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144586 tn?1284669764 The first rule is never ever hesitate to call the fire department if you have a fire or suspect a fire. If you are in a building and smell smoke, CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. If you are walking down the street and see smoke coming from a window CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT. More fire disasters take place because of a delay in response time due to someone assuming another person has done so, or because they don't want to get involved. If you are on a highway and spot burning brush CALL IT IN.
Avatar n tn Its probably because of the fact that his mom is a drug addict. Not nesessarily because he inhales second hand smoke from the pot. Or maybe both. Sounds like a behavioral issue.
Avatar m tn If you don't smoke, breathing in the smoke of others (called secondhand smoke or environmental tobacco smoke) can increase your risk of developing lung cancer. A non-smoker who lives with a smoker has about a 20% to 30% greater risk of developing lung cancer. Workers who have been exposed to tobacco smoke in the workplace are also more likely to get lung cancer. Secondhand smoke is thought to cause more than 3,000 deaths from lung cancer each year.
284078 tn?1282620298 You think he might have thought to wear eye protection after the first or second time. 7. Cat claw to eye. This cat lover, required surgery to repair the laceration, from her lovely cat that was startled and popper her in the eye. This is the one that made me cringe the most. 8. Exploding, bottle rocket, direct hit to the eye. It was not another pretty sight. We'll leave it at that. 9. Cigarette burn to the eye.
Avatar n tn Hello, I also have a rattley chest predominantly at night. It usually wakes me up in the small hours. I have pleural plaques caused by asbestos fibres stuck in the lining of the lung. Most people get little or no symptoms and so are unaware that they have this dangerous disease, I have a lot including pain in my chest, shortness of breath constant mostly dry cough.
Avatar m tn but after the surgery my vision is too blurry so that i can only tell the hand count ,i cannot recognize any faces,i cannot read by that eye kindly tell me what can i do now? is their any cure. now at this time my age is 23 years but still same in my country doctor says you will not gone have your vision back.but sir i see blurry i am not totally blind of that eye..kindly tell me some good suggestion i am so worried.
Avatar m tn ) i smoked when i was pregnant, and my boyfriend smoked, so second hand smoking aswell, but from smoking i felt nauseated and a bit dizzy, so i smoked only like 10 a day..somedays only like 3 cigarretes...your body tells you what you can and can't have during pregnancy.. but i think smoking like 10-15 a day is alright... i read that there is a 40% chance of having a low weight baby if you smoke like 2 packs a day...
Avatar f tn my mom smoked before she was pregnant with me, stopped while pregnant and started again after. even the second hand smoke AFTER i was born gave me asthma and irritated my heart condition. something that SHOULDN'T be as bad as it is was mad worse from her smoking around me. now as far as smoking during aunt smoked during 3 or her 4 pregnancies and the 3 she smoke with were born prematurely, underweight and have SERIOUS asthma.
144586 tn?1284669764 I have done so because all of the instructions I have read put out by FEMA, the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) and on all the posters handed out by every fire department, are incorrect. Worse yet, they can cause loss of lives. There are two kinds of "protocols", or standard operating procedures (SOP's) for a civilian dealing with a fire. The first protocol is the GENERAL PROTOCOL. The second is the HAZARD SPECIFIC protocol.
Avatar f tn 1-Virgins have been diagnosed with it due to things like oral sex or rubbing genitals together or hand sex. One of you did this. It is very rare to be diagnosed with this without penetration sex but not impossible. 2. After 6-12-24 months of no warts, most people are no longer infectious. However some become infectious again years/decades later. He should wear a condom to give a 50% protection to others. They do make female condoms too.
Avatar f tn I wasn't sure, I thought that since smoking is generally bad for the health of the smoker and that second-hand smoke is detrimental for others, it would make someone more likely to have a STD. I went ahead and saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic on Friday before Monday's appointment with a sex health clinic's nurse. The doctor thoughtfully answered my sex-related questions and performed a blood test, a throat swab test and a urine test.
Avatar f tn The other day, i could smell the weed from the landing just below his room so i burst in on him (not giving him a second 2 ditch his joint/blunt) i caught him red handed with a blunt lit in his hand.
Avatar n tn It would be a good idea for him to quite smoking either way as it is just as bad for you to be around 2nd hand smoke while pregnant as it is to smoke yourself...and a newborn definitely shouldn't be around cigarette smoke either. Plus, it couldn't hurt your attempts to conceive if he quite and it would only benefit everyone's heath :) Not to mention his wallet! lol If this is too difficult, maybe he could cut back as much as possible and only smoke outside away from your living environment.
Avatar f tn I don't care about the drinking part, they can fill their boots, I just don't want the second hand smoke. Well, chat with you tomorrow. Oh ya, I gagged today, lol, I think that's great! I know, I'm nuts but it makes me feel better, more secure!
