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Avatar n tn A pharmacist could give you a nasal spray to help. Or you could have a headache which is forming into a migraine. A migraine is when the pain is sharp and situated in one area. If you find your sensitive to light and noise is hurting your head then its probably a migraine. I suggest take a painkiller and go to bed with the curtains closed and no noise to help.
Avatar f tn During the past few weeks I have had a very sore area on my scalp almost constantly. It is a relatively small area, maybe one to two inches in diameter. I used to have really long hair and when I would wear it in a bun or ponytail all day, my head would get extremely sore. The soreness I am experiencing now is very similar, but my hair is very ponytails anymore. Every morning I wake up with a severe headache as well. Not a migraine, but it's pretty bad.
Avatar f tn For awhile now I have had a sore spot in the top of my head. I don't wear pony tails or braids because anything that pulls on my scalp gives me a headache. My scalp doesn't have sores and the area doesn't appear to be red, but my hair has thinned in the sore area. It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead.
Avatar n tn If you still have a tender spot on scalp, then it is possible to get a headache too. Scalp injury can also cause headaches. The other possibility is that there was a slight bleed or contusion of brain inside the skull if the impact was high. I suggest you get this re-evaluated. Chances of brain injury are less as the symptoms are not becoming worse. However, one can only be sure if a CT scan is done. Please discuss with your doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I've been trying to figure out why my scalp is so sore and very tender I don't have a headache. the back of my head is not as sore as the top, front & sides it is so tender to the touchI would say the very center is the worse. I have not hit my head I've even stop perming my hair. also on my arms I sometimes feel lumps. could these be related? Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn m having the same symptoms - ear ache, sore throat, sore scalp. My symptoms have all appeared pretty rapidly. I noticed my ear started hurting yesterday afternoon. Today, I noticed my throat hurt and my scalp has become increasingly sensitive to touch. Did you see a doctor? Did you take anything or do anything to relieve your symptoms? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Have these same symptoms. Painful scalp area on right side of my head, swollen glands on the right side and a dull headache. It's Spring so I've attributed it to allergies or a mild virus. It's day three so if I don't see improvement item I'm off to the doctor. Extra vitamins are a good idea.
Avatar n tn I have sore hard bumps on scalp. I have been to two dermatoligst, with no success for two years. They hurt and itch. They gave me shampoo, pills, and injections. They seem like they don't know what it is.
Avatar n tn Hello. I've been noticing sore spots on my head. It's not very much like a headache. In the sense that they seem to actually be the scalp. The feeling is similar to a bruise, and if you have ever had longer hair, and have had your hair up in a pony tail for an extended period of time, then let your hair down. It produces the same feeling of soreness. I'm pregnant, and I have been stressed out lately. I have also been having earaches. Which I am about to start taking antibiotics for.
Avatar f tn I've had crohon's disease for quite a few years and I have a new issue croping up.. for the last year or so I've had soreness on the top of my head. Like when I pull my hair back into a pony tail too tight and my scalp is sore afterwards... only I don't wear ponytails any more... hair isn't long enough. It doesn't bother me unless I move my hair, like lifting it up, then I can feel it.
Avatar n tn Even when the headaches eases and goes away, the related sore spots are quite tender have remained that way for several days thereafter. During the height of the headache I find that if I press on the sore spots my head and headache clear a bit and although the spots are indeed sore I sometimes do this to temporarily relieve the pain of the headache itself. When the sore spots are on my forehead I can sometimes observe a bit of swelling but never discoloration.
Avatar f tn I have a frequently sore corner of the eye that comes on when my neck/shoulder starts to give a problem.Googling it doesn't seem to show this as a common occurrence -so I wonder if this sounds familiar to anyone on this forum. I also suffer from a painful scalp -but not at the same time.
Avatar f tn My problem is that I am having a sever pain in head very much often like every day. Most of the times different part of my scalp is having hard pain. Cannot even touch.. If i touch like push with my fingures, also it pains hard in several areas near forehead and middle. And I am afraid that everyday when I woke up in morning , full of hairs falling and day time also. Now my hair is very week too. beside that the main problem is sculp pain and headache and lack of energey..
Avatar f tn 00 a.m. in the morning, so I have to get up, take a Motrin and put the heating pad on it. The heat seems to help. I woke up this morning again at 3:00 a.m. and it was also hurting at the base of my skull at the back. Sometimes it's tender at my left temple area. However, I've had very similar pain before, but it was on the opposite side of my head, although not in the same area. The last time I had this pain was maybe 6 months to almost a year ago on the right side.
Avatar f tn My question is simple: How can I get rid of it!?!?!?!? I spoke with two derms. in my local area who told me I couldn't get rid of it & the only option was to learn to deal with it. It covers my scalp (only). It itches, peals, bleeds, runs, and is terribly sore! I can't sleep comfortably at night & have resorted to Advil PM's to sleep, which surpisingly gets rid of the headaches that I get when my scalp becomes really irritated.
Avatar f tn 5 year old headbutted me hard in the temple area this morning, while i was lying down trying to sleep. I got an instant headache, small lump and the area is sore to touch as tho bruised. I had 2 panadol and the headache seems to have gone, but just wondering if there is anything else i should be doing or do i just monitor myself and see how i go? I'm home alone with a 2.5 year old and a 6month old, so don't wanna be taking any unnecessary risks. Cheers!
1819252 tn?1317092002 Hi everyone. I am 13 weeks into treatment and I have a very sore,dry scalp. My hair is also falling out quite a bit now. I was wondering if any of you have found a product to help the scalp. I have been using Nioxin shampoo and conditioner, but it doesn't seem to help at all.
Avatar f tn These sores can be caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections. Acne and clogged hair shafts can cause scalp sores, too. Cysts on the scalp are another cause of scalp sores. In folliculitis there is inflammation of one or several hair follicles on the skin causing red, bumpy and pimple-like lumps.Tinea capitis causes round, red, scaly bumps on the scalp's surface.
Avatar n tn Two days ago the swelling increased in occipital and is very painful to touch and I have developed severe headache and pressure in right side of head and sinus cavities....nose feels stopped up and numb up in right side...pain behind right eye...and neck and back muscles hurt when I put chin down toward chest....any help? any non medical relief? thanks...
2079360 tn?1337016057 If you have a friend/family member with long nails, have them massage your scalp, run there nails against your scalp and even put pressure on your scalp with there nails.
Avatar n tn Each sore area is about 4 inches in diameter. When I rub my scalp it feels pretty much like a sore bruised area, but rubbing it also seems to relieve some of the pain. When I don't rub it, the area just feels generally tight or stressed. Of the other symptoms people here have mentioned, I would say that I also have developed some pain and pressure in my eye sockets, and also have developed some allergies over the past few years. I use health store eye drops to help with the eyes.
Avatar n tn for several weeks i have been having shooting pains on top my scalp with soreness when the shooting is not going on. I was having tightness also across the back of my head. I have a sore shoulder tendon on the side that has the most pain. Regular doctor put me on skelaxin and darvocets which are not doing anything for me. Could I possible have nerve damage. Do I need to see a Neurologist. I went to the emergency room several days ago and had a ct scan done and it didn't show anything.