Scalp sore that will not heal

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1819252 tn?1317095602 So on the 10 th of Jan 2011 I am stopping treatment, and who knows I mak be the 60% that stay UND, if not I believe that with a good diet and no drinking I will have a very productive life, treatment is not always the answer to all hep c situations, a person has to look at all angles, all situations and really ask a lot of questions, but today (Jan 8th 2012) there is no cure, Now some of you may think I am a fool But again if you.
Avatar n tn not an insect bite. No swelling. Not in contact with eyeglasses. Sore attempts to heal and scab over, but never permanently resolves. Any suggestions what this might be, and how to treat? Thank you...
Avatar m tn There was one guy who had gotten hurt with asphalt in his head and had a sore that wouldn't heal. I urged him to go in, but he didn't for a long time. Finally, when he decided to go in, he had to have a pretty big sized skin graft for what turned out to be skin cancer.
529981 tn?1212853666 My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair.
Avatar f tn I have suffered for almost 5 yers with pimples on scalp, The scalp gets very sore in a circular pattern , bumps come up or pimples with blood, pus and serum. My dermatoligist said it was a folliculitis and put me on minicin which helped 100% but then I became allergic to it. She tried Doxycyclene and it did nothing. Multiple antibiotics were tried. Some cleared it up for about 3-4 weeks and then it comes back. Some did not help at all. I have been on Bactrim DS 800-160 tab for a year.
Avatar n tn Keloids can occur because of the extra scratching that the diabetic will do on the sore that doesn't heal, causing the extra skin to grow. Are your mother's blood sugar scores under control? Maintaining good control will help the sores heal.
Avatar n tn I have determined that it was not a test of my will power after all; I simply had an infection that was never properly addressed. I know there is a lot of misleading and unhelpful information out there on this difficult to discuss topic and I hope this helps you to have a clear scalp as well. Best of luck.
Avatar f tn i feel like a nut but it makes me feel good that i am able to remove the dead skin/'cancer' from my scalp. onetime i was bleeding so bad, the blood was actually trickling down my neck; it wasn't even painful when i was picking at it. must've picked on a nerve or something. i read here that i need to go back to 2003 and find out what happened in my life back then that started all of this. i had a hysterectomy in 03 due to uterine fibroids.
Avatar f tn I am seeing a psychiatrist and therapist. One thing I wanted to mention was that my scalp pain goes in cycles. For about 4 days it will hurt to the point of tears and then overnight it will turn to severe itching. I was also diagnosed with Chronic Telogen Effluvium and have lost about 30% of my hair over the past 8 months. The hair loss has lessened but I tend to lose more on the itchy days.
Avatar m tn I have bites on my scalp big ones that are hard limps that hurt and itch all in a group. I can see black bugs come out in the shower some times. When I go to the doctor they see nothing and thing I am crazy. I think this is because I just moved here so no one knows me and no one knows that my hair is not this black or course! He says that it is. He also says that I just have a lumpy scalp. No because I went through chemo and I have a smooth scalp. It is my body so I think I know.
Avatar n tn Doesn't make since, I have the same small blisters on my scalp. not only on my scalp not but on my arms, shoulders, neck & chest. I have been to doctors and had biopsy and nothing. Just have to keep dealing with it. Anxity is the only thing that doctors think that may be causing it. The big problem is the don't heal, they break and then fill again with liquid. The few I got to heal turned into a scar.
Avatar m tn Dr do you think after your experience i will be able to kill that disease have a clean scalp after all without on keep having more Medication?
771702 tn?1235161410 i have sores on my scalp. some have healed but i have two that will not heal,plus i get itchy skin. and very dry skin.but i have sores all over my body this has been going on for 6yrs.drs dont . know what is wrong.,i have tryed so many thing . . sure hope you find help.
Avatar f tn The problem with these sore's is that they will scab up but not heal. Did I mention that they hurt so much in this stage that it is so painful that jumping off a bridge intertains your thoughts, I am not kidding. I, needing to make the pain stop will rip the scab off and proceed to squeeze the outer edge of the sore until I feel a squishing. That is the damn thing that has made my life without friends, a girlfriend, a job or anything normal, a living hell.
Avatar n tn Last year, I was prescribed Doxycycline, and it did wonders for me. I was on 75mg/day for over six months, and not a single bump on my scalp or chin (I occasionally get them on chin). The doctor told me to gradually slow down on the doxy, and I stared taking 1 pill every 2 days. After a month, I completely got off doxy. Things were great for about 2 weeks, until the bumps came back on my scalp. And now doxy or any other drug doesn't work. I've used Zinc shampoo, Salycilic (spelling?