Avatar m tn I then did something stupid on the day of the results, I had an episode of licking her vagina, anus and her giving me a blowjeb with protected sex. The condom slipped halfway down and the shaft and was not fully covered. The tip was covered and remained sort of intact. At the time, I had a really dry mouth and sore throat. I also had like a sore gum on one of my teeth. There was lube in the vagina I remember. I did feel like i had a flu at the time.
Avatar f tn When I was a teenager (around 15 or so to be exact) my mothers husband would go outside to smoke his cigarettes. My aunt stayed with us one time and caught him spying on us through the window. Turns out he had been doing this for a long time. He was very sneaky and acted like nothing happened. This went on until I moved out at 18. I have confronted him on this right before I left. He acted like it never happen even though I caught him several times.
Avatar f tn The worst one was at work, I felt a warm sensation flow through my right side, then I couldn't hold a pencil or type, my vision blurred, I was on the phone with a client and all I could manage was to press the hold button with my left hand, as the right wouldn't do what I told it,just flopped around when I tried to move it, when I tried to stand up to get help my right leg would not hold me, the only way I could stay upright was to grab the cubicle wall with my left hand, finally someone notic
5094917 tn?1366990085 I cried for hours because since I lost my son I felt like I was getting a second chance with my little girl and now this. Last night my BD asked if he could take the baby to his house and I said no because I feel like my baby is safer with my mom. he got pissed off and caused this whole big thing at the hospital. So by now I am admitted into the heart center and he is still arguing with me about my baby.
Avatar f tn Being high on weed, getting drunk and popping pills really isn't too cool once a baby is born either. Lots of people do smoke cigarettes and hopefully they are mindful about second hand smoke. Anyway, she sounds troubled. Try talking to her but be prepared that she may get angry in return.
Avatar f tn honestly, i wouldnt smoke while being pregnant, i cant tell you what to do because i dont smoke pot to begin with, but i do smoke cigarettes, and i am going to quit as soon as i find out im preggo, but in a weird way i guess you can say i know what its like with the cravings and having to quit suddenly because i had to when i found out the last time i was preggo, but i had a m/c, so needless to say i started to smoke cigs alot more after that happened from the stress i went through.
Avatar f tn WASHINGTON (AP) — Millions of smokers could be priced out of health insurance because of tobacco penalties in President Barack Obama's health care law, according to experts who are just now teasing out the potential impact of a little-noted provision in the massive legislation.
Avatar f tn My 46 y/o husband, who has CLL, will be starting Fludarabine chemo treatments on Monday due to an enlarged spleen. He will continue receiving the treatments monthly(for 5 consecutive days) over the course of 6-8 months.
Avatar n tn Right now, I'm trying to avoid the urge of eating a lot after I take my smoke. I dont smoke cigarettes, and my alcohol intake is only Merlot(red wine). I am a runner 4 times for the week..and Im at my ideal body weight....130lbs for 173cm tall. My problem is control of the blood sugar, in an environment that is not very condusive for a diabetic. (having 5 other family members who eat everything). I would like to know...if there is a way to control urges. With yoga I've learnt clarity...
Avatar n tn I'd really like to know more about the effects of second hand exposure to meth because I just found out my soon to be ex-hubby been using it in our house for about a month or so. I've had all kinds of strange things going on with me that all started about the same time. I've never used meth, but I'm afraid the second-hand exposure will turn up in a drug test.
Avatar f tn If I can't smoke in public, because people don't want to be subjected to second-hand cigarette smoke (which I fully agree with and respect non-smokers and their rights to clean, smoke-free air), then I'm not sure why it's okay that my ears be subjected to the noise that some motorcycles produce. Non-smokers can simply walk away, or ask a smoker not to smoke or to leave the area. It's difficult to just walk-away from a motorcycle that's running beside you, or in your neighbors driveway.
Avatar n tn I'm edgar petallo from the philippines and i have a very important question. *How many years of protection would those 5 series of anti-rabies(VERORAB) shots guarantee? (I had it, 3 years ago last 2006) Because my 2 month old puppy, (not yet immunized) accidently scratched my skin when he jumped off the floor ( i was actually carrying him). It's a SINGLE NON-BLEEDING scratched (non-penetrating i guess) just below my antecubital fossa.
Avatar n tn My ex is smart enough to play the system but he will eventually get caught up in the deceitful web he is weaving. I'm praying for God's hand of protection upon my son and I'll son and I'll do the same for you...Good luck!!
242516 tn?1368227505 You can protect yourself by avoiding those who cough, ask those who do to cover their cough (not with their hands, eg. with a mask), practice good hygiene with hand washing and don't touch your own eyes, nose and mouth. What's important is that if in the last week you have been to Mexico, San Diego, Imperial County or Texas, and come back with a flu like illness with fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea, call your doctor.
Avatar f tn I'd guess it's a combination of both. Fear is a good motivator.