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2006603 tn?1331332927 There are many risks with second hand smoke exposure even for ppl who are not pregnant. Second hand smoke can cause under developed lungs, increase the chance of sids, low birth weight, baby can develop asthma and a bunch of other things too. Its good your fiance doesn't smoke in the house or around you but he should get into the habbit of not smoking in the car either. The nicotine can settle into the fabrics which is the same as smoking a cigarette while being in the room with the baby.
Avatar n tn I work in a casino in Las vegas, other than quitting, is there anything I can do to help offset all the second hand smoke I breath?
Avatar f tn Smoking is so bad for you and as I mentioned before studies show now that second hand smoke is just as damaging to your lungs. My husband used to smoke too and he quit about 25 years ago. I wish you well.
393685 tn?1425816122 Ok .. second hand smoke .. both my parents smoked the first 5yrs of my life until my mom got double pneumonia and almost died .. this was late 60's ... she stopped cold turkey in the oxygen tent and my Dad stopped then, too .... that was a good 35 yrs ago .. but who knows what that smoke did to us kiddies back then?
1000946 tn?1253811447 I am not proud that I still smoke. I have a lung disease. It haunts me everyday, the fact that I still smoke. I might add that I have many stresses going on in my life right now, too. Have I progressed my COPD by continuing to smoke? Yes, I have. I have read in my research, that 40% of COPD patients will continue to smoke. Doesn't make what I am doing to my health right though. But, I had to post this and be honest.
Avatar n tn My fried who is a smoker sat in my car for about an hour and did not smoke. But the second hand smoke smell that was on her clothes wont go away. That was a month ago. I really think my sinuses are damaged from either the de-icer that the state puts down on the roads or from what ever they have been puting in our gas since they have made it low sulfer. Perhaps removing the sulfur leaves too much unburned waste in the air.
Avatar m tn While it remains unlikely that exposure to second hand smoke is the problem, the more the exposure the more likely it is related. As she has undergone surgery there must be a doctor familiar with her and her condition, what does he/she advise?
Avatar f tn Just about everytime i smoke pot i get really bad chest pain. This has been happening for about 6 months. I have been smoking pot for about 6-7 years. My boobs are freakin huge and they seem to make the chest pain so much worse. The only way to relieve my chest pain is by lifting my breasts up. I went to my doctor when my chest pain first started happening... she took X rays and told me i had asthma.... gave me some pills that didnt help...
Avatar n tn It comes and goes and it is so strong it is like lighting a fresh cigarette. Not like second hand smoke or smoke on clothes. It seem deep in the nasal cavity. Mine has been happening for 7 months and it last for 5 mins and comes back every so often. Sometimes it is really strong that I can almost taste it. I am seeing a neurologist on the 25th of July. A little history on me: Ex smoker about 15 years ago and on metropol for high blood pressure, and my age is 43.
Avatar n tn Any suggestions/ medical advice is greatly appreciated. I feel like this is ruining my lifestyle. - Smoke (I dont smoke) (If someone smokes nearby, I run away from him/her) - Cooking fumes (as soon as I enter Cafetaria where they fry stuff or oil frying smell in home kitchen) - Perfumes/ Deodrants - Sometimes a strong coffee smell - I have been tested for Asthma using peak flow meters.
Avatar n tn Since the cold went and the cough came I have had this sensation of smelling smoke/toast. It comes fom time to time and lasts only a few seconds. Very weird but am I glad I found this message board!!
Avatar m tn and waffle on about issues that have no relevance to the question in hand - which happens to be a 4 year old who has a persistent cough and the medical profession diagnosis was that there was nothing wrong. Personally, I would still seek a second medical opinion and also look at any psychological issues. Young children are not able to express themselves in words how they feel and sometimes their way of communicating can be by doing something that is socially unacceptable.
Avatar m tn Could it have been that I had wet cough because my lungs were irritated by second hand smoke? I only had cough once, it didn't repeat and it wasn't a fit of cough, should I visit GP right away if it repeats? Or persists? How long? Thanks for answering! Sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker.
Avatar f tn So i'm mostly in my room, which is smoke free, but my mother smokes all day at every part of the house with her 2 kids in it, very terrible, whenever i leave my room theres this strong smoke smell, the bathroom is filled with this crap, impregnated, as she lives smoking there, so i went there to give bath to her 3 year old daughter and i breathed that second/third hand smoke, i INSTANTLY got a burning throat and nose, so awful, seems like i'm the only, the kids doesn't get this, i also have some
Avatar f tn I could have choked him with his tie. The second doctor on the other hand diagnosed me with Costochondritis, which I call "Attentionitis" because I think he considered me a hypochondriac and just wanted to diagnose me with something so I could leave. He said I could take over the counter medicine for pain but what the heck do I do about the feeling that my lungs are completely deflated? I fear I have COPD or I am feeling the onset of Asthma.