Avatar m tn Hi, (background) I get a lot of problems with ingrown hairs on my face where I shave. In particular, I get occasional thickened hairs that get stuck in my skin and get very sore and resemble a black dot. I usually can free and ingrown hair with a needle or tweeze one that has formed a plug and after intial irritation and soreness they heal up. One particular area has been causing me problems for about 8-9 months. One day after shaving I discovered a small lump under my chin area.
Avatar f tn Just this evening I felt this soreness on my head, I started touching my head and felt that it was localized at the very top crown part of my scalp - whenever I touch my hair or lightly touch that area it is incredibly painful and sore. A friend looked at that area and there is a bright red dot - the size of a grain of rice. The entire area surrounding the dot is incredibly sore - as though someone smacked me in the head with a hammer.
Avatar m tn But from reading some accounts we know that it is not uncommon that people need to visit the ER during TX. We aren't trying to make you panic. We just trying to convey that a times for a percentage of people on TX that emergency measures are warranted. I may even be more procative because i know someone who fell into that category. I'm glad that you are looking after your father and that his confusion seems to be sleep related.
Avatar m tn I read a few that came that came after that but guess I missed yours the first time. I will watch not to do that in the future.
Avatar m tn I have a large sore on my cheekbone, about the size of a quarter, that will not heal properly. I have had this sore for nearly a year. The sore has little white balls and clear tube things that I can gently pull out with the tweezers. Some of them look like they have little hooks on the ends (much like a molar tooth). The sore tries to heal over these things and produces a thick scar tissue that is rather bumpy.
Avatar n tn In short, it feels like a bruise when touched but without the accompanying black and blue marks. If I don't touch it I am not aware that there is a sensibility in that area. Very strange. I hope to just ignore it and maybe it will go away like the other time. I hope!
Avatar m tn I have had a large sore on my head with missing hair and will not heal for over a year! It started as a sort of pimple and has grown into this ulcerated and painful head wound. I have picked at it as it builds up with fluid and opening the area brings relief by lifting the pressure. Dermitologists say it is not bacterial or fungi infections. It is very painful with hair loss. I know that picking at it is bad, but it doesn't heal even when left alone.
Avatar n tn My other concern is that if acutane is my only option that my MD will not prescribe it since my case of acne is not grade 3 or 4!!?? Please help!
Avatar n tn The lump is the same size, about 3/4 as long as my thumb, red and very sore (I think from the squeezing). There are two spots on it that release pus but not a lot. I've done the warm compresses every chance I get but it's hard when you're working all day. I'm worried that the infection is out of control. How long should I wait before I go back and talk about lancing it? I just want it to go away. It's in the worst area that messes up everything - sitting, walking, sex...
Avatar n tn thank god im not the only one. have found that my skin under my eyes to be more wrinkly since, will be avoiding those creams so.... again, if anyone finds out anything....
Avatar n tn I had a breakout of dermititis from stress just before these cuts appeard and think it may have been related to that. The cuts were there for about 3 weeks and would not heal and I couldn't wipe or touch down there because I would have sharp stinging pains from the cuts re-opening. I went and had a checkup and smear tests for it and it wasn't anything but the GP said for me to wear cotton undies and use the dertimitis cream down there if it got too dry or itchy.
Avatar f tn Maria8 i totally understand what you are saying, when other people are wearing 2 jerseys and long pants im wearing shorts and a t-shirt with sandals and im not cold at all! then in summer i spend my days at home in the least amount of clothes that i can bear to touch my body.. so because of this problem i find it very difficult to work because i know there is no way i could possibly put long pants on :( i sweat almost constantly in summer and it is very very embarrassing..
Avatar n tn I keep putting off doing to the Dr cuz I just totaly dred it. I know they will start some ''process of illimination'' stuff that will only end up costing me an arm & leg in the long run cuz I dont have any insurance. But,,, I do not feel that this weight gain is due to me overeating either. I dont do anything any differently lately than I ever did before.
Avatar n tn I was told that I will not be prescribed Alrex. I was offered a test to see whether I am allergic to common chemicals in products, and in the meanwhile I was told to make an appointment to see dermatologist. So, here I am sitting scrathing my eyes and wondering whether the patches on my back will bring any results - follow-up is in 2 days. At this point I want to be allergic to something, anything, so I can get a medication that works.