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Avatar f tn or a person who is content, also will nickname Rani, which in urdu means Princess, cool huh!
Avatar f tn I was going to say it can just be spam messages because when I usto go through my husbands phone he get a lot of thoughs messages because he happened to put his email on somthing just one time and now he gets thoughs Annoying l random messages.
Avatar f tn I need his support in more ways then phone calls and text messages. I think ita important that you express yourself, but dont do it the way I did. My boyfriend felt critiqued and berated and it caused an awful fight. Try to approach it like youre both in a sensitive position and let him know how much you need his support. If hes a sensible, nice guy, he should be able to understand and be there for you. Im sure its a little bit horomones and a little bit what you need from him.
Avatar n tn I'm so sad every single day. I've had these feelings for over 2 months now, they started with feelings of insecurity in my relationship. To settle my suspicions I wrongly invaded my partners privacy, where I discovered some messages he had sent to other women which I felt to be inappropriate. They were not enough to accuse him of anything apart from being too friendly, and he's certain they meant nothing and he 'wasn't thinking'. I can't forget about it.
Avatar f tn he started acting funny and had less to do with me...something kept telling to just look at the messages between him and his x i do so there was messages them saying they loved each other and missed each other....and talking about working it out for their son...what about me he has been lying and saying he loves me and i am carrying his child..i think i am just gonna tell him its over for good and he needs to make that family work...or what should i do??
325131 tn?1227184781 Did you know if you delete link in email of messages they disappear from inbox? I think thats what happened. So I had several messages this am and deleted them from my email and they are not in my medhelp. If you messaged me yesterday I didnt get them. I will click on link or leave them in my email until I check my inbox. I went to a meeting yesterday. No N.A was available at 12:10. There were alot of peeps that were only addicts though.
6954086 tn?1398695955 My best friend and older cousin was suppose to be planning my baby shower for me which is this sunday the bad part about it is my cousin has her part but my best friend doesn't nd she was the one who came up with the whole idea so my cousin called me earlier today asking me what was goin on becuss my best friend hasn't called her or anything so told her that she didn't have her half which she didnt she says she does but i dont believe her so my cousin told me to tell her to call her
163305 tn?1333668571 Shutting the Door on Refugees Would Be Propaganda Victory for Islamic State Peter Bouckaert, Human Rights Watch’s emergencies director, has spent the last few months in the Balkans and Greece speaking to refugees coming mostly from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. Posting messages on Twitter, Bouckaert has helped expose the realities of life for refugees fleeing violence at home.
209384 tn?1231168306 Well, I think I have lost count on my old PM's. If they take up more than 4-5 pages, can't the old ones just be automatically deleted? If someone wants to save them for another occassion, can't it just be a regular notification on top of the mailbox site that says: "messages older than --- are automatically deleted. " ... or something else clever?
Avatar m tn Hi - there is not the option to report individual messages in a thread of messages. You can either report the top message or you can report it and then use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any page to email us and give us information on which specific message concerns you.
248382 tn?1274938634 I have tried to send private messages to 3 different individuals. I enter the code and keep getting message "incorrect code" yet I have typed all the letters correctly. What am I doing wrong?
599170 tn?1300973893 Im very interested to know if when we write private messages to one another are they truely 100% private.? Does MH view these?
Avatar f tn Similar story, almost 1 yr of TTC . I'm laying in bed right now feeling all blah . This is hard & even though all the messages above are encouraging TTC will continue and the thought of it happening months or yrs later don't feel amazing .
Avatar f tn Put him on child support and if your on good terms with his mum, talk to her about how her son is acting and make sure you show her the horrible messages he's sending (that's if he's saying this through messages). Have her come around to your house or catch up with her for lunch and a coffee.
Avatar f tn The best thing you can do is offer structure and stability that means rules and the first would be to be a child and stop delivering messages for your grandmother, let them know your husband will handle it. It s u cks I know.
Avatar n tn Im 16, i been feeling sad every single nights, juhs finding things to be sad about. I hate venting to people, the only person i vent to is my boyfriend, but that doesnt usually turn out good at all. I havent been sleeping as much as i would normally be. I eat a lot less on certain days. I dnt really go out anymore, i usually juhs bottle my feelings up &stay at home. On most days, i would juhs lay there and cry.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry I found this funny...that's just sad!!! Smh being pregnant os like the new hip thing to these little girls....and its not cute!
1032715 tn?1315984234 So this person who was raised as a girl yet wants to be a boy but cant is a very sad sad situation. The reason surgery was done was because of the high risk of cancer. The only way she got breasts was thru hormones. Sheis 17 now and an emotional mess. The other is my nephew. I was around when he was born. He had normal parents and a brother and a sister, both normal... In his case he was a beautiful wide eyes, brown eyed baby pretty enuff to be a girl.
Avatar m tn Hello, i'm a 15 year old guy who is in his Sophomore year of High School. I have been diagnosed with severe depression 3 years ago after cutting and a suicide attempt. After that point, I was prescribed Fluoxitine and have been on it ever since. Since then, my depression has been tolerable.
Avatar f tn You can send messages to people on here and there are very helpful,good people that care and will understand what you are going through.You're the same age as witheredrose.Talk to her and tell her whats on your mind--all the best.
10222673 tn?1408616506 Koi baat nahi :) mai bangali hun laikin muje urdu bhi aata hai.
572651 tn?1530999357 That is so sad to hear about DJ. I know you all were looking forward to seeing each other. Poor DJ. She has just had one thing after another. When you talk to her next time, please send my love and let her know that I miss her very much. Who is helping her these days? Her daughter? I just pray she will get a bread - not a physical one - someday soon. Sorry you guys will have to postpone the trip.
7469840 tn?1409845836 So sad to hear of her death, she had Hepatitis C. If anyone ever questions whether or not to treat, here is an example why you should. She was only 65, had many complications from HepC, official cause in news was congestive heart failure.
Avatar f tn This is not going away and I know I should not try to sweep it under the rug. I am just very sad about it. We have a great relationship, but I feel like this is something I am going to have to walk away from.