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Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, My son is 2 years old and has a problem of breath seizure when he cries deeply. By deeply, I mean this situation only occurs when he cries out of pain ( eg when he falls or hurts himself) or when very angry (without any physical contact). The seizures normally last 20-30 seconds, his mouth remains open, his hands firmly clutching at anything (usuallly my face). His lips become dark and for a prolonged seizure, his face whole face becomes dark indicating lack of blood supply.
Avatar n tn I have a 6 month old baby who has severe asthma. Last night she woke me up making a sound kind of like a high pitched cry repetitively. I thought she was having difficulty breathing, but when I went to check her she was laying on her back, arms somewhat out to the sides and her arms seemed to be moving in a rhythmic manner. The little cries seemed to go along with each movement. She did this for several minutes and never woke during this episode.
Avatar n tn I have a 6 month old baby who has severe asthma. Last night she woke me up making a sound kind of like a high pitched cry repetitively. I thought she was having difficulty breathing, but when I went to check her she was laying on her back, arms somewhat out to the sides and her arms seemed to be moving in a rhythmic manner. The little cries seemed to go along with each movement. She did this for several minutes and never woke during this episode.
145992 tn?1341348674 he could have had a seizure. How old is he? my dd had a seizure while eating on three seperate dates. turned out after 4 months of testing that she has reflux and asthma and what they believe happend was that during her feeding her food intake was not going down and her ashtma then kicked in resulting in a seizure brough on by just that. She turned blue two of those times. She is fine now. Medicated with Prevacid and Flovent. Did he go fall asleep after that?
140844 tn?1204945253 She said that he was on his swing and all of a sudden started crying hard. My baby is not very fussy, he hardly cries so she was alarmed and picked him up. She said that he screamed and then all of a sudden went limp on her shoulder. She shook him a little and it took him a few seconds to respond but he started moving after a few seconds. She said she got scared so she called the paramedics. When they came, the baby was fine and he was smiling.
Avatar f tn I noticed that my 7 1/2 month old DD has been shaking her head (as in no) a lot lately. She does it mostly when she's tired or annoyed. I'm thinking of bringing it up to her ped this Friday but I already know his answer ("it's just a new thing that she learned"). Did your baby or does your baby do it as well? Is it something to be concerned about? Also, I have a 21 months old niece who is scared of loud noises.
Avatar f tn Did anyone ever hear of a condition where a child cries so much in a short amount of time until he turns blue in the face and faints?
Avatar f tn The behavior is similar to the gasping a baby might do after intense crying, as is she was trying to catch her breath. However, our baby will periodically exhibit this breathing while sleeping, with no apparent cause. This breathing behavior usually wakes us up out of a sleep as it is so loud we can hear it over the monitor. It does not appear to wake our daughter up, but she is observed to gasp, whimper and let out brief cries throughout the episode.
Avatar n tn Have they done and MRI or a CT Scan? They could help determine if there are any neurological problems.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old daughter, when she is in pain of is upset and cries, cries for a few seconds and then stops, holds her breath until she passes out completely. She is like a ragdoll, when she is unconscious is not breathing at all and we have to splash water in her face to wake her up. We tried to ignore it, like other websites suggested it (like the child wants attention) but my daughter still wasn't breathing and had to wake her up.
Avatar f tn Okay well where to begin with.Ever since my son was a baby he has been in and out of hospitals. He is 16 months old right now and Im lost for words.From the very beginning i found out that my son could have cerebral palsy and the signs would start to show anywhere between 1 and 2. I thought as the time went by that he was doing better but i just found out that he has ataxia hypotonia which has to do with his legs that are working on the most.
Avatar n tn She is extremely stubborn, socially doesn't interact well with other children, and again under all this a very smart child. She doesn't focus, unable to complete tasks etc. She has been since a baby extremely sensitive from the neck up (cries when hair combed, loud noises). I am a nurse and as a child she had several seizures (not febrile). A full workup was done to find nothing.
Avatar n tn His 1st seizure was just a jerk to the right leg and his eyes were fixed to the side and was not responding. Took him to the E.R and they dismissed him after doing general blood tests. 1 hour after I got home he had a Tonic Clonic seizure and turned blue. I called 911. They look him to Children Hospital in St. Paul. They put him the Epilepsy Unit and did an EEG. They found 5 other Myclonic seizures in his sleep. MRI looked fine and all blood tests came back fine.
Avatar m tn Doctors are not understanding the case and they are just examining the baby .I'll brief you exactly what happens at the time of seizures. All of a sudden when she is laid on the bed she gets contracted on her left side her eyes staring upside and she gets freezed and cries in a different way (not the normal way).But when we take her into the hands she behaves normal,Again when we lay her on bed she gets seizures again it lasts for only 5 to 10 seconds.
