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Avatar f tn Weirdly he's into the classics. Beethoven and Mozart. Things like that. Moonlight sonata gets him real still and he doesn't move. When its over he kicks like crazy till I put it back on. Anything played on a piano or violin seems to sooth him. He also loves when I sing to him. Could be anything.
Avatar f tn ve heard that somewhat soft and slower music is better, particularly harmonious, soothing music, like guitar, violin, piano, classical. Its recommended to avoid anything harsh or brash or discordant or startling. Its also strongly recommended not to use headphones or music directly against your belly as that amplifies sounds too loudly. I'd think bluegrass or country would be fine. I do a lot of classical or soft folksy stuff myself.
Avatar m tn You might google suzuki method in your area - they start kids REALLY young here on piano and violin. It's a parent-driven program so you sign up with the child and reinforce the practices and lessons at home. I will say, though, I think you may have cause and affect reversed in your thinking. Older children who have discipline and focus play musical instruments well - being forced to play music if they aren't so inclined doesn't create a focused, disciplined achieving child.
Avatar f tn s side her dad played violin and I also took lessons and also took guitar lessons as well, I can play piano by music has always played a major role in my life....and again with DD being a dancer, u can not dance with out ur also took piano lessons and has a well rounded appreciation of all types of music.
19606750 tn?1480880764 Main motivation to fix is to make it easier for typing, and playing musical instruments (piano/guitar/violin) where I find it hampers progress in terms of agility/precision (I'm right handed, so use left hand for frets). Wondered if anyone could recommend a good way of going about this in the UK (whether NHS or private, where and how) and how long to expect heeling period to be.
293845 tn?1227997530 I rubbed my daughter's foot when she'd push it out. When she was born, she loved to have me rub her foot. Most newborns are too sensitive to that kind of touch. My hubby is a worship leader and becoming a pastor, so we listen to a lot of Christian rock and praise/worship music! Our daughters definitely prefer that sound to other music. There's a song called Angel's Cry that I sing softly when my little ones get upset or are trying to fall asleep. They love it!
Avatar f tn No his violin...I was at his parents house met his dad, his dad was a music teacher here in Allentown....and also knew my DD's Dance teacher....funny circle....neway that was how we met. Yes Carlos.... Margy if u mean the Jazz pianist u mean Waller,,I think???
Avatar m tn Today, it happened after awaking from a nap, in the afternoon. The music was like snippets of piano or maybe chimes. What does anyone else think? I have had sleep issues for many years and I do take a sleep aid.
4268628 tn?1375041176 Just curious if anyone else in here is a musician. I'm playing in out community band and am struggling and questioning if I should even be playing until after the baby is borne.I am 16 w. Doc said it was ok for as long as I am comfortable. My issue is not breath support, but prego brain in just reading level 3 music, not even level 4 or 5. I'm so frustrated. I love music and normally this music would be minimally challenging.
Avatar f tn My husband and I are musicians so she definitely listens to music lol. She listens to just about everything. She likes music, she moves around when she hears it.
Avatar f tn I had a rough nite, rough morning so iwalked an hour and still no relief so i found a music channel on the tv and i am currently jamming out to the 90's singing and dancing around my family room cleaning and looking like a total fool and i dont care. but it made me remember who i was, i found out that i used to love music and it gave me the happy adrenalin rush i needed and i feel lots better. So dont just sit there DO SOMETHING that's going to make you happy and MOVE.
Avatar f tn I do piano and take violin lessons, but my Disorder has gotten to the point to where I don't even notice I'm pulling out my hair
Avatar m tn Hi guys, When I was roughly 15 or so, I noticed a tingling sensation in my and (I believe my left). It was mis-diagnosed as carpel tunnel at the time (I played piano and violin so it was plausible). Since then, very gradually, the sensation has progressed to other parts of my body, though not all. My face and both my hands now have this persistent constant tingling sensation.
