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Avatar f tn Look into getting a small air cleaner with charcoal and HIPA filter, but be sure not to get an electronic zapping one or one that creates ozone. There are many available. The more you obsess about this, the more conscious you will be of every little smell of smoke.......many people can't tolerate perfumes for the same reason. Losing a job in todays economy should be a last resort.
Avatar n tn My fried who is a smoker sat in my car for about an hour and did not smoke. But the second hand smoke smell that was on her clothes wont go away. That was a month ago. I really think my sinuses are damaged from either the de-icer that the state puts down on the roads or from what ever they have been puting in our gas since they have made it low sulfer. Perhaps removing the sulfur leaves too much unburned waste in the air.
Avatar f tn Just about everytime i smoke pot i get really bad chest pain. This has been happening for about 6 months. I have been smoking pot for about 6-7 years. My boobs are freakin huge and they seem to make the chest pain so much worse. The only way to relieve my chest pain is by lifting my breasts up. I went to my doctor when my chest pain first started happening... she took X rays and told me i had asthma.... gave me some pills that didnt help...
Avatar n tn My smoke smell does not affect my appetite and I do smell other things as well but once an initial smell is gone the smoke smell returns..I have been keeping a candle burning all day and it seems to mask it and at least the odor is some better than smoke...Let us know what the test shows. Gool luck and God Bless!
Avatar f tn I hated being around people that smoked and I would hold my breath when I would first smell in like passing someone who was smoking just because of second hand smoke. I wouldn't do it dramatically so they would notice but just for myself. And when I got pregnant it was the same. My family and bf went to Vegas for vacation and we were around so many people that were smoking and I literally freaked out and didn't know what to do. I had so much anxiety, I cried lol.
Avatar f tn So i'm mostly in my room, which is smoke free, but my mother smokes all day at every part of the house with her 2 kids in it, very terrible, whenever i leave my room theres this strong smoke smell, the bathroom is filled with this crap, impregnated, as she lives smoking there, so i went there to give bath to her 3 year old daughter and i breathed that second/third hand smoke, i INSTANTLY got a burning throat and nose, so awful, seems like i'm the only, the kids doesn't get this, i also have some
Avatar f tn Not good. Second hand smoke is bad for baby when they are in your belly so when they are born it isn't good either. They ask me at every appointment if child is around anyone that smokes.
Avatar f tn I say do what you can to encourage him to quit smoking and in the meantime you should try to not breath any more second-hand smoke than you have to.
4762847 tn?1360885534 I allow them to look at my daughter if they smell like cigarettes but they can't hold her, I don't smoke, my husband doesn't smoke, so my daughter isn't getting 2nd hand smoke exposure from my family, that's for sure. It's not healthy for themselves let alone for my infant.
Avatar f tn I think you have to do what YOU feel is best for your baby. Second hand smoke is just-as dangerous for your baby as if you were smoking the cigarettes yourself. You could get around the fumes of the cleaners by wearing a face mask but the further along you get the harder it will be to do the duties of your job. I think you should talk to you obgyn about the risks associated with the things you are exposed to at the casino.
1767141 tn?1313682074 What had you been doing just prior? Do you have asthma? Allergies? Do you smoke? Are you around second hand smoke? A heart rate of 90 is not out of line when awake and moving around during the day. How old are you? How were you Dx'd w/positional sleep apnea? Since you mention CPAP and APAP I assume you have had an in-lab sleep evaluation PSG and an in-lab CPAP titration PSG.
Avatar f tn my husband smokes but not in the house because my pulmologist absolutey laid down the law. second hand smoke can cause many nonsmokers lung problems. besides i can't be around it because it causes me breathing problems. must now be allergic... if i may ask, what caused yours?
Avatar n tn well, through research, we now know what it can do. now, they even say to avoid second hand smoke pregnant or not. maybe the baby turns out fine, or low birth weight but again, what about later on? that's how i think when it comes to stuff like you are asking about. you just never know so why take the chance? i wonder if you called the nail salon and asked how you could take them off yourself? (well ventalated area). i am sure they would let you know without having to come in.
1193998 tn?1265121197 I've never smoked, though throughout my childhood, until I left home for college at 18, I was exposed to a lot of second-hand smoke. I am doing better about going to bed at the same time and setting my alarm even if I don't have anywhere to go in the mornings. (I work from home) Thanks again for your thoughts. I'll keep you posted.
Avatar m tn For example, was the risk i subjected my family to like smoking in the house for 4 months? MORE LIKE VERY OCCASIONAL INHALATION OF PASSIVE SMOKE (SECOND HAND SMOKE) If asbestos fibres were released from the removal of the felt from my roof and the neighbour's roof, for how long would they have been in the air around our house? AGAIN, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO ANSWER THIS QUESTION.