Avatar n tn He was trembling in jerky movements in his torso and legs and he was doing quick intakes of air, like a baby does after he cries himself to sleep. This lasted for less than 4 minutes, then he came back around and started talking to me and acting sleepy again. This was the second time this happened. The first time it all happened the same way, but I called the paramedics and they took him down to Children's Hospital. I called his endocrin and he came to the hospital and looked him over.
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Avatar f tn I have a Yorkie who was having mild seizure problems. Have never put him on any seizure meds as yet and hope not to. He had a seizure in the middle of the night and I called an emergency number for a vet and he recommended a few things.... keep him calm, , place a cool wet clothe on him to cool him a bit and the most amazing important part that "to this day" seems to keep his seizure's away is he said give him a teaspoon of "honey".
Avatar f tn itd been hard because i wont take my meds either Because i dont want yo drug my baby at all.but when i have her i was wondering can i smoke week and breastfeed?
Avatar n tn Within the first month we noticed times when it appeared she was having a seizure--she would look to be asleep and then both arms would bend and go up and down. This happened a few times in her car seat in the car--once I couldn't get her to stop, although it didn't seem to be harming her any. Then we noticed that when she was going to sleep and I would pat her back she would do the same thing (her body would jerk alot)--occasionaly this would happen without me patting her.
Avatar n tn The fontenal (soft spot on top of head) will probabaly be buldging,the eyes will be sun-setting, that is when the eyes are focused downward like they are looking at the ground, they may also appear tired looking all the time, vomiting, cranky, developmental delays, lethargic, poor sleeping and eating, and they could have a seizure if not taken care of. My son was diagnosed with this before he was born through ultrasound.
165078 tn?1255610007 wow sounds similar except that my dd would faint (seizure type fainting) after, during or before the vomiting. They did not do the scratch test. They said with all her symptoms and from all of her records they did not want to do that. They said that the scratch test was a 50/50 shot at her age and their are a lot of false positives and they did not want that to happen and me think that was what caused these reactions.
373137 tn?1208100283 He has been for numerous tests, treatments etc in the beginning and was on more anti-seizure medications than I could care to remember. He suffered frequent aspiration pneumonias and was finally fitted with a feeding button. He has been weaned of most of his anti-seizures meds (apart from one) and has been out of hospitals for a year now. We care for him at home. He gets PT but despite our best efforts, still hasn't regained head control.
250155 tn?1485299539 she's been through so much i kinda don't even want to change where her crib is until its time for the new baby to come home and be in the cradle (in our room!).
Avatar n tn A couple of months ago my 34 month old was just sitting at the table coloring and she started crying out, as though she pinched a finger of such. When I asked her what happened, she just kept crying. So I asked "where does it hurt?" her reply was "my scratch" when I asked "where", she rubbed the lower back of her head. It was a couple of weeks before it happened again, but since then the freequency increased. Every time it happens its the same.
Avatar n tn She has been breastfed since day one, she has slept through the night for months, she eats anything we give her, and she is really the happiest baby I have ever seen and rarely cries unless she is tired. I can't imagine anything actually being wrong with her.
Avatar f tn We are raising a meth baby who began having blackouts and reflex anoxic seizures at 12 months of age. After months of frustration (we were even referred to a mental health specialist) we were referred by our new pediatrician to a pediatric neurologist in a nearby city. He diagnosed "Breath-Holding Spells with Reflex Anoxic Seizures". The term breath-holding is a misnomer, since the air is actually uncontrollably expelled, not "held". One study [DiMario et al.
Avatar f tn Like if a baby spit ups and that baby is her grandchild, she'll worry the baby vomited. With poop, she worries it's diarrhea. When the diaper isn't dirty, she worries the baby's constipated. We once let her watch all the kids. She worried they had strep, took them to urgent care and got them prescriptions for antibiotics. She told us they had strep. We called the urgent care. It turns out she'd said she was their legal guardian, and they really got diagnosed with pharangytis... sore throats.
Avatar m tn My question which I'm hoping someone can answer for me is this. When he cries his tears actually burn the skin on his cheeks and leave red marks behind on the skin. What could be causing this? No one has been able to help. He doesn't have any allergies that we know of(we have a cat and a dog) or sensitive skin. He isnt on any meds so I cant blame anything like that. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Well, we lost the battle to save our little baby Monday. Around 7am he piddled and there was some blood in it. He had been on a steady decline since the beginning of week 3. He had stopped eating and finally wasn't drinking water anymore. Over Sunday night I got him to take some water from a dropper to try to get him hydrated Monday morning my wife called the vet who said he needed to be seen. As we got ready to go I noticed that he was starting to breathe really heavily all of a sudden.
Avatar f tn When in her room she sits and cries, even a few times I have heard her tell herself she is stupid. She has a step brother about the same age as her, and she is always bothering him. They are two different kids, she loves to play and he doesn't. She continues to bug him and will not leave him alone. I ask her several times to let him be and she continues on. Finally she will throw one of her fits. These fits have become more and more frequent.