Avatar f tn Plays music and reads to their growing babies.?? Ido(: play relaxing piano music.
Avatar f tn I have hyper mobility in my fingers... so bad that I had to stop playing the violin in middle school, because it was causing issues. I would say I forgot my violin at home, because I didn't want to deal with my fingers acting up when playing... I am not sure if they are a specialist, they are in the same facility as my neurologist, I see him through Dr. Bath Green at the University of Miami. When I was referred, my referral letter says "EDS" on it.
Avatar m tn Usta hear full symphony playing and realize I was listening to the music in my head. Not playing as much violin, and have not experienced that in years.....
Avatar f tn I have been playing music for my baby for a while now when she is born and if I play music for her like lullabies and piano would she still be use to it? And will it work to put her to sleep. Has any mom used this technique with their NB?
Avatar f tn I admit, I spoiled her up to age 5, when her little sister was born. She is beautiful, popular, smart, straight As, plays piano, violin, in theatre productions, artistic, photographic memory, mathmatic I could go on, but her ANGER has been out of control for years. She is polite, smart, sensitive and empathetic around peers, teachers, strangers, extended family. At home she is a tyrant. She is angry 97% of the time and takes it out on her Father, Mother and little sister.
Avatar f tn Seuss books, and some music (Mozart, some Piano music, and a few select songs from my favorite artists talking about love. Creed - Arms Wide Open, P!nk - Perfect, I Hope You Dance, can't think of her name now, etc...) i wanna play for it, and the father isn't in the picture (his choice) but i want the baby to know my dads voice. I'm so excited for this!!!
Avatar m tn your words sound like great music too... keep being positive...
Avatar m tn I hear music occasionally upon waking. I lie on my back, so no ear to the pillow. Mine sounds like snippets of piano or chimes. Once in a while, I hear my husband's voice. It is never when I am falling asleep, only upon waking. I do take a sleep aid at night. What does anyone else think?
Avatar f tn I play lullabies, and piano music....i also read a book i have called bedtime stories, it has all the stories in it, from pinnocio, to cinderella, also read Walt Disney books, and stories like alice in wonderland, wizard of oz. I have lots of books. This will be my second child, with my first i read to her all the time while I was pregnant and even after. She is now 11yrs old, she loves to read, and she has always read above her grade level. On top of that she is very smart.
Avatar m tn t read sheet music (I play by ear), I still do get enjoyment out of playing around on the electronic keyboard and even trying to compose from time to time. My major problem is the fact that I have arthritis in both my wrists. I wear wrist splints to minimize the pain but I can't wear them when playing on the piano/keyboard because I need the flexibility in my wrists (The exact same flexibility that causes me pain). Does anyone here have a similar situation and/or advice?
10314095 tn?1409242541 Do any of you mommies play music for your baby. I play little piano music for my little girl and it really gets her moving. And when I turn it off she gets mad and kicks the hell out of me. Lol and she loves The song latch from disclosure lol that when always gets her going.
Avatar m tn It all started when one day I played the piano and guitar for several hours. The following morning my wrist hurt and were going numb. I had no swelling. I waited a couple days, then when I thought I was ok I lifted some weights. I realized it wasn't better. School made it impossible for my wrists to recover. I tried playing the piano a week later, but they still hurt. For months I've been trying to let them recover, but they won't.
Avatar n tn I was working on the Mendelssohn violin concerto in E minor on violin and jazz piano on the piano after taking classical training since I was four. The last thing that I worked on was Gershwin's concerto in F 3rd movement. I just feel stunned from this constant feeling. Almost like something was stuck to my brain behind my eyebrows. This feeling was especially constant on the right side of my head, behind my eyebrow and to the center when I took geodin. It's still there.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning feeling fine, but as I was watching videos on my phone the sound changed. It sounds like almost robot like in my ears, distortion forsure and I'm freaking out. I play piano and all my music sounds off key! What the hell is happening? I'm 28 so its not hearing loss!? Please help.