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Avatar n tn Just wondering What would cause a 100% healthy normal 15 yr old girl to have a seizure out of the blue? No Drugs/alcohol/mediactions are not a factor. Only thing she was a 3 lb 4 oz preemie and her doctor said it could be a delayed? reaction to a birth defect she should have had at birth?
583587 tn?1221443683 My boyfriend had a seizure this past april. it was a granmal seizure. he was sleeping is he started to get tense and then started to mona. i questioned if he was chocking so i got my aunt to help him. he was forming at the mouth and stiff as a board. we took him to the hospital and there they give me medication. this was his only seizure and has still be his only one. the seizure occured right after finals. he is a college student in his third year of engineering school.
Avatar m tn Hi, my wife had a seizure back in June 1, 2005 and gave her medication to control the seizure. One year ago the doctor removed her from taking the medication, and this year on Dec 25, 2008 at 10:45 PM she went into a seizure and they put her back on medication and also prohibit her from driving for one year. This seizure has happened when she went to sleep, but not every time she goes to sleep.
Avatar n tn A few minutes later he was throwing up. Then got really tired afterwards. He does have a seizure disorder. And is taking medication 2 times a day. Why did this happen? Im scared and don't really know what to do. Was it the weed that made him do this, or the medication he's taking? I don't want him to do it again but I'm afraid he'll want to and that one of these times he's not gonna gain consciousness....
401370 tn?1233328282 However, you are still here, and thank GOD! Go to a physician and get his opinion on the matter- when someone is having a seizure, you are to NOT try and shake them or anything else that could promote injury.. instead, you are to turn them to their side, place something soft by their teeth so they don't break their teeth nor bite their tongue, etc etc etc.. What are those guards, retards or what?? Don't get ME started!
Avatar f tn He has already been diagnosed with a fatty liver and has had a liver biopsy that didn't turn into anything. He talks about how lack of sleep will cause him to have a seizure, but I've read that alcohol keeps you from getting the deep sleep you need and that means he's not getting the right amount of sleep ever (since he drinks every day). I'm also concerned that his meds are not being properly absorbed by his body since the alcohol is there as well.
Avatar m tn I did this a few weeks ago, (albeit after I had a withdrawal seizure--- so go ASAP!) and she gave me a tapering dose of Ativan as a detox. My seizure happened on 3rd or 4th day after I quit. Also, they'll lecture you about AA, but just nod and take the pills lol.
Avatar n tn seizures from alcohol-relationship withdraw had seizure March 7 ( 2) and again March 14 (3) was in hospital for 10 days, ER/ MD put me on Dilantin, ordered new EEG,had June 15, normal reading. after review of EEG, had my drivers licence pulled and ordered another EEG. for mid Aug/early Sept. MY QUESTION is why, when these seizures are alcohol withdraw related, not epilepsy. I have been dry since that day of March 7 and do go to A/A I'm male, age 51...
906160 tn?1260219668 It is important to determine the triggers that may provoke the onset of a seizure or cause a seizure in a patient whose epilepsy is under control. Alcohol consumption, hormonal changes of the menstrual cycle, sleep deprivation, flickering or flashing light, and stress can trigger a seizure in a susceptible person. Aside from these, inability to comply to anti-seizure medications may also aggravate and trigger seizures. Have this evaluated by your neurologist for proper management.
Avatar n tn I had my first grand mal seizure a few months ago. A couple of days ago, I had a a second grand mal seizure. The first lasted around 4-5 minutes and the second lasted for around 2-3 minutes. I had an EEG, CT Scan, blood work, and a holter monitor for the heart, and all of my results came back normal. My neurological exam was also normal. I had the aforementioned tests 1-2 days after my first grand mal episode. I had several aura episodes, and I had many panic/anxiety attacks.
Avatar m tn I have a friend who had a random seizure one morning after she had been vomiting and had diarrhea all night before. She also had not been sleeping well or at all some nights the whole month before. I took her to the emergency room and she had blood work done and a CT scan done both came back just fine. The doctor told her it was probably that she was dehydrated, and had lack of sleep that put too much stress on her brain. He also told her to consult a family doctor.
