraft are your thing, feel free. That's what freedom is all about. I believe dilantin is an effective anti-siezure medications that should only be prescribed as a last resort to prevent status epilepticus. The benefits of good diet, nutrition and exercise will, in my humble opinion do more in most cases than a truckload of dilantin.
764912 tn?1322715443 Would anyone force an epileptic to make their own phone call during a seizure? No! During a seizure an epileptic can usually do nothing but have a seizure! So, it is important for others to understand that migraine is a genetic disease just like any of these other genetic diseases that are currently usually more understood by the general public.
Avatar f tn This also happened a few weeks ago in a public place and paramedics were called, and since I couldn't explain my situation they assumed I had a stroke or brain seizure. Ugh. So afraid paramedics are going to inject me with something weird someday. Which they did once, it was an anti-nausea med and it made me worse...starts with a "C". Anyhow, my question is, is there a bracelet or something I can wear-so that someone will believe me and know what to do?
Avatar f tn You should be aware that if a squad is called for you in public and you are conscious by the time they get there and are checking you out, you have the legal right to tell them you are OK and you do not need to go to the hospital. This happens frequently to people with seizure disorders. Neither you nor your insurance will be billed for the ambulance. (At least, this is the law in the US. Sorry, I'm not aware of what the law is in other countries.
Avatar f tn Is she on any seizure medications? They can make a person very groggy. Also remember that she just went through a few very traumatic days. I imagine that can take a toll on her poor body. Let her rest as much as she needs. CNS seems to be a rather generic description (central nervous system). Did they say what type of tumor they may think it would be? I suggest you try to get as many details as possible to educate yourself.