Scarlet fever vs rheumatic fever

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Avatar n tn Hi Karonnie, Intersting question. The text books talk about recurrent rheumatic fever and antibic phrophylaxis, but I have never seen a case of recurrent RF. It is true that people who have had it are at risk for recurrence and should take antibiotics. An acutely elevated ASO titre would suggest a recurrence. If you have a significant sore throat, you should take antibiotics prophalaxis anyway. There are some rheumatoligic conditions that cause similar symptoms (minus the chorea).
535822 tn?1443980380 Of special interest were the impressive results that patients received from homeopathic medicines in the treatment of the many feared infectious diseases, including cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, scarlet fever, pneumonia, and influenza. In addition to the above research conducted for the Swiss government, other researchers in North America have found efficacy and cost-effectiveness of various "integrative health practices" (Guarneri, Horrigan, Pechura 2010).