220917 tn?1309788081 No one has ever seen me have a seizure. I take Topamax, which is an anti-seizure medication, for my migraines, daily. I know I skipped a dose this week. I've done that a kajillion times. I usually go to bed VERY early. 9:00 -10-30 range, because of my fatigue, and I usually nap briefly during the day. I did take my nap, but last night, I was just sick of being sick, and stayed up WAY too late. 1:00. I really was overly tired.
Avatar n tn i am a 70yr old while female in excellent health, until i had a seizure in may, 2009. none before or since. all tests could find no reason for seizure - idiopathic in nature. prescribed 350mg dilantin, plavix and zocor (ldl was 124). question regards alcohol and dilantin affecting liver. i am an occasional drinker - sometimes 2-3 drinks a week sometimes zero. not much at all. can i safely have this occasional drink while on dilantin and not do damage.
Avatar m tn a minor form of seizure or could she just have been moving around because of the pain? Why did the doctor not run any extra tests and treat my girlfriend as if she was an alcoholic and treat the situation as merely happening because of "alcohol". It could have been a pancreatic attack or something else so I'm not sure of the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn There is no way to tell that for sure. I do know that drinking isn't good if you get seizures. If you are that worried about it maybe you can talk to your doctor. Please come back and update us when you have more information.
Avatar f tn My first question to you would be how honest you are being, with your doctor or with yourself about your alcohol use. Doctors don't tend to refer to alcohol related seizures without some reason. And alcohol related seizures don't occur from drinking too much but from alcohol withdrawal in someone who is addicted. If alcohol has been a problem for you, I would continue with your sobriety; you've gone six months so keep up the good work.
Avatar n tn He has just stopped completely and is now shaking like crazy and says he feel slike he might have a seizure. He is very confused, etc.....But he WON'T go to the hospital. DEFINITELY won't. What foods or drinks can he have that will bring him to a quick recovery ?
Avatar m tn Before this bender, I would go out twice a week on weekends with my friends and drink heavily. I have a few questions. 1. Have I drank for a long enough time for a seizure or Delirium tremens to be likely? 2. How long will it take for the withdrawal symptoms to subside from a bender of 13 days?
Avatar n tn Would like some help. How long does it take one to get alcohol neuropathy? I have been drinking only beer for about 4 years (lite beer actually). If you break it down to an average, I have been drinking on average about 4 beers a day, some days more and some days not at all, while some days would reach 8 to 10. That's why I say an average of 4. Just wondering what my changes of getting alcohol neuropathy is.
Avatar n tn I had no problems with alcohol and Zoloft. I have a few questions regarding Celexa and alcohol consumption. 1. Is it safe to drink alcohol in moderation with Celexa? I'm worried about some bad interaction with the two. From my research online, Celexa seems to be the SSRI that reacts more heavily to alcohol consumption....or is that not true? 2. If Celexa is working well with me, should I talk to my doctor about switching to Lexapro or just stick with the Celexa?
4958267 tn?1372589589 The fact that you had seizures in the past colors the picture and no one here can tell where your seizure threshold is now...don't take any alcohol either. I don't mean this as a lecture to you at all but I want to make sure you know how dangerous it is to combine Xanax and alcohol. It behaves differently evey time you mix it together. It's deadly so you're lucky! Good job getting your life together!
Avatar n tn I did not really like alcohol in my teens and twenties. During my thirties I discovered wine coolers and progressed to wine, but never more than three glasses, certainly not on a daily basis. Then followed divorce, nursing school, and I drank wine as a reward after studies over. I think I really escalated after graduation when I got my first job and could afford more and also when my children were gone to college. I am now remarried to a great guy who does not drink at all.
Avatar n tn It's been a long time since I was in school and studied this, but I believe it has to do with how the liver metabolizes alcohol which is very different in alcoholics. And probably explains why I had this incredible tolerance from the very first time I ever drank.