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Avatar f tn PLEASE everyone do not just think it's scar tissue and poo-poo everything. I am 47 years old and had my breast reduction Aug 09. I healed ok. My breasts have been so sore ever since, when it was time for my mammo in May of this year I cringed at the thought because my breasts are still so sensitive! Surely if I had one just a year ago and breast reduction 9 months prior I am fine. I found a lump in June. Thought nothing of it...
Avatar n tn I have had three repairs on breast implant scar tissue. I am experiencing pain in THE left breast and i know it is scar tissue. It is very scary but some of us just seem to produce scar tissue more than others. Iam one of them. Keep up with your mammograms. I Hope your pain Will subside with time.
Avatar f tn s just scar tissue. Anytime a surgical procedure is performed there is a chance that some scar tissue can form. Regards .....
Avatar f tn Lumps following breast reduction are either areas of scar tissue or areas of fat necrosis, neither are worrisome. You should have had a pathologic exam of the removed breast tissue from the reduction and the results should reassure your that the lump are not a problem.
Avatar f tn This may be normal tissue or something else Im not sure. Does anyone know if scar tissue in the breast is always moveable. This lump Im talking about is just to the upper right of my nipple (my right), just outside of the nipple on my left breast. My doctor told me it was fibrous tissue because there is a cyst right beside it but I didnt think fibrous tissue can feel hard and non moveable.
Avatar f tn I had a breast reduction (about 8 lbs total) over a year ago and have several problems. I have burning and pain and lots of scar tissue in both breast and wondered if anyone has any suggestions? Some days are worse than others.
Avatar f tn Lumps following breast reduction are quite common and the result of either scar tissue formation in the healing process, reaction to deep sutures, or areas of fat necrosis. Assuming your surgeon had the removed breast tissue examined pathologically (which should have been performed) you would have had a report on any abnormal pathology identified from the procedure. If this report showed normal tissue, your risks for an abnormality to appear seem quite small.
Avatar f tn Dear luckylandry: Scar tissue is normal after any surgery or trauma. Scar tissue will not prohibit a biopsy but may alter the technique needed to obtain the tissue. There is no way to predict what this "nodule" may be or guess at the probability of whether or not this could be cancer. The information right now suggests that it is suspicious enough to warrant biopsy. You should discuss with a breast surgeon the best technique to use for this given your specific circumstances.
Avatar n tn ve read about IBC and pagets and wonder if it is either of these. I had mamograms and was told they look great. I also had breast reduction surgery 3 years ago. Wondering if it could just be scar tissue itching. I'm very nervous about it, but my doctor says it is fine.
991102 tn?1249288499 Focal asymmetry upper-outer left breast may be scar tiisue from breast reduction. Compression views are recommended. I problem is I am in a little bitty town in South Carolina. I had a breast reduction done around 7 years ago. Their report read 20! My last mammogram two years after the reduction, did not show anything. I am concerned because mu Aunt had a reduction done and 5 years later she had cancer and died!
Avatar f tn Have you ever done a second breast reduction removing the scar and damaged tissue? I know there is always pros and cons, however, what could I do to become the perfect candidate for the best success.
Avatar f tn I have always had a niggling pain where the scar tissue is , now the pain is intense and goes in my arm. I had a mammogram in 2006 , they said scar tissue . I went to the Dr last night who has referred me to a breast clinic. I just wonder if they will do a mammogram again, with the pain I have.. Or a scan. Could it be scar tissue ? The pain starts in the Scar in the morning, then spreads! ohh Lots of questions .. any ideas? thanks Rachel.
Avatar f tn I will mention I do have lots of scar tissue from a breast reduction I had 10 years ago. I know no one can diagnose me but my doctor. But I was just wondering if you know or have any idea what this could be. I can also get a good grasp on this mass like I can grab it with my fingers and almost wrap my fingers around it in most spots. One more thing is that I can only feel it when I am sitting up and then only when I grab it between my fingers.
Avatar f tn I have never had breast surgery. She said the ultrasound showed scar tissue. How could that be as I have never had breast surgery? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/259463'>Breast cancer scar tissue?</a>.
Avatar f tn After a breast reduction 5 weeks ago my surgeon now informed me the lump under my left nipple is fat necrosis. My PS kind of dismissed my concerns and said to massage the area to help break up the mass. Should I seek a 2nd opinion from my GYN? Should I get a mammogram or ultrasound at this point?
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction in 2000. It was a C cut I believe, where they cut underneath the breast in the shape of a C and I have a scar line up the center of the breast to the nipple. So I guess it is a C with a center line. I have had 3 children since my reduction, and was able to partially breast feed. I never got much production of milk, and ended up only being able to provide partial milk, and for only a few months per each child.
Avatar f tn possibly related in some way to the surgery. Nerve pain, scar tissue ??? You might ck. with your Surgeon if this continues or becomes more severe. Regards ....
Avatar f tn They done an immediate biopsy but said it had no characteristics of cancer but was at the same time very aggressive by coming on so quickly. My GP is thinking scar tissue cutting of the blood supply. Would this cause shrinkage? Will i lose my breast?
Avatar f tn Could this density and calcification be masked by the scar tissue or could this scar tissue cause the reading to show the density and calcification. Is this finding common? Is there anyone else that has experienced these findings? I'm suppose to have a spot compression and maybe an ultrasound done, but I've been too nervous to make the appointment. I am going to go though. Should I be concerned at this point?
Avatar f tn Hi there, I have only limited information but have learned about axillary ectopic breast tissue, which I think is different than accessory breast. Mine was glandular tissue, not fat, so liposuction was not an option. Due to our hormones these things can continue to grow, I hear when you get pregnant they get huge and can come back even if you've had surgery. I had mine growing for 8 years (noticed it when I was 24) and was told similar things "Oh you don't want that big scar...
Avatar f tn When I rub the hernia scar (they went through the scam scar the second time) it is so hard. Just wondering if scar tissue could be causing some pushing into the stomach or could it be another hernia? My doctor has dismissed the chance of scar tissue but did not do any testing to detect scar tissue. Is there a way to detect tissue or do you have to "go in and look around".
Avatar f tn I have been told by my doctors that I have very lumpy breast as I have fibrocystis breasts. I have also a lot of scar tissue from a breast reduction. I have in the past couple years come across this lump in my breast that the doc seems to think is fibrous tissue. But what I am confused about is the fact that it is not moveable. I thought fibrous tissue should be moveable. Or is it sometimes not movable?
Avatar m tn My wife is experiencing pain in the residual breast tissue area on one side of her chest. Both sides of her chest area have flaps of tissue that were not removed during her mastectomies. She has had bi-lateral mastectomies and they were performed several years ago and about 7 years apart. She had no chemo or radiation therapy after either surgery and her lymph glands were clear. Her diagnosis was T&DCIS.
Avatar n tn I have had two "bouts" of what is being considered breast cellulitis. The second bout was horrible and I spent 5 days in the hospital as I became so ill with high fevers, nausea and headaches. The rash also spread. A week after the hospital stay, I am feeling a bit better but my breast is still pink and the surgeon wants to wait three months to do anything - such as a sonogram.