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Avatar n tn Someohow it must be related to the inner ear from the fluid. The scopolamine does the job of calming this down to prevent motion sickness, but when it is no longer in the system is when the issues present themselves. From what I have found there is no known cure. People tell me, "just don't go on any more cruises"!
198419 tn?1360245956 It's actually my eyes, swiveling around in their sockets, but it looks like the room is going around and around. I freaked out, and got DH to lead me to the couch, where I laid down. I think the doctor decided it was some sort of nystagmus.
Avatar n tn Although the mental part would be the hardest physically you should be ok. I got to the point where I was up to 8-10 pills per day and there is another one of us who is currently away on vacation who was up to 20 per day. We also post over on "DrugAbuse.Com" under the support section. When you log on you will see a long thread called fioricet addiction. Please keep posting here and visit us on the other forum.
Avatar n tn Then I am taking my Winchester Defender 12 gauge and going to stand about 10 feet from the targets (calenders) and blow that year to hell, where it belongs. Now that you metion it a few empty pill bottles might be theraputic too. I have got 38 days off the pills and finally just starting to feel human again. I have always read your posts and thanks, you were a big help in the painful early phases of WD.