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8919982 tn?1400720787 I felt my baby shake on my right side it was quick but this neva happened before anyone else?
1414887 tn?1287906964 Her movements prior to the spasm seiZure like shake seemed as though she was struggling for air.
Avatar n tn My nearly 5 month old baby has had some strange quivers ever since birth. Every so ofton his head would tuck in and shake or jitter and he would make a sound like adults make when you have a chill up your back, his eyes go kinda kooky and this causes him to startle and do the Moro reflex, he dosent cry after but if he was playing before he will not go back to playing he just gets quiet and sucks his thumb.
Avatar f tn It has been two days since his last seizure but he still hasn't fully recovered, he doesn't know his commands, the people in the house ( including me ), or the other dogs and cats in the house. I want to know if he will even recover from this or if there is something I can do to help. He keeps pacing and whining, even in the middle of the night. Should I bring him in again? Could there be something more serious going on?
Avatar f tn Georgie had a seizure today. George is my mom's dog. Mom said it was his third seizure. His 1st one she witnessed was in Oct 2010. The 2nd was in back in May 2011. Now today he had one. He was hopping around, not responding to us, almost looking like something was uncomfortable on his paw and he just kept shaking. I picked him up and he continued to shake. After he came to, he had a postictal period that lasted for at lest 15 minutes where he vomited and urinated.
9062363 tn?1402524675 Thats what I thought to a seizure but I dont think they can have seizure so little and I was thinking scared by this tome I was just laying there and shake my baby go's
Avatar f tn Were you conscious while seizing? If so, chances are it was a partial and not a grand mal seizure. Whatever type of seizure it is very important it gets figured out. If it were me I'd be soooo freaked so good job being calm! Also, back to the husband thing. I may just be confused because we may be in different time zones. It's 6:50am here lol I wish your OB was a little more concerned though. I know my OB would be very concerned if it were me. Hope all is well Momma!! Best of wishes!
Avatar f tn I'm 37+1 weeks pregnant and been feeling my baby girl shake all crazy, kind of like she's having a seizure :/ it only last a few seconds but it scares me. Anyone else's baby do that? Anyone know what it might mean?? Should I be worried???
Avatar f tn I'm 37+1 weeks pregnant and been feeling my baby girl shake all crazy, kind of like she's having a seizure :/ it only last a few seconds but it scares me. Anyone else's baby do that? Anyone know what it might mean?? Should I be worried???
486038 tn?1300066967 same thing happned to Me!!!!!!!!!! I mean I take Topamax.. my HANDS SHAKE! I just hada quite violent seizure which woke me up from sleepand then knowcked mt out...
Avatar f tn Hi. My daughter Mariah was diagnosed with complex partial epilepsy at the age of 15months. She used to have these moments that my mother and I would refer to as "crazy baby". LOL She used to bend her arms at the elbows and shake and wave them with a wierd laugh. We chalked it up to "crazy baby syndrome". Then, she had a full blown seizure in the crib while napping.
Avatar n tn Started yesterday. I am not sure if it is the baby or something else. It feels like a cell phone vibration in my belly. Any thoughts on what it could be?
165078 tn?1255610007 Here's a thought... I saw my baby do that and my mom was in the room, I thought it was odd. Mom said she may have just gone potty and it chilled her. I thought it was a good assumption?
145992 tn?1341348674 he could have had a seizure. How old is he? my dd had a seizure while eating on three seperate dates. turned out after 4 months of testing that she has reflux and asthma and what they believe happend was that during her feeding her food intake was not going down and her ashtma then kicked in resulting in a seizure brough on by just that. She turned blue two of those times. She is fine now. Medicated with Prevacid and Flovent. Did he go fall asleep after that?
140844 tn?1204945253 My name is Gaby and I have a 10 week old baby. The reason why I am posting is because today I left my baby in the care of my mother. I went to the movies with my husband and when I came back, my mom told me that she had to call the paramedics because the baby become unresponsive. She said that he was on his swing and all of a sudden started crying hard. My baby is not very fussy, he hardly cries so she was alarmed and picked him up.
Avatar f tn I noticed that my 7 1/2 month old DD has been shaking her head (as in no) a lot lately. She does it mostly when she's tired or annoyed. I'm thinking of bringing it up to her ped this Friday but I already know his answer ("it's just a new thing that she learned"). Did your baby or does your baby do it as well? Is it something to be concerned about? Also, I have a 21 months old niece who is scared of loud noises.