Avatar m tn take that mask off it does not work. I asked her why then do surgeons wear masks in the operating rooms and she countered with they do not wear the masks anymore they wear face shields. I countered with well my anastheiologist was wearing a cloth face mask last month when I had my gall bladder removed and she said do what you like; wear it or don't wear it, I don't care.
Avatar f tn I used to get so mad at my husband and asked him if he thought me and the kids were chopped liver, we had to inhale that smoke 24/7. Our daughter blames her chronic sinusitis and bronchitis on the second hand smoke from her father. Our son was not effected neither was I. Thank god. My last X-ray of the lungs was a few months ago, and also a CT scan of my lungs.
Avatar f tn I wasn't sure, I thought that since smoking is generally bad for the health of the smoker and that second-hand smoke is detrimental for others, it would make someone more likely to have a STD. I went ahead and saw a doctor at a walk-in clinic on Friday before Monday's appointment with a sex health clinic's nurse. The doctor thoughtfully answered my sex-related questions and performed a blood test, a throat swab test and a urine test.
242516 tn?1368227505 You can protect yourself by avoiding those who cough, ask those who do to cover their cough (not with their hands, eg. with a mask), practice good hygiene with hand washing and don't touch your own eyes, nose and mouth. What's important is that if in the last week you have been to Mexico, San Diego, Imperial County or Texas, and come back with a flu like illness with fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and possibly vomiting and diarrhea, call your doctor.
Avatar n tn I don't subscribe to the notion that smokers only harm themselves. The effects of smoking, second hand smoke and rising insurance and medical costs affect us all. I'm wondering if my two cats who died of cancer years ago didn't suffer from my smoking. Food for thought. I've sure had my role in adding to everyone's health care costs too and am still using an inhaler for COPD after 6 yrs off cigarettes.
1565702 tn?1295296430 Today it is 19 days, crave free, without a second glance back. No craves, no temptation, no desire to smoke anymore, but a deep deep desire to feel that wind on my cheek and appreciate a deep deep breath of fresh air. Yep, that one instant when that breath was not there to take when I expected it to be and took it for granted, made me realize that I wanted to breathe much much more than I wanted a cigarette.
Avatar n tn Oh, why do I expel sputum? I was told it is caused by second hand cigarette smoke. I never smoked anything in my life, but my parents did.
Avatar m tn All in all, it depends on how advanced your lung disease is, how well you take care of yourself (do you eat well, exercise, not smoke etc...) and a whole bunch of other factors. I wish I could help more...
Avatar m tn When she needed a place to stay last fall, I welcomed her into our home without a second thought, as we had an unused bonus room over the garage that seemed entirely suitable for her to have a room of her own.
5787844 tn?1376082584 Youre also not supposed to smoke, be around smoke, drink caffeine...and a plethra of other things but women have done it for centuries...
Avatar m tn I am now 39 quite smoking around the age of 29. I play music in bars , semi - professional . Breathed a lot of second hand smoke before the law was passed that smoking in bars was illegal . When my second daughter was born she had asthma so I cut my smoking back to about a pack a week and still to this day only smoke about a pack every two to three weeks , more so when I play and drink in bars but having to smoke outside. I also am a ford mechanic , working in a shop around diseal smoke.
Avatar f tn I also wanna point out i starting smoking weed(Yes i know it's not good for you, i quit 4 weeks ago) in mid October occasionally every other weekend. Then in November i had smoked some synthetic weed a little more than a hand full of times, then it got to a point where i was smoking weed every other day if not every day. Then when winter break started, i bought a pipe & had the chance to smoke by myself. I smoked alot during the break & when school started i didnt let up.
306867 tn?1299253309 I keep hearing this new buzzword, "domino effect" as it applies to the global economy, and I wonder where it was that so many people lost the mark? There is an old "airplane analogy" that applies quite well to our existing monetary crises. "If you and your child were in an airplane when suddenly they lost cabin pressure and the oxygen masks came down, who would you put the mask on first, the adult or the baby?
363110 tn?1340924019 My boyfriend has a medical license and he makes butter out of it and outs it in brownies and cookies and stuff and it makes his appitite alot better. He had a cyst in his lungs that is gone now. I dont smoke it or eat it but he does and it helps... i dont think it would harm the baby. You can get the license for MS cramps/ headaches/back pain basically anything. If you want to get a license PM me anad i will give you the name of my boyfriends doc. we are in LA though.
Avatar f tn Granted, I was a smoker b/f I started on my ADD medication(perscribed by a psychiatrist)....but now, ALL I want to do is smoke. I also crave alcohal more. I used to just drink about twice a, I wish I had a beer in my hand every evening!! Why am I looking to these substances to "relax me," if you will. Could this be a sign that I am not actually ADD OR am I perscribed too much you think? Can ANYONE relate to these side effects? Please let me know.