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Avatar f tn I have never had breast surgery. She said the ultrasound showed scar tissue. How could that be as I have never had breast surgery? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259463'>Breast cancer scar tissue?</a>.
Avatar f tn I have always had a niggling pain where the scar tissue is , now the pain is intense and goes in my arm. I had a mammogram in 2006 , they said scar tissue . I went to the Dr last night who has referred me to a breast clinic. I just wonder if they will do a mammogram again, with the pain I have.. Or a scan. Could it be scar tissue ? The pain starts in the Scar in the morning, then spreads! ohh Lots of questions .. any ideas? thanks Rachel.
Avatar f tn possibly related in some way to the surgery. Nerve pain, scar tissue ??? You might ck. with your Surgeon if this continues or becomes more severe. Regards ....
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have only limited information but have learned about axillary ectopic breast tissue, which I think is different than accessory breast. Mine was glandular tissue, not fat, so liposuction was not an option. Due to our hormones these things can continue to grow, I hear when you get pregnant they get huge and can come back even if you've had surgery. I had mine growing for 8 years (noticed it when I was 24) and was told similar things "Oh you don't want that big scar...
Avatar f tn I told my surgeon that it felt like more scar tissue. He did surgery and lo and behold. The scar ran from my galbladder to my stomach causing my stomach to fold over and twist. So if all else fails....insist that your doctor consider that it just may be scar tissue. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Could this density and calcification be masked by the scar tissue or could this scar tissue cause the reading to show the density and calcification. Is this finding common? Is there anyone else that has experienced these findings? I'm suppose to have a spot compression and maybe an ultrasound done, but I've been too nervous to make the appointment. I am going to go though. Should I be concerned at this point?
Avatar n tn I just want to know the affects of surgery (cosmetically, how bad was the post op pain, and likelihood of it returning). I'm not very large chested and I'm worried about th removal and if it will leave me looking funny or things of the sort.
Avatar m tn My wife is experiencing pain in the residual breast tissue area on one side of her chest. Both sides of her chest area have flaps of tissue that were not removed during her mastectomies. She has had bi-lateral mastectomies and they were performed several years ago and about 7 years apart. She had no chemo or radiation therapy after either surgery and her lymph glands were clear. Her diagnosis was T&DCIS.
Avatar f tn I am trying not to be too concerned about it, becasue I am only 21 and in all likelihood with my surgery it is scar tissue or fat necrosis or with my age its fibroadenoma... I escpecially think it might be scar tissue because when lying down the lump is directly under the top of my nipple where there were sutures. There has been no change in shape, although my right breast feels slightly heavier than my left.
Avatar f tn It has been successfully used to help scar tissue and adhesions from surgery. If you go to the ovarian cyst forum here on MedHelp and then to the health pages attached to it (top right) there is a posting for dealing with adhesions. It is worth a try.
Avatar n tn I have had three repairs on breast implant scar tissue. I am experiencing pain in THE left breast and i know it is scar tissue. It is very scary but some of us just seem to produce scar tissue more than others. Iam one of them. Keep up with your mammograms. I Hope your pain Will subside with time.
Avatar f tn I had a breast reduction (about 8 lbs total) over a year ago and have several problems. I have burning and pain and lots of scar tissue in both breast and wondered if anyone has any suggestions? Some days are worse than others.
606005 tn?1220205208 I had emergency surgery in August to remove two 10 cm dermoid cysts and my ovaries and tubes. One of the cysts had burst causing tremendous pain. Anyway, during surgery, they discovered that my intestines were fused to my ovary, so they had to call in another surgeon to release my intestine and to make sure all was okay.
1486724 tn?1288051470 When doctor tried to put mammosite in breast, she was unable to do so due to scar tissue. I went back to surgery in September 2010 to remove scare tissue. When the scar tissue was sent to pathology, there was .03 centimeter spot located in the scar tissue, however, doctor seems to think that maybe radiation from the mammosite has taken care of any additional cancer. He is doing a consult with his peers as we speak. On last week, I noticed that my nipple was swollen on the affected breast.
Avatar f tn I have the same problem lots of scar tissue, adhesion pain. I had 3 surgeries in 2010 for scar tissue the last one was open. This may 5 I was admitted to hospital with all the classic symptoms and on may 9 had to have surgery,suppose to be laproscopic but scale tissue had bowels in a kink so bad that I had to be opened up. Stayed in hospital almost 2 weeks, between before surgery and after surgery waiting for my bowels to move.
1303966 tn?1296740010 I asked my local neuro, not my chiari specialist at my last appointment if she thought I would benefit from surgery. She cringed slightly and talked about surgery and scar tissue. Do I want to tolerate the nausea, dizziness, full feeling in my head, swallowing problems, etc....................................................................., or risk dealing with scar tissue and other complications that can arise from the surgery.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Like any surgery, knee surgery also has scar tissue which can remain for the rest of the life, but it's size might decrease after the surgery. As you mentioned, it is 18 months after surgery I don't think this scar would dissappear. Normally, the scar will be approximately six to eight inches long. It will be straight down the center of your knee unless you have previous scars, in which case they may use the prior scar. There will be some numbness around the scar.
Avatar f tn They are experts at this. They say these were simply cysts and yes this could be scar tissue or they have returned. The pain is very mild. I guess i just worry. Does anyone else have this going after a biopsy and should I just relax...
Avatar f tn I suppose this could be due to scar tissue ... I would certainly have it checked out by the Dr. who did your surgery.
1207871 tn?1265864302 I'm 19 years old and had a breast biopsy about a month ago, the results were a fiberdenoma (benign tumor). I wasn't able to touch that area of my breast because of the pain from surgery (no pain prior) but when I did later, I felt a lump. Exactly the same spot, possibly bigger. When I went for a follow up appt. the nurse told me it was nothing and showed me a paper that said that the 1 cm lump was fully taken out. Well, the lump they were suppose to remove was 2 cm.
Avatar f tn Recurrance is always in the back of my mind, but could this pain just be from scar tissue? I have also been told that part of the problem may be arthritis in the ribs caused by a previous fracture. I am currently taking Neurontin, which has helped tremendously, but I would like to know what type of complications scar tissue can cause and if this is solely the cause of my pain now, will it subside? Also, why does the pain come and go, flucuating in severity? Thanks for any info.
Avatar n tn hi As discussed earlier , i am experiencing mild pain in my left breast which had undergone surgery 1.5 months back, well its not a continuous pain . i am worried . is this normal?
Avatar n tn Dear bluebutterfly2222, There can be differences in healing and scar tissue formation. Some people may scar more than others. You might want to discuss this with your surgeon, to evaluate the lumpiness to be sure of the lumpiness is a post surgical change, related to scarring.
Avatar n tn I had breast surgery 2 weeks ago for breast cancer. The breast cancer is grade 1 which im told is not a bad form of cancer. I had the lump removed and some of my lymph gland removed. The results came back to say that there is no cancer in my lymph gland. I have now found a lump aprox 1 inch in size near to where they did the surgery... is this normal? If so do you know what it may be?
Avatar f tn breast Implants gll bladder surgery hysterectomy etc.. Read up on some of these areas good luck let me know what you find out.
Avatar f tn Lumps following breast reduction are either areas of scar tissue or areas of fat necrosis, neither are worrisome. You should have had a pathologic exam of the removed breast tissue from the reduction and the results should reassure your that the lump are not a problem.
Avatar f tn I have a lot of pain in that breast but not where the scar tissues is. I think I need to go elsewhere. Theree has to be a reason for the pain. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/what-are-breast-crystals/show/259461">what are breast crystals</a>.