Avatar f tn Happens so rarely that I dont even look for it any more, yet way back at 8 months old, I was thinking it was some sort of seizure and not sleeping. Again I am not talking about the behaviour directly above. Our baby just tensed and shook / shivered for approx 1-2 seconds, sometimes 6 times in a day, and then not for a week. Just for mothers who are worried about the original posters behaviour. Our lo did not cross her legs and isnt self gratifying herself.
Avatar m tn We visited a family doctor yesterday, and showed her our recorded videos of my baby's shaking-head behavior. But she told us that this is normal for a baby and as babies grow, they will exhibit some strange behaviors. To be honest, what the doctor said did not completely reassures us. I heard of some case that a shaking-head baby who was wrongly diagnosed with chronic tympanitis developed epilepsy after he grew up.
Avatar f tn I was so worried something could be wrong, because I have never felt that feeling before w/ my first PG, and this was a first w/ this one! What is going on, could something be wrong in there? What would cause a baby to shake in the womb? I've never felt it before, and I have never heard anyone talk about baby's moving that rapidly in the womb. I am sorry if this sounds completely out there! I swear I am awake now, lol! What do you think it was?
273579 tn?1256658653 in the mornings my son seems normal but towards the evening time my son sometimes gets these hot sweats then starts to do odd things like shake his head as in no,seems dazed,dosent respond ,and does some yelling,my husband always wants to take him to the doctor during these spells but when we do they have stopped and i show them what i recorded on my phone and they say it could have been a little seizure from his fever,but i guess theres nothing they can do,oh i also have had plenty of egg exams
365571 tn?1219601346 I'm really worried about my growing baby. I'm 29 weeks along, for about a week and a half I have notice her having spasms. I can feel her shaking so much it moves my stomach and I can feel its her. This is my second baby and I have never felt anything like this before. Its gotten worse tonight, she has done it 3 time in the past hour one lasting about 3 min. Has anyone else experienced this or know what I should do?? I called the on call ob nurse, she asked if anything had changed.
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2106936 tn?1333958956 well i had some sort of i guess 'brain shake' tonight while playing video games. pretty scary feeling. thought it might have been a seizure or something. and now i cant sleep its like 4:20am. i am afraid im also having a miscarriage right now too. hopefully i dont get the weird brain shake again its so scary. whenever something like that happens i start thinking about my son and what if its something serious or genetic. i have become a hypochondriac as well.
Avatar n tn Hello. My baby (first time when she was 3 months old) would shake her head back and forth and her eyes would cross and go every where. Does anyone have any ideas why she's doing this?
528496 tn?1212688963 Before losing control and passing out I shake violently. Also sometimes when I pass out, according to my husband, my heart rate slows down and my breathing gets very shallow. We thought that because I have a history of diabetes on both sides of my family and due to the fact that I am hypoglycemic these were just attacks caused by low blood sugar.
Avatar f tn Yes its just your baby stretching. I freaked out the first time I felt it too. I thought my baby was having a seizure because I have epilepsy but my doctor assured me that everything was fine. But if you're not sure then you should talk to your doctor. You'll feel soooo much better. I know I did. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!
Avatar f tn You really need your pediatric neurologist to evaluate your baby for the type of seizure. My newborn had seizures during his first week and is on seizure control meds (phenobarbitol) to control it. Seizures were different, however. Try not to worry, you probably need medications to control them. They might want to do an MRI and CT scan to verify any brain damage...
Avatar f tn inside of me a few times...I even told my husband that it felt like the baby was having a seizure; when I shared this with my mid-wife she brushed it off as "normal"....I fear the worse. Aside the tremors that my baby has been getting, she seems normal and healthy. She has had no fever, eyes and head don't show any movement when she gets the tremors. I'm really worried that it could develop into something serious....can anyone relate??? Please help...
543578 tn?1214415607 My little Poodle had the same symptoms as your dog & it was a seizure...just one though. She also had Pancreatitis & was a sick baby. She did recover though...after a 4 day stay at the Vet. When she had a seizure, she laid on her side, kicking & thrashing her legs, foaming at the mouth & lost her bodily functions. She stared & her eyes were huge. She was out of it for about 4-5 minutes.