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1092854 tn?1292620351 hello all Im new to this group, I love to write poetry. Found it helps me heal/ get thing out on Domestic Violence that I have been through. will soon post some here if you all would like..
Avatar f tn I really want to name her Jannifer. I want the middle name to be Marie or Poetry. Everyone keeps telling me not to name a baby Poetry but I really like it. Throughout my life writing is the only thing that kept me sane. Every I feel like whether you're writing about something happy, sad, or a horrible event when your poem comes together it's just simply beautiful. But idk which to pick. Could my child have two middle name?
Avatar f tn or a person who is content, also will nickname Rani, which in urdu means Princess, cool huh!
Avatar f tn So my husband is currently traveling for work and will be away for 2 weeks. He's traveled many times before and I've been fine, so I don't know if it's the hormones or what but I am just so sad and so bored. I don't feel like doing anything and I don't want to see or talk to anyone else cuz I feel like I'll just be annoyed by them... Any other ladies have Hubby's that travel while your pregnant and how do you cope?
Avatar f tn Often very considerate, melancholics can be highly creative in activities such as poetry and art - and can become occupied with the tragedy and cruelty in the world. A melancholic is also often a perfectionist. They are often self-reliant and independent. THINKERS... Phlegmatics tend to be self-content and kind. They can be very accepting and affectionate. They may be very receptive and shy and often prefer stability to uncertainty and change.
Avatar f tn I've been married for 10 years to a wonderful man, but we grew apart after we started a family. Most of our time is spent taking care of the house and kids. We forgot about the importance of taking care of our relationship. I ended up falling in love with a co-worker. We've been seeing each other for 3 years now. My husband knows that I've fallen in love with another man. We came to the agreement that we should separate, but financially cannot.
401095 tn?1351391770 jackie has been having some pain issues and not up to posting much...toxic is just having a good time and staying clean..started a new job....wait2long is ok as well....havent seen greatgreebo either...and i hope chubbers is ok..
908737 tn?1242630711 I must admit I tend to roll my eyes about a lot of BP poetry - it's so prevelant among us. This I feel is very well done and certainly makes so much sense to me. I so relate.
Avatar m tn Hi, I don't know if this is of any interest but I have just created a poetry site for addicts. It is for people going down the path of addiction and for those who are recovered and going through recovery. Kind Regards. The link is www.tearsfromanaddict.
1110049 tn?1409402144 I became interested in Tagore and Rumi....eastern poets/mystics. Enjoyed browsing poetry once more in past month. Also have a pen pal who writes from prison...asking if I've read various Old Man and the we discuss Dickens (his story is Oliver Twist's)....and The Notebook by N. Sparks, as he thought the protagonist was bit like me ...
338939 tn?1291343160 How sad it is that you must weep, Due to heartlessness from a creep, Time will sort out all that's wrong. And replace it with a song. Why do we let our heads hang low, Because of some disheartening woe? We do not lose, it's the other one, Who loses all and surely gains none. Stop your weeping it's time to smile, You're the winner by a mile. So lift your head up,really high, It will all heal bye and bye. Poetry seems to be your style. It can penetrate and even beguile.
2010625 tn?1329372056 I have heard alot of people with bipolar disorder are writers. I have been writing poetry since I was 8 which makes it 20 years now. So how about it?
Avatar m tn I like what Pamela said. It is nice that you express yourself trough poetry. You seem like a kind and loving person who has been trough a lot, but still has hope. If you thought that everything was gone and there was no point in living, you wouldn't be here, would you? That is a proof how strong you are. From your poetry it can be felt that you are very emotional and sensitive.
Avatar f tn d be fun if any other writers/poets wanted to share some of their poetry, especially Christmas/winter related ones. In fact, I just wrote a few poems (two of which are Pensieves- which is a brand new poetry form using all 5 senses in fives lines of poetry; and one is a Haiku- which is 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). Mine are obviously more Christian-related but you can enter any Christmas/winter poetry (funny, serious, silly, sad, etc.). Just keep it clean.
Avatar f tn I enjoy writing --- writing poetry and also photography. Not a pro by any means, but find it very relaxing -- both writing & taking pics!
1700643 tn?1464846682 Happy new year mate ur words r poetry godbless n keep fighting the good fight mate
82861 tn?1333453911 My grandfather who lived well into his 90's, wrote a fair amount of poetry in his last two decades. Some of it made you cringe in embarrassment, but more than a few were pretty darned good. Grandpa grew up on a farm near Sacred Heart, Minnesota. More than 70 years after the event, he wrote about losing his first dog circa 1912. With so many people losing their dogs lately, I thought of this poem. I still cry when I read this one.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to say hi and that I am new to the group.
1318062 tn?1274928796 s always coming up with new ideas, new things to tell me, new reasons why it would now be ok to use (briefly) and why this time would be different. I have to admit, he's a creative SOB . . . and persistent! I used to HATE him and dispair that he would never leave me alone. These days he feels more like a nice reminder that I really, really am a drug addict and that I need to do what I do to keep getting my daily reprieve from the death sentence of active addiction.