Safe depression medication during pregnancy

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Avatar f tn The best thing you could do if you think youre depressed is to consult a medical proffessional so you can be properly treated. Theres safe medications to help you during pregnancy. Im sry youre going through this and i hope things start looking up for you. Congratulations on ur lil one.
1303813 tn?1303162962 well they gave me tylenol #3 (tylenol with codeine) for my migraines during the first trimester with this pregnancy, and it's what I took off and on during my whole pregnancy for headaches when I was pregnant with my daughter....but with this pregnancy I couldn't take them for long because the codeine started making me vomit like crazy because it's tough on your stomach so they switched me to a low dose of lortab. basically it's like Clysta said.
Avatar f tn We talked to the doctor about it and I was given some safe during pregnancy medication. I go back in 2 weeks to see if it's helping. I would at least talk to your doctor about it.
Avatar n tn I have been told many times that Wellbutrin is okay to take during pregnancy. However, Xanax is not okay. I also suffer from depression and anxiety so I know how tough it can be. In regards to your symptoms, they sound like pretty common pregnancy hormone related issues. I hated my husband when I was pregnant. For no reason at all. I cried all the time. I was sick to my stomach. The baby was fine; I was fine. Hang in there for a little longer sweetie.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else taken/started zoloft during their pregnancy? Do you have any suggestions good or bad on this?
Avatar f tn I'm on Zoloft and was told it was completely safe
Avatar n tn Also, zoloft is another anti depressant pregnant mommies take during and after pregnancy. Seeing as you have depression now your probably at high risk for post partum depression. I hope you can work through this. And get some help. Keep udated.
Avatar f tn So sorry that you're going through all that you're going through. There are things you could do to help with depression. I don't recommend medication, whether pregnant or not, plus they have research studies that show medication can cause deformalities and other problems for mom and baby. Psychotherapy is very helpful, and omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to release feel good hormones and decrease effects of depression. Stay away from sugar and caffeine, which does the exact opposite.
8924846 tn?1410576501 And there really aren't any depression meds I can take that would be safe. I'm at the point I just wish it could end, but I won't do anything that will hurt my son. I just don't know what to do.
8264857 tn?1402102733 Currently going to therapy twice a week and on medication that is proven safe to use during pregnancy. My doctors are discussing the idea of a psychiatrist if I do not start seeing a progression in my treatment soon. No one I know understands what I'm going through and tells me to pick my self up and move on. Is anyone else experiencing this or anything comparable?
Avatar n tn Are you talking about Fioricet or Fiorinal? Because those are safe to take during pregnancy anyway, I have the book infront of me... They are in no way even close to a narcotic like lorcet, as far as addiction goes. I tried when I first found out I was pregnant to never take another one, but I was having horrible withdrawals. I couldn't do anything except lay there & cry.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever tooken anxiety and depression medication while either pregnant or breastfeeding. How safe is it?
Avatar n tn There are meds that are safe to taken after about 20-25 weeks of pregnancy. I was on Wellbutrin during my pregnancy and both mommy and daughter are fine.
541196 tn?1293556536 Namaste, SSRI antidepressants(such as Lexapro) may cause serious or life-threatening lung problems in newborn babies whose mothers take the medication during pregnancy. However, you may have a relapse of depression if you stop taking your antidepressant during pregnancy. If you are planning a pregnancy, or if you become pregnant while taking Lexapro, do not stop taking the medication without first talking to your doctor.
Avatar m tn If you're already being treated for a chronic condition, such as diabetes, asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), a heart problem, allergies, lupus (an inflammatory disorder that can affect several body systems), depression, or some other condition, you should talk to your doctor about how it could affect your pregnancy. In some cases, you may need to change or eliminate medications — especially during the first trimester (12 weeks) — to reduce risk to the fetus.
Avatar f tn It is worse to have untreated depression during pregnancy than to take medication. I tried and things got outta control quickly. After discussions with my ob and a pediatrician , I am on a low dose of medication. It has made a world of difference especially dealing with my kids n husband. Keep talking to anyone who'll listen and telling your Dr how u really feel. If Dr won't listen and u can't change talk to the office manager . just keep telling them till someone listens.
Avatar n tn Depression during pregnancy can be controlled by joining in new parenting groups. To overcome from postpartum depression. I have joined the group. Now I'm free from it.
304970 tn?1331429594 well, what my doc told me is that there is some meds you can take during pregnancy that are thought to be safe. He prescribed me something that is an allergy med. I took it for a week and had to stop taking it bc it made me way to tired. I would sleep all of the time. I know that one of my friends was prescribed welbutrin (sp?). I am just trying to coop until i have to baby. and then try to get back on meds.
Avatar n tn When I saw my OB for the first time I told her that my pain management MD had me on Vicoden. My OB said that vicoden is not good to take during pregnancy. She prescribed tylenol #3 for me but that made me really sick to my stomach. I called my OB back and told her that they make me sick and she ended up prescribing Darvocet-N for me. It seems to relieve some of the pain, but not all of it. I would stick to whatever your doctor prescribes for you. And NEVER take more than you are suppose too.
Avatar f tn Has anyone bn on antidepressants during pregnancy? I'm seeing a phycologist for different situation and she told me I'm depressed and hv anxiety and I shud tell my ob right away to give me a smal dose of medication. Otherwise I will not get postpartum but go into a deep depression.
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Is Zoloft or Librium safe during pregnancy? Are there any antidepressents that are safe during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn This med has been tested on pregnant woman and has been labeled safe during pregnancy. I've done a lot of research on the meds that my doctor has deemed safe for me during pregnancy. :) I think you're doing the right thing by seeking help opposed to letting your depression become a problem that is too big to manage later. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn Most OB doctors feel that they are reasonably safe for use during pregnancy. Several studies have shown that women who wean off the drug in early pregnancy often have a relapse of symptoms and need to re-start the medication. Most providers would recommend using the medication at the lowest effective dose. So, now you have to interpret what I just said! If you were my patient, I would probably encourage you to re-start at a dosage of 10mg, and increase if that wasn't sufficient.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone had any sucess managing their their anxiety/stress while pregnant without medication or if there are any truly safe medicines out there. I go back to my OBGYN this Wednesday and I am planning on discussing this with him. Any feedback would be great. Before anyone says yoga or anything like that, I really do not think that stuff is for me! Ive tried to just relax but sometimes it just does not help.
Avatar m tn I think she even said Lexapro is often prescribed to pregnant women for depression during pregnancy. I guess my point is though, talk to your OB and/or psychiatrist and make sure your symptoms are treated. I started suffering from depression with my first pregnancy 10 years ago but didn't know I was depressed then. And so, I didn't do anything and didn't take any medication. After 4 years, I started taking Zoloft and then Lexapro but never ever fully recovered until I became pregnant again.