Avatar m tn I do not have asthma nor I'm a smoker / excessively exposed to second-hand smoke. How can I stop this cough???
Avatar n tn I have never smoked, but have been exposed to second hand smoke. My mom smoked when I was young, and my dad has smoked my entire life. Last November, I went to the doctor because I had had a cough for 2.5 months. The doctor ordered a chest x-ray. They found a nodule in the lower lobe of my left lung. I had a CT which showed that the nodule is about 2.4cm. I then had an inconclusive PET scan. Since then I've had two additional CTs, which continue to show a smooth noncalcified nodule.
Avatar f tn I have NEVER been a smoker, but grew up in a household with an extraordianry amount of second-hand smoke. I've never had a formal diagnosis for the cough, but in the last three months it has gone from being annoying to being a constant hurdle in my day. The cough is for the most part dry and doesn't bring up any mucus, except for the occasion the occasioan that the cough is so violent, I cough up an unbelievable amount of fluid.
Avatar n tn I do have a shortness of breath but continue to walk/jog 4 miles a day. I've never been a smoker but has been exposed to second hand smoke as a child. All tests performed have come back negative - they can't definitively say its sarcoidosis or any other lung disease. I've had a bronchoscope and do not know what to do next. The cough is extremely embarrassing!
Avatar n tn Hello, I also have a rattley chest predominantly at night. It usually wakes me up in the small hours. I have pleural plaques caused by asbestos fibres stuck in the lining of the lung. Most people get little or no symptoms and so are unaware that they have this dangerous disease, I have a lot including pain in my chest, shortness of breath constant mostly dry cough.
Avatar f tn I work out 2-3 times a week without lots of cardio (mostly do yoga and isometric exercises).I recently quit smoking (but when I did smoke a pack would last almost a week so approximately 3 cigarettes a day). I guestimate that I smoked for approximately 15 years. I was diagnosed with a heart murmur at around nine years of age. The doctors said then that it was mild and wouldn't cause any long term effects. Most of the doctors who listened to my heart recently said they couldn't even hear it.
Avatar m tn Well, i don't actually have a doctor or medical insurance...or money, i guess i could go to county but at best they would write me a thirty day prescription and say ' take these pills' and then i would be like 'pills are what ****** me up in the first place' and then they would be like 'let us check your blood' and then i would get an infection because it's a county hospital for poor people.
Avatar f tn Bad thing is, I'm walking around not vaccinated against whooping cough so I'm told. Could this be what I have? On second dosage of levaquin, this time for 14 days. by andrewr270 ", Jan 16, 2008 09:52AM To: the coughers It happening all over the country.
Avatar f tn although I am very sensitive if exposed to second hand smoke. I have also had some difficulty from time to time with acid reflux requiring the use of antacids,...and I do get post nasal drip at times. I coughed quite a bit as a child, but nothing like the coughing I have now. The only thing that helps is for me to go lie down and try to totally relax, which causes my breathing to become very shallow. Right now, it's the only relief I get.
Avatar f tn I never smoked, but was exposed to second-hand smoke for about two weeks in January. I don't have asthma, and as far as I know, I wasn't allergic to anything. Other than thyroid medications, I'm not taking other medications.
Avatar n tn It could be allergies, and another possibility, asthma or bronchitis.. Being she was exposed to second hand smoke for so long, it is wise to have all the tests that she is having to rule all things serious out.
Avatar f tn I have been sick for 2 1/2 years after my second bout with whopping cough. I got my first case in Nov of 2010 and my second case (both confirmed) in Sept of 2011. I never felt like I recovered after the second case and stopped working in Jan of 2012. It's now July 2014. I have had many tests and I am currently on Symbacort and Spiriva both treatments for COPD.
Avatar n tn so lungs seem to be the weak spot in my family. I'm probably a victim of their second hand smoke. I need to know what's going on..........I feel like I'm dieing sometimes. thanks again for your advice..........and I wish you all the best.
Avatar f tn As a mater of fact when my children and I go shopping and there is someone smoking we either go around the other way or cover our nose because of the that second hand smoking consequences people who do not smoke can get. I also don’t drink I don’t feel I need to I like me and am very careful with the example I give my children. Regarding the test you mentioned, I had the test you’re referring to done to me. I have been checked for asthma and lung capacity ect.
Avatar n tn And I can trace the soreness up to that little depression area on top of the sternum. I don't smoke, don't drink, not overweight, don't live around second hand smoke. This cough is so annoying now though please someone tell me what it might be and what remedies help?! THANK YOU!