Scarlet fever incubation

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Avatar m tn The onset of strep throat is characterised by sudden high fever and a severe sore throat. The bacterium responsible for scarlet fever, a strep-related illness, can also cause pharyngitis. Micro-organisms such as the yeast candida can produce a sore throat. A sore throat can also result from exposure through oral sex to the bacterium that causes gonorrhoea.
Avatar n tn Again she has been diagnosed with strep except for one thing has changed. She now has Scarlet fever. She is back on antibiotics and bed rest. She is so used to being sick now she ust deals with it and goes on. She also has had Influenza A last year and B the year before that. And yes she has had her flu shots and immunizations are up to date. I am doing as much internet research as I can because I am tired if hearing "she'll grow out of it.