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Avatar n tn 3. Suggestions and recommendations that may be helpful for treatment and avoidance of rash Thank you for your assistance and God Bless you.
Avatar m tn I am very allergic and that is enough time for me for I react quickly. But allergic contact dermatitis is defined as a delayed allergic reaction. They say 2-3 hours or more. So do this for 30 minutes, and wait. Later you will react if allergic. This is a fast way to find out. And eliminate the allergy first for it is the easiest thing to rule out quickly. The best way to diagnose is to rule out the things it could be that are very quick to do.
Avatar f tn Almost all babies during their first months experience getting cradle cap. Cradle cap and seborrheic dermatitis are considered non-infectious skin conditions, which (unlike other types of eczema) are hardly itchy or irritating. "Cradle cap is thought to be related hormonal changes in the mother during pregnancy that stimulate oil glands. It usually starts to show during the first months, and can last until your baby reaches his first year.
Avatar n tn Hi, One differential for this is seborrheic dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis may present as fine greasy whitish to yellowish scales more commonly known as dandruff. The scalp may be itchy. The cause of seborrheic dermatitis is yet unknown although a yeast infection has been implicated. There seems to be no genetic factor involved however environment and stress have been known to trigger flares. It is best to have this assessed by a dermatologist.
Avatar f tn This may be seborrheic dermatitis, which does have a yeast connection. I've had similar issues. My derm took a biopsy and that was her diagnosis. Hair loss and scalp flaking are common even with sticky or oily hair. Talk to your dermatologist or research online, there are treatment options. I know this is an old post but others may find it with an Internet search. Good luck and don't be disheartened.
Avatar n tn My hair is sarting to become grey.I have seborrheic dermatitis and Iam used to use selsun blue shampoo (that contains selenium) but today I read that it increases the graying of hair when used as shampoo,but may improve the graying if used orally as antioxidant. but i wonder that "Funnily enough, one sign of an overdose of seleniumSelenium - an antioxidant is hair loss." I wish that more studies to be done concerning it. I read that it has an antioxidant activity 50 times as vit.E.
Avatar f tn I am not happy with my doctor or the lack of concern for my side effects. YES...THE TREATMENT IS HARSH. However, everyone should be able to have what meds they needed to help comfort these side effects. I can't even get refills called in less than 10 days. It saddens me that I had to use this doctor but he was the only liver specialist that would except my insurance. I'm stuck with him and his staff. I'm depressed and not myself. Just called his office to see if my lab work was in.
1527789 tn?1324928760 Well, since you did not get the MRI done prior to the pacemaker being inserted, unless you were in the MedTronic trial with that new kind of MRI safe pacemaker (I saw something about online) inserted (probably not, right?), it definitely would NOT be safe for you to get an MRI with your pacemaker. (See private message.) Wow, you have bilharzia- that's considered a rare problem by U.S.A.'s Natioal Institute of Health and I see it can happen in developing countries.
288415 tn?1231634102 He scraped out my ear, swabed it with violet stuff (similar to what they do for babies with thrush) and gave me a prescription for drops that he said was the only thing that will kill fungus all of the others only keep it from multiplying. I'll get back to you on what the prescription was. I no longer have the itch, crust, etc. now I just have to deal with the perforated ear drum and eustation tube problems.
Avatar n tn Been treated for blepharitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and allergies. Whenever I start another treatment I have a short period of relief. It always comes back...longest time without symptoms 10 days. Like eveyone else, I have thrown all makeup, lotions, and soaps away. Washed sheets, pillow cases, and put pillow in the dryer. This has become debilitating and I am becoming depressed. I have a high profile job and don't want to be seen because I look like I have some awful disease.
Avatar f tn I talked to my doctor about this and - lucky me, I was diagnosed with Seborrheic Dermatitis. Please google this for more information on it. It is a real, non cureable but treatable disease, and is a true pain to deal with. Coal Tar shampoo made by Neutragena helps some, and is available over the counter. I highly recommend if anyone is suffering from these symptoms to talk to your doctor for more options. Good Luck to anyone else going through this nightmare.
Avatar n tn My daughter is the only one who repeatedly picks them up at school. There must be other kids with them. But the system I use that works is:- All bedding, toys, towels, combs/brushes etc have to be washed at +60 degrees. I buy a nit comb from the chemist, and after washing her hair I put on a conditioner that I have added tea tree oil to. And then I comb the hair through. After every down stroke I rinse the nit comb under the tap in the sink.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your post. i've looked into this to sticky skin syndrome, will these symptoms seem simliar to mine. I have not taken any drugs that are known to been connected to the disorder ie ketoconazole and doxorubicin. My demratoligist prescribed ketoconazole cream and urea cream which seemed to have no effect it. the most recent plan of attack was Triamcinolone acetone. cream. to early to tell as to whether this is an effective treatment.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having skin rashes around his eyes, raised small red bumps, for several months and just won
Avatar n tn * have been taking Valtrex since June 13 and it seems to be helping, but have gotten a few cuts that have healed quickly since I started the treatment. BUT, even if I am + for 2, I'm not really convinced that's what's causing the tears. After all, how often have you read that someone had an outbreak for 2 months straight?? Will keep you posted. Find it amazing how similar all of our symptoms are yet nobody can tell us what the problem is.
Avatar n tn The ONLY times it has completely cleared was when I would get a cortizone injection in my bad shoulder as well as the one time I was put on a Prednisone treatment for an eye infection. That's it. I live with it. But I would like to know if anyone has an idea as to what brings it on in the first place. Why, out of the blue, does it appear? I have no allergies nor exposures past or present to chemicals or the like. Any ideas? Any treatments that work? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I've wrinkle fingers tips too since two weeks, I check out all the disease that everybody wrote and in any disease of those say anything about wrinkle finger tips, so please STOP FREAKING OUT US!! I think our skin is thiner than the rest of the people. I see that it get worse when it's cold, during the morning, and if I used acetone on my nails. And also it get worse if I touch detergent or if I use thinner. Does anyone use some of this products? Hope this help..
Avatar n tn If you have never had a doctor try the vinegar treatment on you, ASK FOR IT. Doctors are human and they can't know everything. We, as patients, have a responsibility to be as informed as possible about ailments and to work with our doctors as much as we are able to find answers. Suggest the vinegar wash to see if any whitened areas show up that can be biopsied. I had never had a doctor even think to try the vinegar trick on me before this week, but it got results. Take this seriously.
Avatar n tn The same itching, scratching and weeping (which is a colourless fluid the same as produced by other types of eczema). I used steroid cream for years too but I also didn't think it was good for my body in general. I have now discovered Aloe Propolis cream... it is totally natural and I pop a little in my ears if they feel dry or itchy. It hasn't cured completely yet... but these things take a while... but it is definitely helping and is something I will continue to use always.
Avatar n tn I posted back in May about how I got rid of my OT. I had finally gotten treatment for Lymes dz which was with Doxyciline. It's been a year and a half and still no orange tongue. This could be consistant with nyminnow who was being treated for Lymes when the OT went away. I see that "tanner1985" had Doxicycline, however, "tanner1985"'s orange tongue appears to not have started until on Amoxicillin and Mary's Mouthwash.
Avatar m tn Dear Haywoodusmc, I understand,I have morgellons and am an advocate working for others. Please see. www.howicuredmorgellons.